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  1. KentuckyJay

    June 7 For Fully Vaccinated Americans

    Any word on accommodations between Santiago, Finesterra and Muxia?
  2. KentuckyJay

    Changing horses in the middle of the Camino

    By the time I did my first trek on the Camino in about 2014, I had already ditched much of my AT gear such as external frame pack and heavy sleeping bag. But my low cut Merells worked just fine. However, I did have to replace a too-light jacket with a warmer pile one in Leon. Adjusting on the...
  3. KentuckyJay

    The camino is boring landscapes, paved roads, traffic…

    Like they say on the AT, “hike your own hike.”
  4. KentuckyJay

    Quit again. Maybe for good.

    Waiting until 8:30 or later is definitely a problem, especially at this time of year when most are hiking by 7 -730 at the latest.
  5. KentuckyJay

    Avoiding the breakfast trap?

    Do bathroom necessities before bed. Get on the trail early and hike until you come upon a likely looking cafe or bar. Stop and get something to eat and drink (usually involved a cappuccino). Then move on. It worked for me during my 2 Camino. Buen or Bom Camino!
  6. KentuckyJay

    Why oh why, why, why.....

    It’s been said that the only person who likes change is a wet baby! 👶
  7. KentuckyJay

    Should I bring a computer?

    Forget a computer, especially since you describe yourself as a novice long distance hiker. An iPhone will suffice.
  8. KentuckyJay

    Do You Ever Get Days...

    That’s why I returned 2 years later and did a different route. Bom Camino.
  9. KentuckyJay

    Ryanair-time to find another airline!

    I was planning to use this airline to get to Wroclaw in May. Now, there is No way I would ever use Ryanair. Further, had this red neck Kentuckian been on the flight, the racist punk would now be sporting a shiner.
  10. KentuckyJay

    Compostela or Passport: Which Means More to You?

    Got 2 of each and greatly prefer the passports. It’s the journey rather than the destination.
  11. KentuckyJay

    Comment by 'KentuckyJay' in media 'Along The Way.'

    Was on the Portuguese Camino at the time.
  12. KentuckyJay

    Comment by 'KentuckyJay' in media 'Padron'

    In Spain on the Portuguese route.
  13. KentuckyJay

    Comment by 'KentuckyJay' in media 'It is nice to have options.'

    Yes it was in Portugal maybe half way between Porto and Tui.
  14. KentuckyJay

    Time for change

    If possible, perhaps you might try a spring hike. I hiked CF in May, 2014 and the Portuguese route in May, 2016. No crowds on the Camino nor in Santiago and the weather was great.
  15. KentuckyJay

    Very dissilusioned. Can't wait to finish

    Too bad about your experience. I did Porto to Santiago in May and it was great. I wouldn’t even consider going later in the summer for the very reasons that caused your dissatisfaction.
  16. KentuckyJay

    Terrain on Portuguese Camino

    I did the central route.
  17. KentuckyJay

    pack transfer

    Yes. Tuitrans is great used it periodically from Porto to Santiago in May, 2016. It is also connected to a decent Albergue in Tui.