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    private hostel in santiago

    Hi Dawn of a new Day!! Great to hear from you - you must be feeling elated to be on the home stretch, the journey is all wonderful though. As a coincidence i shall be in Santiago for a return visit on the 16th - 18th for the weekend - I shall keep my eyes and ears open for a Canadian...
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    with out a doubt Sillydoll is absolutely right, strapping is the best way. Before I did my camino I used to practice karate in bare feet and the only way to cope with an 7 hour day practice was to strap your feet. This acts as a reinforcing to your skin and you do not get blisters...
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    Cash machines between O Cebreiro and Santiago?

    cash machines Hi Ann, yes there are cash machines, we used the Caixo (I think thats how you spell it) ones and we could access our UK accounts through switch cards - better than usingcredit cards - no interest charge. They were in all the major towns, Astorga, Molinaseca, Palas de Rei, Arzua...
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    Advice please

    Leon to Santiago Hi Steph, I just walked this very route at the start of April. It got very crowded in the second week as it was Holy Week. On two occasions we had to stay in Hostels as the Albergues were full. My advice to you would be to firstly not make any set plans, but try to stay...
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    To take a book or not

    books... Hi Dawn, I took a book, 'Dublin' by Edward Rutherford, a historical fiction novel, as something to take me away from the walk... I also took a diary to write in. The extra weight was worth it. By the way i used a 65 litre Eurohike pack and filled it to 10 Kilos, and that was too...
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    Thanks for all the help

    Thanks... Hi Dawn, Yes, I remember, a good choice of camera, i think you will be very pleased with it. I did my two weeks with one charged set of 2400mha rechargeable batteries and they are still going... thats over 600 shots at full resolution and looking at the screen on and off. So you...
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    Thanks for all the help

    I have just completed my Camino, arriving in Santiago on Good Friday. I then flew to Stanstead on Sunday morning. I just wanted to take this oppertunity to thank all on this forum and especially those who helpd with the questions that I had over the last few months. I had a life changing...
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    Digital camera without a view finder

    digital camera Hi Dawn, Sorry to have been confusing, Brad does have a number of good points - but it is a quagmire out there choosing a camera. But it is good to have opposing views sometimes. I am also bringing a 35mm film camera to take black and white shots. I leave for Leon in two...
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    Digital camera without a view finder

    digital cameras viewfinders Dawn, personally I would not touch a camera that did not have a viewfinder. They are difficult to use, the natural way to hold a camera is to your eye, the lcd screens drain the batteries and some cannot be seen in direct light. Sorry if this sounds a bit...
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    refugio in Santiago

    Hi , I am arriving in Santiago and then the next day getting a train to Leon. The time of the flights from Stanstead mean I will miss the only train to Leon on the Saturdya and have to wait until Sunday. Will I be allowed to stay in the refugio in Santiago? Or does that not count as being the...
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    Am I going to freeze?

    freezing Hi Samantha, I am going in April 2nd from Leon, and I am thinking I shall freeze and get soaked doing it... But hopefully the sun might shine... slainte and good luck Hanleyman
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    Which digital camera to Buy

    what camera Hi Dawn, I have two weeks. Starting from Leon on 2nd April this year, hopefully ariving in Santiago on Good Friday. I am looking forward to it as it has been a long time ambition. When are you doing it? Hanleyman
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    Which digital camera to Buy

    which camera Hi Dawn of a new Day, I just bought a canon powershot a95, 5 megapixels, auto, programme and manual, lots of control and the prints are superb, I am somewhat surpirsed, as my main camera is a medium format. I would recommend this one. Think about the batteries, if the lithium...
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    Trains from Santiago to Leon

    trains to Leon Thank you all very much for your advice. I have already got my air ticket to Santiago, so I shall be staying there the fiorst night and getting the train to leon the next morning. You live and learn... Hanleyman
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    Trains from Santiago to Leon

    Hi, I am making the pilgrimage in April from Leon. I need help with trains, i get into Santiago on the Ryanair flight at 13:05 and then eed to get to Leon. But it appears the only Leon train leave early morning... Any help would be appreciated... Thank you for a great forum - very helpful...