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  1. Sansthing

    Monte de Gozo - statue commemorating visit of pope has been removed

    I must admit I found the monument very strange-looking and could not understand its symbolism. I would have loved to have seen the pilgrim statues but never knew they were there. Maybe next time, hopefully.
  2. Sansthing

    Sept 2021 - Trails of the unexpected ! Camping

    It may be worth considering that there could be even fewer shops for provisions than usual in the smaller places as many businesses are closing down due to the pandemic.
  3. Sansthing

    Any camino stage of at least 100k should get a Compostela!

    There is also the point that some pilgrims either don´t have enough time or are not physically able to walk more than 100k, so naturally the numbers will increase from Sarria. They are still pilgrims however far they have walked. Sandra :arrow:
  4. Sansthing

    Fanny Pack or ???

    I use a bumbag (fannypack!) more for convenience, not just to keep things safe. This means that my small purse with the day´s money, my credential, camera and other things I need/use frequently are to hand instead of bulging in my pockets, swinging from straps as I walk along or need fishing for...
  5. Sansthing

    Health Insurance recommendations

    I´ve always used World Nomads as their rates are reasonable but I´ve never (fortunately) had to test their customer service. It doesn´t matter which country you live in, you can get your cover over the internet. Unfortunately their age limit is 66 years, so no good for senior pilgrims. Sandra...
  6. Sansthing

    Private Accommodation you would not miss

    Private accommodation is unfortunately not affordable for all of us, at least not every night. For me it is an occasional special treat along the Camino. Sandra :arrow:
  7. Sansthing

    Three things that you would not do at home...

    1. Go to bed at 9pm (and actually fall asleep!) 2. Visit bars every day. 3. Eat bread with meals and chocolate in between.
  8. Sansthing

    Do you have a Forum Badge on your pack??

    I´ve done 2 Caminos with a Forum badge stitched to the back of my pack, 2009 and 2011. I´ve never seen another pilgrim with a badge or been approached by a member :( Sandra :arrow:
  9. Sansthing

    To walk or not to walk??????? advise PLEASE

    Now that you´ve made your decision, based no doubt on all the excellent advice you´ve received :) it only remains to wish you Bon Camino! Sandra :arrow:
  10. Sansthing

    Online survey about the Camino Francés

    Done...I join the others in saying I would like to see the survey results on the forum. Sandra :arrow:
  11. Sansthing

    Beware and be afraid - The champion snorer is on the Camino

    I am an occasional snorer myself, and I have also suffered bad nights due to other snorers on the Camino. What I can´t understand is why people complain so much and blame the snorers. It is an INVOLUNTARY act, for heaven´s sake. If you want cheap accommodation which involves sharing a room with...
  12. Sansthing

    Alternate route into Burgos

    Many thanks for the route Anna, I shall be following it next month! Sandra :arrow:
  13. Sansthing

    Start from Roncesvalles or Pamplona?

    Anna could you please re-post the route along the river going into Burgos, the industrial zone leaves a lot to be desired! Many thanks. Sandra :arrow:
  14. Sansthing

    Alternative Routes to Santiago on Camino Frances

    A new route could mean that you won't have enough stamps to get a Compostela. I think the ruling is two stamps per day to ensure people have walked the last 100km. Of course if you don't want a Compostela or Certificate then it won't matter. Good luck anyway if you decide to branch off. Sandra...
  15. Sansthing


    That would be great, Ian, I thought you´d gone rather quiet after all your recent activity (I follow your blog!). I´m looking at starting around May 10 if I can get the flight I want. Sandra :arrow:
  16. Sansthing


    Hello fellow pilgrims! I have been unable to resist the call of the Camino and shall be doing the CF for my second time this May. I went to the forum calendar to see who else would be starting around then and found only one entry, one single solitary pilgrim for May and none for other months...
  17. Sansthing

    Want to buy a nice albergue?

    I'll try and sign in to the group this evening when I get home. Being somewhat technologically challenged and not having a Yahoo account I need to be able to concentrate on what I'm doing! I'm still very interested, European (English) although I live in Brazil. Not well off but semi-retired and...
  18. Sansthing

    Want to buy a nice albergue?

    Yes, I'd like to be added to the list please. I don't think there'd be any financial profit in it, but I am sure we'd gain a lot in other ways. Sandra :arrow:
  19. Sansthing

    Trail Mantra

    I wore the Tibetan script of Om Mani Padme Hum on a silver chain round my neck during my Camino. I also found that I enjoyed reciting poems. Many moons ago :roll: in my schooldays we had to memorize a different poem every week and some have stuck in my memory. Trying to remember them...
  20. Sansthing

    What Was Your Biggest Mistake

    I think my biggest mistakes were not taking enough photos, I was concerned about the camera getting between me and what I was seeing/experiencing - now I realize photos bring back so many memories; and not being as sociable as I might have been. I am normally a fairly solitary soul, and I was...