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  1. martin1ws

    Using WhatsApp in Spain? Also 112 versus Alert Cops.

    My camino 'family' used a whats app group to chat for example about when and where to have dinner together on the Camino Primitivo... so maybe it is worth a try for the camino even if one does not want to use it at home.
  2. martin1ws

    LIVE from the Camino Late July 2021 Primitivo!

    Thank you very much, @peregrina2000 and @Judy's Way ! I think that is a great alternative. I have downloaded the wikiloc-gpx files. I am on family holiday (hopefully exactly until my Camino Primitivo starts on September the 2nd). I have only my smartphone for internet research and limited...
  3. martin1ws

    LIVE from the Camino Late July 2021 Primitivo!

    Can you explain these possibilities, that join in Arzua or in Lavacolla, a little bit more? Where can I find additional information?
  4. martin1ws

    Walking a Camino is a Very Selfish Act - Isn't it?

    Hmm... I think even if my Camino is short term only 'selfish' or only 'self care' it may be good for the relationship to people I want to care for (family, friends, colleagues,...) longer term as well. And I thought of this, too:
  5. martin1ws

    Coping with heat on the Camino

    Great tips here! The great thing is that you can soak a bandana or something else in water that you cannot drink or that you maybe cannot drink but find on your Camino.
  6. martin1ws

    Planning, training... and waiting

    I was not really happy with my plan B: to do the camino in Germany again from my doorstep like last year... I think continuing from the last endpoint in Lindau is more of an adventure... and then it is part of the multi-year project of a camino from my doorstep to Santiago. So this time it would...
  7. martin1ws

    Sleeping outside

    In 2020 on a Camino in Germany I took a tarp and minimal equipment for sleeping outside with me. Just in case because of corona. I did not need it... so I tried it in the last night... because it added weight to my backpack (which is uncomfortable and may increase the risk of injury ). Sleeping...
  8. martin1ws

    COVID The situation in Spain/Portugal as of July 8th, 2021

    I think that I do not re-evaluate my plans now... there will be time some days before my booked flight on September the 2nd. Being fully vaccinated by then and if the pilgrim is carefully (maybe many tests, being outside most of the time, distance, mask, ...) it should be okay to act according...
  9. martin1ws

    Seeking advice

    Here are some threads that were posted earlier (but some information is probably out of date):
  10. martin1ws

    The Camino Magic - It's not just a Hike

    @Robo : Thank you very much for your video! If I think of camino magic or camino miracle I think for example of this: My father was very ill in 2018. He denied to go to the doctor for many months... in spite of the fact everyone in the family said 'please, go!'. On day 13 of my camino was the...
  11. martin1ws

    Planning, training... and waiting

    No, I can't go now... I am glad to have this time slot with the constraints of my job, my family and my children. If I cannot go in Spain I want to go somewhere else... maybe in Germany again. Buen Camino!
  12. martin1ws

    Planning, training... and waiting

    Flight to Spain (Bilbao) booked... Sep, 2nd - Sep 18th. Maybe part of the Camino Frances or part of the Camino Primitivo. Looks better than 2020, but you never know.
  13. martin1ws

    Wild Camping option and sufficient gear

    I walked on a German Camino in the summer of 2020. I took light-weight camping gear with me as a backup option in case I could not find a place to sleep because of corona. In the end I did not need it. The camping gear added some weight... what felt as much weight compared to the first camino...
  14. martin1ws

    NEW update on Dave Bugg

    Great news! Thank you very much for the update.
  15. martin1ws

    Pandemic Impact on Camino Businesses - Talking to Susi of Casa Susi Albergue

    Thank you for the video. Yes, this is very tough. And thank you for the link as well.
  16. martin1ws

    Update on Dave Bugg

    Maybe it is good to make the mail address less robot-readable... something like "[hisname]1bugg AT gmail . com" so that davebugg does not get many spams because of posting the address here. If someone does not understand this "encrypted" mail he / she could still ask and get the answer in a...
  17. martin1ws

    Thinking of walking Camino Frances in summer 2021... in need of advice

    If one of my daughters would ask me such a question in a similar situation, I would say: "Go!" But I do not know if you get unbiased advice from me or on this forum.
  18. martin1ws

    VdlP Budget is Ready! - All part of the Fun of Planning a Camino

    Nice tool. But of course it only reminds me that for me the more difficult task is to get the free time (with job and family - and of course there should be a balance between the family-holiday and my camino holiday as well)(and of course this is only the current situation - I never know if I...
  19. martin1ws

    Woo Hoo. It's Jenny about Volunteering

    Thank you very much, @Robo and @JennyH94 ! Very interesting, even if I do not think about volunteering at the moment. But you are joking with the names, aren't you?
  20. martin1ws

    COVID Maths and Covid 19

    I am not an statistician with medial background... but the results I found for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in a short search are mixed. I think that a country - study needs to be done very carefully because the difference between e. g. USA and e. g. Greece may be not only the hydroxychloroquine...