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  1. AJGuillaume

    Coastal busy in August?

    Like many others, we have had to postpone our 2020 and now 2021 Caminos, as it looks like we won't be able to leave Australia until 2022, and then probably only after July 2022. Our intention in 2020 was to walk from Lisbon to SdC, including walking the Coastal from Porto. So I thought I might...
  2. AJGuillaume

    Detailed Stage Planning — Camino de Levante - Camí de Llevant

    Edited by moderator (November 9, 2020 — at the conclusion of this thread) to note the following — This is undoubtedly the best single thread the forum has about the Levante. It includes detailed stages, places to stay, places to visit, places to eat — everything you would ever need to know...
  3. AJGuillaume

    Getting to Europe by cargo ship

    We have had a great zoom meeting with Australia, New Zealand and Europe pilgrims today (thank you again @ivar !), and one of the topics that was talked about was how to get to Europe from Australia without getting into a plane. As a former travel agent, and the father of one, I have dealt with...
  4. AJGuillaume

    Virtual (and very detailed) plan to walk the VdlP and Sanabrés (planning while in confinement)

    This year we were going to walk from Lisbon to SdC, after a few shorter walks in France and a week volunteering at SJPdP. As a result of Covid-19, we are now confined in Melbourne, Australia, and I have been keeping the dream alive by planning 2021 and 2022 (when I am not running after a...
  5. AJGuillaume

    Must stop places VdlP

    In our confinement, we're planning 2021. There's nothing better than to look ahead and hopefully, turn dreams into reality. We are tossing between walking the Caminho Português, which we were going to walk this year and for which we have a plan, and the VdlP. For a number of reasons, mainly...
  6. AJGuillaume

    Poncho Altus Atmospheric S3

    Good morning/Good evening, I am thinking of buying the Altus Atmospheric poncho (as an alternative to The Packa, the subject of another thread, and my existing flapping in the wind poncho) for my upcoming walk on the Caminho Português. I would love to hear from forum members here who have bought...
  7. AJGuillaume

    The Packa

    Good morning/Good evening, I am thinking of buying The Packa ( for my upcoming walk on the Caminho Português. I would love to hear from forum members here who have bought one. What is your feedback? Also, what fabric option did you choose? I like the 15d silicone coated...
  8. AJGuillaume

    Motivation and inspiration!

    I came across this song this morning, and it just makes me feel great! A Santiago voy, a Fisterra llegaré!
  9. AJGuillaume

    Ponte de Sebastião (After Esposende)

    I read in the Camino Portuguese FB group that the Ponte de Sebastião over the river Neiva (after Esposende and before Castelo do Neiva) has been washed out. Not sure whether it will be replaced by the time we walk there mid-July. I am assuming that there may be signs for a detour?
  10. AJGuillaume

    Finisterre/Muxia loop and certificates

    After our Caminho Português, we intend to walk a loop from SdC to Finisterre and Muxia. I had just assumed we would walk to Finisterre, then to Muxia (via Lires) and then come back to SdC. Having read a few posts in this forum, I wonder whether there is a 'better' order/direction of walking the...
  11. AJGuillaume

    Foz do Douro or Matosinhos?

    Merry Christmas! We're taking a nice break in Porto (6 to 14 July 2020), and experiencing the Douro on a river cruise. When we disembark, we'll start walking along the Coastal Route. We'll probably disembark mid morning, and as we normally do, we'll be walking a short stage. The choice we have...
  12. AJGuillaume

    Bayonne to SJPdP end April 2020

    We're walking from Bayonne to SJPdP from 26 to 30 April. We're trying to keep our stages short: Sunday, 26 April 2020, Bayonne to Ustaritz, 15km, staying at Chambres d'Hôtes Ene Gutizia Monday, 27 April 2020, Ustaritz to Louhossoa, 16km, staying at Chambre d’hôtes Chalbonia (we couldn't find a...
  13. AJGuillaume

    The countdown has started

    We just received these credencials in the post. We're excited, just 160 days before we start walking our Caminho Português (and a few variations). Bom Caminho !
  14. AJGuillaume

    Casa Morais (Fornos, after Coimbra)

    We're trying to break the stage between Coimbra and Sernadelo ( into two shorter stages. Gronze shows a casa rural at Fornos, the Casa Morais. The website link takes you to a site that has nothing to do with the casa rural, and does not...
  15. AJGuillaume

    Fatima to Tomar: accommodation?

    We're walking from Fatima to Tomar on our CP. This stage is 30km, and for a number of reasons, we would like to break the walk in two sections. The info I have on this route, also called "Caminho Nascente" indicates that there is accommodation at Fungalvaz, but I have just found out that the...
  16. AJGuillaume

    Accueils jacquaires: are there any on the Vézelay Route

    For various reasons, my wife and I prefer to walk short stages averaging 10 to 15km per day. There are a few longer stages which seem not to have gîtes or any type of accommodation, and I was wondering whether anyone knew of accueils jacquaires (which exist on the Via Gebennensis) on the Vézelay...
  17. AJGuillaume

    Tomar to Alvaiázere

    We're planning our Caminho Português for 2020. For medical reasons, we are aiming at doing 15km stages, 20km maximum. On the stage from Tomar to Alvaiázere, which is Nearly 32km, there is a half way point at Vila Verde, with the Heart Way Pilgrim House. A comment on Gronze says: "Mejor...
  18. AJGuillaume

    From Lisbon to Coimbra via Sintra

    We're planning our Caminho Português for 2020. The credential shows the traditional Lisbon to Porto via Santarem and Tomar, which is covered by a number of guide books. It also shows a variant that goes via Sintra, Caldas de Rainha and joins the central in Coimbra. I haven't found a guide book...
  19. AJGuillaume

    Credential of Associação de Amigos dos Caminhos de Fátima

    We're planning to do the Caminho Português in 2020, with variations. One of these variations is to include Fatima in our walk. The Associação de Amigos dos Caminhos de Fátima has their own credential (Pilgrim's passport). Is this credential accepted by the Pilgrims Office in Santiago? Thank you...
  20. AJGuillaume

    When does it start getting too hot?

    We're planning the VdlP in 2021. This year we were in Sevilla in February, and the weather was beautiful, ideal for walking. For various reasons, we would like to start later than February from Sevilla. We would like to avoid high temperatures, in particular as there are a few stages which we...