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    Is it OK to have no plan at all?

    great attitude Jo and if you miss the first shell at the cathedral in Seville and 3 days later get to a town marked Cadiz dont cross over the big pond turn around and retrace your steps thatll be a really authentic and adventurous camino buen attitude
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    What is the most you have walked in a day?

    no bragging rights accrue for this . through sheer stupidity i walked 50kays on 2 separate occasions its not that the distance is difficult you wake up, you put your left foot in front of your right foot, and repeat for 12 hours . what nearly finished me off was running out of water it was the...
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    The numbers aren't adding up....

    pick another route in case the numbers are right
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    Sexual discrimination on the Camino?

    slightly off-topic..... Q: how much fun does a Monk have ? A: Nun
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    Body wear n tear

    trick #27 for a happy outing.... . identify all variables that could lead to unhappiness physical mental equipment . write down ways to limit said unhappiness . so, body wear and tear can be tested prior to the event by visiting physical professionals careful selection of kit training body in...
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    Has the Camino helped your career?

    there is not a straight line between 2 dots the camino dot and the job dot are just 2 dots of millions dont force the connection . just breath and be open to possibilities . btw how to make god laugh? tell her your career plans
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    Pack weight question no. 987456

    the whole weight thing needs to be approached very scientific until it comes to 200g merino dresses this is essential pilgrim attire its only once youve penetrated the inner circle of the pilgrim network that they tell you this . so consider this a heads-up . it is regarded as very pilgrimish to...
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    Pack weight question no. 987456

    caitlin dearie there are 2 options here either option 1: you put on 10kays by eating sticky buns for a month (this will increase your 10% body weight rule) - clevver hay ? or option 2: you shed 10kays, thus reducing your overall load of body + pack, and then who cares what the percentage ratio...
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    Has the Camino helped your career?

    say Falcon... you must be from HR then ? . this would have made for a riveting ending the the movie The Way unemployable Sheen bwah ha ha
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    Those we leave behind

    so this is great... the Way and your relationship are one and the same thing you cant separate the 2 . so ask said wife to give you something to take with you either words a symbol of some sort a memory a question a promise a dream a goal . promise each other to look at the moon every night at...
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    ? what is it about this site

    it is now a year and a bit since i finished my walk from Seville to Santiago i will in all likelyhood not walk another camino and before the walk i spent about 10 months on the site planning reading preparing . but if its over why am i still so attached why do i still come back to this site why...
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    4 albergues closing on the Vdlp

    thanks Laurie puleez let not the Millenium be shut down i bunked down there in sheer luxuary after a long day . i had intended to do a decent stage of 35kays from Los Santos to Almendralejo but blinked and missed the turn-off so marched on oblivious until i collapsed outside a bar in Torremegia...
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    Flaming bull

    good for this Saint Anton dude let not minor inconveniences mar the festivities for the masses . parhaps they could consider introducing the "flaming-A" as a type of sideshow for when the bull gets tired
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    hi paddy this is your chance to dress up in lycra and have good reason . the theory is that the lycra material reduces friction the tech versions wick away the moisture the slightly longer leg length prevents skin-on-skin rubbing and the contoured front holds your tackle snugly where it sould be...
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    Kindle the perfect pilgrim gadget?

    this is interesting the OP has con-joined the words pilgrimage and kindle with the word perfect and ive dragged myself into the am i a better pilgrim than you debate so seriously - thanks for pointing it out to me gently i was a lawyer once, but have now become a judge
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    Kindle the perfect pilgrim gadget?

    imho the essence of the camino, is being on the camino and not somewhere else electronica can take you somewhere else if i wanted to be somewhere else, then id watch The Way movie while fiddling on my kindle as they say - its just about preferences
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    Kindle the perfect pilgrim gadget?

    hmmm a kindle is nothing more than a modern library card but thats the wrong answer the right question is why do you want to go to a library its a lovely day, now get outside and play with the other children . on my camino i disconnect from the great world wide information grid and connect with...
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    selfishness on the camino

    when i first joined the aa as an active alcoholic my sponsor asked what my reasons were for wanting to clean up my act and i trotted out the usual reasons family kids wife job friends blah blah he says this is the most selfish 12 step programme in the world you doing it only for yourself -...
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    now that we all on first name terms..... i carried a deft little trowel;/ spade for digging said cat-holes but as you say k-fun, the ground required a pick axe so i soon dumped the hardware . fession time being in a city when it was time for a wee with no facilities in sight was no prob (this...
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    The Big thread about Lacing tips for shoes and boots

    i tied my trainers with NewBalance Bubble laces and can highly recommend they give you tying options see link: the upside was that the bubbles hold where ever they are positioned, allowing a looser toe-box tighter in the mid section, and...