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  1. micamino73

    Starting the French route in Dax

    Hi, I wanted to start a little before SJPP and am looking at Dax. Has anyone done the walk from Dax to SJPP?
  2. micamino73

    8 year old Irish boy walks from Leon to Santiago.

    My 8yo is walking from Leon to Santiago starting on the 22nd. His sherpa dad me is also going. We are raising money for hospices in Ireland, so if you see him on the trail maybe share a photo. We are planning to walk this in 16 days from Valverde de la virgen past Leon to Santiago, exactly...
  3. micamino73

    8yo Irish boy on the Camino

    Starting my4th Camino this Wednesday. 8yo coming this time. Very excited
  4. micamino73

    Camino Frances stages before St Jean

    Hi, does anyone know of stages routes of the french way before St. jean?
  5. micamino73

    Primitivo over

    Completed the 11 day 300km walk. You can find the camino I took on I don't have words to say how much I enjoyed it. If I could bottle it I would. Wish I had more days, but the 11 I did was fine. I would recommend you to do...
  6. micamino73

    Tineo & Hospitales

    Suggestion. I stayed in the spectacular Tineo Palacios Meras hostel, probably one of the best hostels. Saturday morning the weather was spectacular, I was going to walk to Borres and stay there, but took at taxi from Tineo to Borres and did the Hospitales route. It was spectacular. It's a...
  7. micamino73


    arrived to Berducedo today after doing the hospitals route. The place was all full booked out. Lots of walkers so book in advance (just call a day before )
  8. micamino73

    Irish Pilgrim Tip

    Hi, for any Irish Pilgrims wondering about getting to Oviedo to start the Primitivo. There is a Ryanair flight to Santander every Wednesday and Sunday, the flight gets in at a good time to get an ALSA bus from Santander to Oviedo. Total costs to Oviedo from Dublin is about...
  9. micamino73

    facebook page to prepare for Camino

    When I was preparing for the Portuguese camino I found a page a group had created for their camino. So here is mine, I will put up some photos along the way. I know some people like the mystery of just walking into the unknown. I like to be a little better prepared and I find you see better...
  10. micamino73

    Rain on the Camino

    When I did the Portuguese route last year it rained solid for 4 days. When I say it rained, I mean I walked for 4 days with it raining non stop the whole time. It resorted to my buying an umbrella and walking under it, (and I was not the only one doing it). So does it rain much on other...
  11. micamino73

    Walking primitivo june 2016

    hi, anyone walking the primitivo next june?, or anyone have any tips? Please post.
  12. micamino73

    Via de la Plata (Salamanca to SDC)

    Hi, Can anyone give some advice on stages from Salamanca, how are the hostals? is the way well marked liked the portuguese and french ways?
  13. micamino73

    Finished the Porto to SDC route

    Finshed the Porto to SDC route. I liked the O Porrino Green route. Portugal was spectacular. Km after KM of Grapes on Vines and Corn. Albergue were pretty good, esp the new one on Barcelinhos and Rubiaes. The Tui route in Spain was pretty commercial, But visiting Herbon Monastery near Padron...
  14. micamino73

    Anyone starting from Porto on 12th of Sept?

    Wondering if Anyone starting from Porto on 12th of Sept? Also does anyone have some good detailed map of the porto to SDC inland route?
  15. micamino73

    Porto to SDC.. How much is on road?

    Hi, How much of the camino from Porto is on road. I did camino from Astorga and I liked the off-road path parts or the country side roads. So how much of the Porto to SDC is like this? I have already been told NOT to walk out of porto, but to get the metro to Maia. So I suppose my question...
  16. micamino73

    Porto to SDC starting 12th of Sept.

    Hi, Arriving to Porto from Dublin on the 30th of May next year. Hoping to do the Camino in 8-9 days probably fly back to Ireland 10th of June. Anyone out there doing the camino around the same time? Its my second so I pretty much know what to expect, have done Astorga to SDC 2 years ago.
  17. micamino73

    Saint-Jacques La Mecque

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the movie Saint-Jacques La Mecque. Some french pilgrims said it was a good movie about the Camino.
  18. micamino73

    Thanks forum

    Just finished my 8day 270km walk. The forum was of great help. ( i will never book an albergue again) To all who have not done the camino listen to the posts... Its all words of wisdom that help..
  19. micamino73

    Hiking poles and planes

    Flying from dublin to santander today i checked in my bag to bring the poles, so did others or sent them ahead. since most of use had 7-8 kg backpacks seemed a waste to checkin just for the poles... But we all could have put the poles in one bag .. Why not have a thread on those traveling on...
  20. micamino73

    Santander to Leon airport 3rd of june

    Anyone want a free ride from Santander airport to Leon airport on 3rd of june just drop me a message, renting a car and have space for 2/3 people. leaving santander at 13:00