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  1. freeflyer123

    Two wheels on the Camino de Santiago

    Currently forced from doing anything active at the moment, I put my mind to updating my memoirs of our cycling trip when we rode from Bayonne in France to Santiago back in 2013. It was, and still remains, the most momentous trip of our lives and changed us both beyond recognition. We were hoping...
  2. freeflyer123

    COVID Applause

    Here in the UK, we have seen the goodness in people, and the awful horribleness in people as they try to understand what is happening and panicking much of the time. I have been touched by the offers by our younger neighbours to help us, although I'd had to bite my lip more than once when...
  3. freeflyer123

    Pamplona to Santiago tomorrow by train.

    We road from Bayonne to Santiago in 2013. We then had our bikes transported home by a local bike shop, and hopped onto a train which took us all the way back to Hendaye. It was an amazing journey although slow. But it was wonderful seeing so many of the landmarks we had just ridden through over...
  4. freeflyer123

    Comment by 'freeflyer123' in media 'Shelter in Acebo'

    Acebo is high in my memories of one of the most beautiful little villages on the whole Camino - and there were plenty of them.
  5. freeflyer123

    Disparaging "The Way"

    Surely the whole point of this film, love it or hate it, is that it has truly inspired many people to do the walk themselves? When I watched it I already knew about the Camino de Santiago through various contacts, but many don't. And watching the film would have definitely whetted their...
  6. freeflyer123

    Ten Years Ago Since "The Way"

    I don't know how the Camino cannot change everybody, whether doing it for religious or non-religious reasons to be honest. We were definitely inspired by The Way but had already thought about embarking on it as we had already known of the Camino through friends and even a chance encounter with...
  7. freeflyer123


    I rode the Camino de Santiago with my husband in 2013. We started at Bayonne and rode down to SJPdP first. I agree with T2Andreo that it's best to keep to designated roads and, indeed, we used the N120 most of the way. We did try going off-road for a short while but that was a total disaster...
  8. freeflyer123

    Do you think trip insurance is necessary?

    Yes, yes, and yes - insurance is vital. Although we've always had it, mainly for cover should either of us have an accident, we've never claimed - except for once when our luggage was pilfered from a locked car while in Calais - the back window was smashed. But one of our friends ended up in a...
  9. freeflyer123

    "Buff" question for native English speakers

    English speaker here and I was intrigued with the question because, until now, I hadn't even heard of a Buff. When I read some of the suggestions of what you could call it, I then realised that it was indeed a Snood, or Neck Warmer or Head Scarf - all words I am familiar with 🤣.
  10. freeflyer123

    LIVE from the Camino It’s Hot!

    Your remark, Juspassinthrough, made me laugh as it reminded me of when we rode the Camino back in 2013. It was July and very, very hot and I kept telling my husband that we should rest up during the middle part of the day because it was the hottest time then. He said it didn't matter because if...
  11. freeflyer123

    FREE copy of 'Ego Trip' - a book about the Camino Francés

    Sadly, I hadn't seen this thread until it was too late to get it for free, so I had to pay. Still, reading all the remarks above, how could I not! Looking forward to reading it on my Kindle. Although I cycled the Camino back in 2013 with my husband, I enjoy reading about the experiences of...
  12. freeflyer123

    Comment by 'freeflyer123' in media 'Coffee Break III - La Casa Del Peregrino'

    The day we arrived there it was very hot and it was blissful sitting in a shady area drinking a long, cold drink. One of the most beautiful places to go through - and there were many. Thank you for bringing back such lovely memories.
  13. freeflyer123

    Your questions answered about tipping on the Camino

    We never know whether to tip or not and would usually forget when we're on home territory - in the UK. Although, having said that, we have a granddaughter who works at weekends in a restaurant and says that she loves it when she's given a tip (the Japanese are always overly generous) as it's...
  14. freeflyer123

    ...On Being Short...

    When I met my husband he said that was his height. Then about forty year's later I saw his passport and it declared that he was 5'7"! He said he didn't want to appear short to me, but he actually complemented my 5'2" height perfectly. We rode the Camino so were at an advantage when it came to...
  15. freeflyer123

    Dare I post this?

    Whenever I go away, even for a few days, I use a small neck bag which I hang around my neck. It holds my passport, visa card and any notes in money. It can be conveniently put under my top and everybody thinks that my valuables are stacked in my bum bag which I have around my waist. That's great...
  16. freeflyer123

    Etiquette for shared paths

    James, I rode the Camino de Santiago route with my husband and found the roads gave a much better route than we expected. We generally stuck to the road all the way. There was a bit of a section where we found ourselves off the road and on the footpath and it became quite narrow in places. So we...
  17. freeflyer123

    Thinking of writing a book about your camino?

    That throws my experience of the Camino out of the window 🤣. I wrote a blog and I suspect it's simply too boring to plough through for the average reader because nobody seems to actually reach the end. We were two oldies on bikes and, yes, did feel a calling to do the route. We only used bikes...
  18. freeflyer123

    Etiquette for shared paths

    Yes, I realise now that I was reacting a bit defensively because even I know how awful some people in charge of a bike can be and I agree totally with you. I live in a large city which has a lot of students in particular (but by no means all) who think nothing of cycling through red lights...
  19. freeflyer123

    Etiquette for shared paths

    Please, please don't make the assumption that all cyclists are as rude and opinionated as the cyclist who ran you down. His behaviour is appalling. To be honest, I cannot understand why a path frequented mostly by pilgrims who are walking is used by anyone on a bike. But then I'm thinking of...
  20. freeflyer123

    LIVE from the Camino Injured Pilgrim

    So sorry to read this as it's not nice coming off your bike, specially if he was speeding up in order to start the descent towards Pamplona. Hopefully he will make a good recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his friend who was with him at the time.