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    sock allergy???

    I carried a mixture of citrus, lavender and tea tree oils with me and bathed my feet in cold water with twenty drops every time at the end of each walk, Also socks need to be cotton if allergic-- and 'other' sweat proof'- not always the best,, Shoes I recommend Brasher boots as they were...
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    In Paris

    Thank you so much! I do not like tarmac as I wd feel caged in.. maybe will bicy until le Puy and then. go to the wonderful places you have suggested and .. then walk the Camino.. I l would walk Camino Frances always -- and am not inclined to the other routes Katy
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    In Paris

    I would like to walk from Paris this time - Is it Notre Dame the start? Where wd one stay on the way from Paris and how does one find the pilgrim's route as it is tarmac -- And how far would that be too St Jean Pied du Port? Also how far would Le Puy be as my mother might do tht and we cd then...
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    Medical Clinic facilities

    Hello When I walked the Camino I found that the clincis in Spain are excellent, I had a very bad tswellinh on my gums-- as I had had a root canal treatment before I walked -- and suddenly just before Palace de la Rei iit was very painful - there was a 24 clinic and I was treated with the...
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    Camino Etiquette

    A very nice old Spanish man gave me a wooden stick in Pampalona - a few days after the pilgrimage began --that really helped me -- especially at the descent from SJPP towards the end ofRoncesvalles I wish I had it then.. Also it gave me balance and calm.. Sometimes when we set off very earlywe...
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    The Nature of Pilgrimage

    Liked very much the various thoughts about pilgrimage. When I did the pilgrimge a year and some months ago July August 06 I did it to clear my head and wanted direction - where to go next.. I guess pilgrimage means many things but what is common is a recognition that physical/ mental bonding...
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    looking for Alice from Geneva and Elizabethfrom Norway

    I am looking to get in touch with two people who walked with me Alice from Geneva and Elizabeth from Norway, Anyone knows their add please let me know This was between July 9- August 5, The Camino was such a magical experience! THANKS!!
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    Finishing my camino

    You will get a palce always... providing you sget in there by 2 p.m. Tricastella is a bit hard as there is only one Xunta... But there are many albergues that will put you up for a about six oer seven Euros.. Also, the one in oCerebreiro.. is bad.. Try and take the one before and walk on...
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    Busses to Finisterre

    Dear Ivar Is this still in operation as I wd like to take the bus from Santiago and return the same day. Many thanks
  10. K

    is it not bright at 0400 hpurs in July?

    I thought it wd be bright at 0400 hours in Spain because if it can be like that here in northern Europe. Can we get water on teh way incse we run out? Thanks
  11. K

    Passport Stamping

    Re: Stamping the credential Wd I need an additional attachment for the stamps.. Thanks
  12. K


    As I have never walked that way before -nor live dina refugicios I do not know what to anticipate but wd like to follow all the rules and ettiquette. I just felt that avoiding the heat in July would be possible by starting out much earlier. Do not wish to disturb or inconvenience any of...
  13. K

    HOW TO GET THERE? Fm.Gatwick airport to St Jean Pied de Port

    Stanstead to SJPP Hello I am hoping to walk on 3 July -- to Santiago from St Jean Pied du Port. How do I get from Stanstead to st jean Pied du Port ? do i take the flight to Le Pau or Biarritz. And, how do I get from Biarritz to SJPP please let me know Many thanks katy