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  1. Harland2019

    Experiences of ghosts, premonitions or presences?

    Out the outset can I say that I didn't and still don't believe in ghosts! A few years ago in my running days, I was out running (sorry jogging) at night in a well-lit street. One side across the road were houses, the other side of the pavement I was running on was a 3-foot wall and a drop of c...
  2. Harland2019

    LIVE from the Camino London to Biarritz

    Despite Ryanair's reputation by some people, I flew the same route as you in 2019. They were very efficient as were Stansted and Biarritz airport - no problems. Hope to do the same route again in 2022.
  3. Harland2019

    Weight loss

    Checking my calories used walking the CF, after Sarria I used some 2,000 calories more than in a usual day at home. So that would equate to some half a pound a day IF I hadn't eaten and drunk more than usual! Over the whole of the CF I lost c. 8 pounds - a bonus.
  4. Harland2019

    Belorado to maybe Sarria: itinerary ideas?

    Not sure about other people's comments but it is a very small hamlet that I loved in the mountains. Some people I met had tried to book it online when I walked it in 2019 but it said no places available. At my suggestion, they phoned and got 3 places. So you could try phoning if you can find...
  5. Harland2019

    Belorado to maybe Sarria: itinerary ideas?

    Try Venta-celta, I stayed there and enjoyed the experience although the room was a bit small but the location was worth this small issue. Good food as well in front of the open fire.
  6. Harland2019

    Belorado to maybe Sarria: itinerary ideas?

    Whilst I stayed at Ponferrada and enjoyed it the walk from Molinaseca to Ponferrada, from memory, is only about 4 miles - 2 miles gently up and 2 miles gently down all on a footpath beside the road! Your next day to Villafranca whilst it would add up to c. 20 miles it is relatively flat or...
  7. Harland2019

    Belorado to maybe Sarria: itinerary ideas?

    Whilst my plan was to stay at Hornillos del Camino like you I couldn't find accommodation but I stayed at Hotel Rural La Consulta de Isar. It is only about 2k up the road on the right about 300 meters before Hornillos del Camino. I walked to the accommodation although they are happy to pick you...
  8. Harland2019

    Belorado to maybe Sarria: itinerary ideas?

    Villafranca del Bierzo is a lovely place, I stayed at Guesthouse Casa Rural La Llave, they left me a bag with some food for breakfast as I told them I would be leaving early. There are a number of really good cafes/restaurants in the plaza, spent a good few hours there in the evening eating...
  9. Harland2019

    Backpack Capacity (DaveBugg Bait!)

    I always thought that they filled it with water! Now that I am now far more intelligent (!) I checked online - a 25-litre backpack should hold 1,525 cubic inches of "stuff" that can be bent into the available space!
  10. Harland2019

    Organised tour or do-it-yourself?

    Whilst I understand the very valid point you make I guess it is the decision people have to balance the potential loss of deposits against the certainty of accommmodation. When I did my first (currently my only), Camino Frances, from SJPdP I used a tour company to book it all for me. I gave no...
  11. Harland2019

    LIVE from the Camino In Logrono

    I ate there in May 2019 (good quality but haven't a clue what it was as I couldn't translate the menu) as I wanted to eat earlier than my accommodation was going to provide. Perhaps it was me but I couldn't find too many places open, it was raining so I didn't go too far.
  12. Harland2019

    LIVE from the Camino In Logrono

    Just check at each road junction, I crossed over the road in error once when I saw a rucksack in front. When I got to some traffic lights I stood there looking for the marker when a local pointed me across to the side of the road.
  13. Harland2019

    Travel company or do it myself?

    When I wrote up my journal I described my walk as a ‘journey’ (it was more than a walk) as I do not believe in the existence of a God or gods. I didn't think that the term pilgrimage would be factually correct. Edit: My underlying reason was that I didn't want to cause concern to "religious...
  14. Harland2019

    Travel company or do it myself?

    I am an experienced long-distance walker in the United Kingdom, normally 300/600 miles. When I decided to walk the CF in 2019 I was 72, male, fit, and not financially stretched. My concern about walking in Spain was not that I couldn't do the mileage or carry my "stuff" but a lack of the Spanish...
  15. Harland2019

    Announcement Refuge Orisson

    The only reason to stop there was the camaraderie that it appears to engender. Walking alone would be a good start to make friends with fellow pilgrims.
  16. Harland2019

    Announcement Refuge Orisson

    Whilst I intend to use B&B type accommodation next year I do fancy staying here so I have 2 questions:- 1) What is the minimum amount of bedding that I will be able to get away with although clearly, I could leave it behind afterwards. 2) Honest answers for this one! Am I being unfair to other...
  17. Harland2019

    Advice please is this a good route for september taking it slow first timer

    I decided not to stop at the golf club as "they now allow Pilgrims"! If you walk up to the roundabout which isn't much further and turn left the "Bar Jacobeo" is about 200 yards up the road - from memory, there was a sign indicating the bar. It was good with tables and chairs outside which was...
  18. Harland2019

    Organised tour or do-it-yourself?

    I used in 2019 as a) I am old! b) Don't speak French/Spanish and was concerned that I would have trouble trying to book along the way c) I wanted the knowledge of where I would stay each night (as would my wife at home) d) Didn't want to rush to find accommodation e) I could...
  19. Harland2019

    Camino Frances distance

    My distance walked was 982 kms but that included going to cafes/bars during the day and ambling around in the evening - looking for bars/restaurants and of course fellow pilgrims. I always say the Camino Frances is 800 kms as that translates to 500 miles.
  20. Harland2019

    O Cebreiro albergue

    Whilst I stayed at "Venta Celta O Cebreiro" on 23 May 2019 rather than the albergue I felt that O Cebreiro was actually quite special and one of my favourite locations with wonderful views and not at all touristy.