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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
Rent a house in Santiago (1 month minimum)
300m from the cathedral and around the corner from the fresh food market in Santiago. Perfect place to tele commute from (1GB symmetrical connection).

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  1. Soliwo

    Shoes for Camino

    So far I have noticed that the right insoles and socks are key, more so than the shoes. I have chosen for a mid-high boot with a flexable vribram sole to get the best of both worlds. Plus for me, regular hiking in wet places, means that being waterproof is a requirement too. And higher boots...
  2. Soliwo

    great shoes, bad shopping experiences.

    I just wanted to let you guys know, the problem has been solved. I bought some heavy cushioned smartwool sooks (the other store only sold medium ones) and my shoes fit perfectly know. I also bought some pair of liner socks, which takes care of the chafing on my heal which has a lot of scar...
  3. Soliwo

    great shoes, bad shopping experiences.

    The width is fine. Only the heel isn't quite as snug as I would ideally like, but I am hoping that buying new insoles will help with this. My new smartwool socks already make a lot of difference compared to my old cotton based walking socks. Oeh. That picture is nasty. I walked 15 km with my...
  4. Soliwo

    Off the Way

    O and there is a lovely Romanesque church near Ponte de Barca: the Church of S. Salvador de Bravães. If you go into that direction, be sure to check it out. I you want to get of your feet ... take the train along the Douro, at least to Pinhao. The views are great, it's much cheaper than a...
  5. Soliwo

    Off the Way

    Guimaraes might also catch your interest, or Citania de Briteiros. And Braga has its own pilgrimage site, the Bom Jesus.
  6. Soliwo

    great shoes, bad shopping experiences.

    I finally took my boots out for a walk. I am afraid they might be a bit big, but I usually wear wuite think walking socks. I plan to buy some thick woollen socks, liners, and I want to buy other insoles as well. I hope that makes them quite perfect.
  7. Soliwo

    where to pamper myself at end of camino

    I am not sure about spa's, but between Muros and Carnota there are some really nice beaches, especially the small stretch at San Franscisco. Though I liked this place because it was less touristy and less developed, there were some bigger hotels near San Fransciso. Maybe you can find something...
  8. Soliwo

    great shoes, bad shopping experiences.

    Thanks for the advice. Now I can finally take my boots out :) The mean reason for my uncertainty is that 6 years ago I bought my walking shoes to small, and I do not want that again. Yes, you read correctly, I walked on walking boots that were to small for 6 years. So I really deserved some...
  9. Soliwo

    great shoes, bad shopping experiences.

    @ Pieces: I did not ask for a size bigger, because lengthwise the 7,5 fitted great. I did not need longer shoes, just a bit more leeway in width on the right foot. I could not find a single pair of 'wide boots' that did this for me though. And I put on dozens of shoes. Usually they felt fine...
  10. Soliwo

    great shoes, bad shopping experiences.

    Actually I bought three different pairs and returned them all. They were all fine apart from the fact that in the evenings, when my feet where swollen, my right small toe was compressed uncomfortably. I tried many different types, from heavy leather boots to lighter walking shoes. Staff...
  11. Soliwo

    What to do at The End

    Islas Cies is the most beautiful place in Galicia in my mind. Through Porto is really great too, nice weather, cheap bear, friendly people.
  12. Soliwo

    Segovia accommodation

    I stayed at Hostal Fornos and was very happy with it. It is around the corner from the Cathedral, literally 1 min from the main square. They have very affordable prices for 1-person rooms. I believe I paid 32 euro for a single-person room with two descent-sized beds, a huge bathtub, candy, dry...
  13. Soliwo

    Camino Francés 2012 - do I need a guidebook?

    Michelin also overs a map-booklet which I find very useful, and which is multi-langual.
  14. Soliwo

    To camera or not to camera

    My question would be: to DSLR or not to DSLR. For me, a camera is a must. And buying a cheap pocket camera just for the camino just feels like a waste of money now I finally own my own D90. I know it is heavy, but if would buy an extra smaller camera, I would buy one that I would probably almost...
  15. Soliwo

    Selling the bike in Santiago

    I would definitely leave it in Spain. You can probably find some (second hand) bike shops who are willing to buy your bike for a reasonable price. Perhaps you should google and make a shortlist. Since I am Dutch it might be a bit more difficult than I would estimate it to be.
  16. Soliwo

    Boot Problems

    Were they brand new when you started the Camino? Did you run them in?
  17. Soliwo

    How do people 60-and-over plan their Camino?

    Sorry, I forgot to mention the bottled water. I am so used to it by now that I forget it is not really the standard in the world.
  18. Soliwo

    How do people 60-and-over plan their Camino?

    The will have soda's, tea and coffee as well. It is just that wine is often free/ included in the menu price and the rest isn't.
  19. Soliwo

    New Camino documentary

    I only watched bits and pieces because I do not want to see to much in advance. But it's a great job!
  20. Soliwo

    Somewhat disillusioned....

    That is interesting Rebecca. In my experience a lot of older (40+) people litter. Some actually drop litter and then blame the young people. It is the same in public transport. Some older people assume they are entitled to skip waiting lines because they have a few extra years under there belt...