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    Experiences of ghosts, premonitions or presences?

    Odd things do happen. I lived in a “haunted house” by myself. Things happened, and being the only person there I knew no one else was responsible. Anyhow, my Camino story is not that exciting but a little odd. We are quite Catholic but really knew little of the Camino, if anything. A few years...
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    Camino frances sarria to santiago

    Yes! I read that! We are looking to go back and do a different route. I saw that the Portuguese Route is somewhat flatter than other routes, but still picturesque. But they will all have their challenges…otherwise it would not be a Camino! we really loved it. My wife has some leg issues where...
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    Camino frances sarria to santiago

    Here’s my opinion. My wife was in her late 49’s and I in my early 50’s when we walked from Sarria to SdeC. We had very little chance to train. Here are my comments. The route is hilly and has some steep areas. We were joking that whenever we got to an intersection, if one route was flat snd one...
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    (Poll) Weekly email problem

    I had signed up for the weekly email. Starting sometime around the beginning of this month I started getting a daily email and stopped receiving the weekly email. I had not made any change on my preferences.
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    Fun Camino stories

    The two of us, a middle-aged couple, never really had a chance to train for our Camino. In addition, my wife is plagued with severe leg cramping issues that doctors had never been able to solve. Anyhow, we only had time to begin our Camino at Sarria. The end of the first day had that long...
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    Do you carry any Good Luck, or other tokens?

    After my wife, son and I announced we were going on the Camino, a dear friend was very concerned for us because on our last trip elsewhere one of us developed a dangerous leg condition (since healed). He went to a Catholic shrine, asked a lot of questions, and got us St. Christopher medals for...
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    What food did you ENJOY on your Camino(s)?

    Our family discussed this question over dinner tonight. In our case, the food was generally not the highlight of the Camino. That said, several things came mind. First we did always enjoy trying the local cheese selection wherever we could get. It was always a surprise, but we never got any that...
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    Poll Which Camino are you planning next?

    This time we are looking at the Pilgrims Way from Winchester Cathedral to Canterbury... maybe in 2022.
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    Gothic architecture for beginners

    In the construction there was a lot of trial and error. Structural engineering was limited to experience and rules of thumb. We see those that survived and where they guessed right. There were collapses. You can imagine having the work collapse (hoping there was enough warning for the workers to...
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    Gothic architecture for beginners

    Being an architectural history wonk and an architect, the architecture of the Camino was such a treat. I remember walking into the Leon Cathedral and just having to sit and stare, something unusual for me. The delight of this cathedral is that it was built in a relatively short time, it is...
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    History of the Camino

    Thanks for all of the suggestions! I knew this was the place to ask!
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    History of the Camino

    Hello, I have been looking for a good book that is an actual history of the Camino de Santiago...not just a guide with brief histories of sites, but a history of the Camino movement over time. Any suggestions? pat (enjoying memories of our 2019 Camino)
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    Animals that I met (and was quick enough to get their photo)

    Relaxing in the sun with a stick near Sarria.
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    If You Only Had Time To Spend In One City: Porto vs. Lisbon

    We went to both...and Porto was the hands down favorite to all three in our family. It is so amazingly picturesque. We would go back in an instant.
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    Weather in June on the Camino Frances

    We hiked the Sarria to SdeC to Sarria starting about June 11 of this year. The highs each day were in the 60’s (F). Each morning a sweatshirt or light jacket was needed briefly (usually in the 40’s F). We had one day of heavy rain and wind. We had rain ponchos and they worked well enough. The...
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    Favorite Leg/Section

    I was only able to go from Sarria to SdeC, but that first day between Sarria and Portomarín was beautiful. Most of it was not in roads. The scenery was beautiful, and for us the weather was great. It is my best memory of the experience, other than praying at the grave of St. James.
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    Question on Hotels

    In early June we hiked the Camino from Sarria onward. As we were traveling as a family, having the guarantee of a bed and hot water at the end of the day was a priority. It was clear we were pilgrims, but no mention of a discount was given...or asked for on our part. The accommodations, though...
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    what is this pilgrim badge?

    We studied this out here a bit and believe it to be Madonna and child (Jesus) surrounded by the crown, a typical view of Mary. Zooming in, you can see two lines representing the two figures, one holding the other. Thanks for posting these images. We were in Slovenia a few years back. The region...
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    Compostela Error

    Thanks for the info! I will be following up with them. Yes...I realize that they Latinize. This was more than that. They must have glanced at some other paperwork and got the wrong name in this case. Mistakes happen, and I am glad I can get this one corrected.
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    Compostela Error

    Is there a procedure to get a corrected Compostela? My wife got her Compostela and only later looked at it and found they had put the wrong first name on it (Maria rather than Dianna) and misspelled the last name. There was no chance to get it corrected as we were on our way out of SdC. Given...