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  1. AJGuillaume

    The "Parcho" - rain gear for DIYers

    Same here, my sewing skills are non existent. But my darling has great sewing skills, all I need to do is find the materials. ☺️
  2. AJGuillaume

    The "Parcho" - rain gear for DIYers

    Trying to find materials in Australia, I found this: Is that similar to what you purchased, @trecile ?
  3. AJGuillaume

    A Spanish Conversational Thread

    @VNwalking , te puedes aprovechar todos mis postres con sabor de café... 😄
  4. AJGuillaume

    Poncho quandry — Altus, Frogg Toggs, Vaude, or something else?

    A great suggestion. I had read about this some time ago, but couldn't find supplies in Australia. And the freight to Australia is as much if not more than the kit ... Thanks a million for this, @davebugg !! I have a copy of an earlier post you wrote, and that's the solution we currently use...
  5. AJGuillaume

    Poncho quandry — Altus, Frogg Toggs, Vaude, or something else?

    For those starting in SJPdP, the Boutique du Pèlerin in the rue de la Citadelle, just down from the Pilgrims Office, may also have the Altus.
  6. AJGuillaume

    Poncho quandry — Altus, Frogg Toggs, Vaude, or something else?

    Unfortunately I didn't, @peregrina2000 . And we can't get it in Australia, as far as I know. In 2018, I saw an Altus in SJPdP, and nearly bought it. I should have!
  7. AJGuillaume

    Virtual walk on the Camino de Madrid - Detailed planning

    As I mentioned elsewhere on this forum, my darling and I are slow walkers. Rachel has had cancer and although she starts the day often much stronger than I do, she gets tired by early afternoon, as a result of her treatment and medication. No lullaby needed when she goes to bed! So we prefer...
  8. AJGuillaume

    A Spanish Conversational Thread

    😄 Ni con leche, ni negro. Tampoco me gusta tiramisú. Aunque tiramisú no es un postre de peregrino 😄
  9. AJGuillaume

    A Spanish Conversational Thread

    No bebo café, y cuando hace frío, bebo un Colacao ☺️
  10. AJGuillaume

    Virtual walk on the Camino de Madrid - Detailed planning

    We had thought of doing a side trip to Toledo. Before we walk the Camino de Madrid, we're hoping to walk the Levante. We have only been to Toledo virtually 😄 :
  11. AJGuillaume

    Virtual walk on the Camino de Madrid - Detailed planning

    Flying in from Australia, we will definitely stay more than a couple of nights in Madrid. Many moons ago, on our way to our honeymoon in the Canary Islands, we stayed in Madrid one night. So we're keen to discover the city and its sights. That will give us plenty of time to obtain our credencial...
  12. AJGuillaume

    French Camino movie - Saint Jacques la Mecque

    Yes, I did. Loved it!
  13. AJGuillaume

    Black stuff on my Z-poles again

    Back in 2018, we had an issue with Black Diamond poles, aluminium, not carbon fibre: I notice from the photos that we also had the black stuff, and checking them now, they still have it. I store them...
  14. AJGuillaume

    A Spanish Conversational Thread

    Subjuntivo? Sólo conozco el presente del indicativo... ☺️ Aprendí el español en Venezuela, quando estaba muy joven, con tres años de edad, pero nunca aprendí la gramática. Un año después, nos fuimos a Australia, donde aprendí el inglés australiano, no de la reina. Hablo español como un niño...
  15. AJGuillaume

    Getting ready for a virtual walk on the Camino de Madrid

    We're slow walkers, and we'll walk along, trying to catch up ☺️ We tend to prefer short stages, average of 15km, hopefully not exceeding 20km, so we'll add our suggestions. However, don't let that stop you: you peregrin@s walk ahead, we'll get there ;)
  16. AJGuillaume

    Might address long stages?

    The slow walkers we are would indeed use the word "terrorífica" ;) I'll add here that @peregrina2000 did a fantastic job in her planning virtual Camino de Invierno.
  17. AJGuillaume

    Volunteering in the Pilgrim Office at Santiago...

    I have just watched your conversation with Ivar on Youtube, and just wanted to say a big Thank you, @t2andreo !
  18. AJGuillaume

    The Camino will be waiting...Australians

    I think that by the time you travel, countries will have sorted out the certificates issue, and by March the vaccination rates in the EU should be high enough to allow for travel. Travel to some countries, and I'm thinking of Switzerland, might not be as easy, as they're not part of the EU, but...
  19. AJGuillaume

    On the Camino, on this date in October

    Quién va a Santiago y no al Salvador, visita al criado y no al Señor. Oviedo, 9 October 2018
  20. AJGuillaume

    Ancient churches on the San Salvador, Primitivo, and Via de la Plata

    My notes on the day tell me that somehow I found out that the lady at number 3 across the street has the keys. I think it might have been from the Buen Camino app, and checking the new version, I see that there is a note that Alicia is the name of the lady. Initially, nobody answered my knock...