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  1. Texaloha

    Water and footwear

    I had a backpack bladde which I usually filed to 2L. But I also carried a plastic cup that I attached through the waist straps in front. At fountains, I just used this cup but had the bladder for the ascents and descents between fountains
  2. Texaloha

    sensible & safe for single female pensioner?

    I just finished the Sanabres You never are alone because you meet so many wonderful people. We never walked together but watched for each other every evening
  3. Texaloha

    Only back 1 day and my heart is still there.

    I dreamed about the Camino foray least two weeks after my return. Decided to return next year
  4. Texaloha

    I'm On The Vdlp

    Is anyone in Zamora. Arriving in Puebla de sanabria on sat April 26
  5. Texaloha

    Getting a Hotel in Santiago

    I am leaving this week but don't want to make reservations in Santiago. I agree that it creates an agenda. Also, I want to be free to stay with people that I have met or travel to the coast or Portugal afterwards. My only reservation is at the Madrid airport on the night before my return flight.
  6. Texaloha

    I'm On The Vdlp

    I am starting from Puebla de Sanabria on April 27. When I read the stats from the Alberque in Laza, they registered 8 US visitors in one year. Btw, I lived in Ramstein for three years including Kindergarten and First Grade at Ramstein Elementary. Buen Camino all
  7. Texaloha

    Peace on the Via de la Plata

    I will start in Puebla de sanabria on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 27. Perhaps We shall meet.
  8. Texaloha

    Hotel near Madrid Airport

    I booked the Crowne Plaza which has free airport trans. It was 45 euros
  9. Texaloha

    Advice / Help / Tips / Experiences VDLP - Ourense to Santiago

    I highly recommend Melanie's app. I leave in April and it has been great learning tool. Also Google earth has mapped most of the route that is in main roads.
  10. Texaloha

    Kindle Walking Guide to the VDLP

    I like this app for its pictures and detailed descriptions. The maps are ok. I have also emailed the author who is a travel writer. She brings the route to life
  11. Texaloha

    Virgin camino walker

    I will start from Puebla de Sanabria on April 27. I think that might be too early to meet up with you but buen camino
  12. Texaloha

    Where to Find a Credencial in Seville (Update February 2013)

    I begin in Puebla de Sanabria in April 27
  13. Texaloha

    woman alone on VdlP.

    Leaving from Puebla de Sanabria on April 27. Buen camino
  14. Texaloha

    Texas Pilgrims?

    Alamo camino chapter meeting at Enchanted Rock on Saturday Feb 15 at 9am for a five mile hike and pot luck
  15. Texaloha

    Kindle Walking Guide to the VDLP

    I recommend the VDLP app by Melanie.... Very good
  16. Texaloha

    Cycling the Via de la Plata, May 2014 (Advice Needed)

    There is a great app. Just search Via de la plata on iTunes Store.
  17. Texaloha

    Texas Pilgrims?

    I am in Austin and leaving on April 25 to walk the camino de Sanabre starting in Puebla de Sanabria. Would be very interested in meeting anyone who has done this route especially at that time of year.