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  1. 30daystosantiago

    Camino with a toddler

    Hello all- I recently returned from my second camino...this time accompanied by my wife and two year old daughter! We started in Ponferrada and walked the 130 miles to SdC in 11 days. We transported our daughter in a chariot and we stayed in private accommodations. It was extremely challenging...
  2. 30daystosantiago

    by the seat of my pants! from Ponferrada

    Good luck- I just completed my second Camino- this time with my wife and two year old. Because I was traveling with a child I had to plan much more than when I traveled solo. Buen Camino!
  3. 30daystosantiago

    Oregon on the way

    Best of luck!!!
  4. 30daystosantiago

    Michelle Obama on the Camino?

    It would be a good experience for them....and right in line with Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move" initiative.
  5. 30daystosantiago

    27 Year Old Female from New York City

    Check to see if there are any pilgrim associations in NYC...I am in Atlanta and am frequently contacted by people in my area who want to learn more. As others have mentioned, you will not be alone for long once you start the Camino...that is unless you prefer to walk alone. In my experience, I...
  6. 30daystosantiago

    What was your first day like?

    My first was quite challenging as I started in SJPP and crossed the Pyrnees. It took me far longer than expected- I started around 0700 and did not arrive in Roncevalles until after 5pm. I also ran out of water about two hours outside of Roncevalles. This was a huge lesson for me- fill up the...
  7. 30daystosantiago

    Credential - can I make my own?

    I am considering creating my own credential for my next Camino journey. Does anyone know, is this allowable? My previous credential appeared to be nothing more than cardboard on which I collected sellos. I would like to design my own this time, but I also want it to be accepted at the pilgrim's...
  8. 30daystosantiago

    Keeping the costs down: lowest possible expense?

    Camping and/or cooking your own dinners (i.e. avoiding costly meals in cafes and restaurants) will be the best way to keep costs down. I think some refugios have areas for campers (you have to pay a fee, but it is small)- and you get to use the facilities (bathroom, shower, kitchen, etc). Or...
  9. 30daystosantiago


    Starting in SJPP there are trees for the first several days...on the meseta there are few trees...then picking back up in Galicia - trees again! In short, plenty of trees, except for on the meseta. Buen Camino!
  10. 30daystosantiago

    Walking in April 2010

    The Camino will be busy next year indeed, though April may be slightly less crowded than the summer months. If you could push back earlier to March that might help. Otherwise, a possible mitigation would be to arrive as early as possible to the refugio in which you want to stay each night...the...
  11. 30daystosantiago

    Money- Burgos to Santiago

    Pick up the inexpensive Camino Guide from the Confraternity of St James in England. It lists refugios and is well suited for the budget traveler!! Buen Camino!
  12. 30daystosantiago

    Busses between towns on the Camino Frances?

    I think you will find lots of busses between towns on the Camino Frances. Check with the tourist agency in one of the larger towns...they can give you maps and tell you how to navigate busses through the smaller towns. Buen Camino!
  13. 30daystosantiago

    Arriving in Pamplona 5pm

    I arrived at Roncevalles around dusk and got one of the few remaining beds....I cant imaging they would turn any pilgrim away, but you may have to sleep on the floor if you arrive too late? Buen Camino!
  14. 30daystosantiago

    Where should i start and where to get the passport?

    If you want to travel on the less crowded paths in France, try starting in Vezelay or Le Puy. Credentials are available along the Camino - hard to list every place! I got mine in SJPP on my first day of the Camino. There are also several organizations from which you can obtain a credential my...
  15. 30daystosantiago

    St.Jean to Santiago in One Month

    I walked from SJPP to Santiago in 30 days...check out my itinerary at Buen Camino!
  16. 30daystosantiago

    Questions about details in SJPP

    One thing to note, when I was in SJPP to get my credential, the woman spoke no english. Wasn't a big deal since I speak French. But I remember an older English fellow having a heck of a time filling out the paperwork...regardless, you'll be fine!
  17. 30daystosantiago

    Staying in lower priced Hotels

    I stayed in a mix of refugios and also inexpensive hotels. One suggestion is to check in with the tourist agency in the towns and villages you stay in...and ask them for a list of pensiones. These are usually cheaper than hotels - you get a private room but often have to share bathroom...
  18. 30daystosantiago

    Sleeping bags or just the liners?

    I would suggest taking the sleeping bag - not just the liner. I walked in April/May and it was cool enough for a bag. Plus, I wanted a little more between me and the blanket!
  19. 30daystosantiago

    Camino in Late February 2009?

    Lent starts tomorrow! Hope you are on the trail. Cell phone is a good idea...Good luck!
  20. 30daystosantiago

    If I had to do it over again ...

    I would take a few extra days to complete the journey...I would also take my blackberry.