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  1. J

    Where is it ??????????' Donde está ????????????'

    Hi Javier, No, it's not google but I made a lot of pictures last year and this year and also a good memory. For instance your second photo, I made exactly the same in Cirauqui. And the first one is Villamayor de Monjardin? Let us know something more about your Camino, are you still walking? Is...
  2. J

    Where is it ??????????' Donde está ????????????'

    Hi Javier, This time I'm not so sure but I think the first one is Logrono again and the second Pamplona. Jupp
  3. J

    Walkers in the dark

    Hi, Walking in the dark can sometimes be dangerous. When walking on long straight stretches, no problem. But last year we took the risk to start walking up in the dark from Villafranca de Oca in the mountains of Oca, it was rather wet and not safe at all, one second of inattention, you glide...
  4. J

    Where is it ??????????' Donde está ????????????'

    Hi Javier, This one was quite simple, it's in Logrono ! Jupp
  5. J

    Where is it ??????????' Donde está ????????????'

    Hi, I think it's the church of Maneru...right? Jupp
  6. J

    Berghaus Freeflow IV 30 + 6 ladies fit

    Hi Janet, Positive experience with the size, yes. My wife had a Deuter 34+4 L. and was very satisfied. It depends of course of the things you want to take with you. Very light clothes and as less as possible, also a raincover (insides of the rucksack) could be usefull in case of sudden...
  7. J

    Checking in at my albergue

    (unlikely to happen in september - just look at the pilgrim stats) Hi Spursfan, I am not so sure about that 'unlikely to happen in September'. The Camino is more crowded than ever and I would like to see the statistics of this year of all the pelgrims, not only those arriving in SDC ...
  8. J

    My Camino pictures

    Hi Jerome, Simply fantastic pictures, professional work! As we can see the date the pictures were taken, we noticed you were walking just half a day or a day ahead. Jupp
  9. J

    Top travel books in Germany

    Just forget the Kerkeling Book. It's more a novel, or let's say a report of his journey to Santiago. I read the book after my first Camino and was really disappointed, because what I read was so different from what I had seen. Two things for instance: -he slept only twice in an albergue...
  10. J

    Camino afterthoughts

    Hi Jerome ! Fine to see that you made it and that you had a nice time, although you certainly had also harder days, as everybody. I remember you had lots of questions before you departed, now you have the answers and can help other and new pilgrims. It's indeed an unique experience in your...
  11. J

    Entering Najera in the rain

    That's true for Pamplona, Logrono, Leon and Santiago, but Burgos is more than a short stretch and you start thinking why they can't find another solution for a 100.000 pelgrims a year... Idem for the very dangerous crossing of a highway just before reaching Leon. Lahav
  12. J

    Do I really need a sleeping bag in Sept/Oct?

    Hi Sonia, We walked the Camino last september and had the same question, sleeping bag or not? Finally we packed a light 500gr sleeping bag and I bought also a white bed-linnen (2x2.5m) after I had been bitten by bed-bugs the second night. During the hot nights in Navarra, I wrapped myself just...
  13. J

    Entering Najera in the rain

    What has your experience been with food, lodging and the level of foot traffic on the camino. Is it busy? Food is OK, although it's sunday and difficult to find a menu de peregrino, but we found in Najera, and it was good. Walking was very good untill it started raining in the afternoon...
  14. J

    Need your advice on Boots

    Hi Sonia, My wife and me had the same problem last year, so I started to look around on internet and test-magazines for the best qualities. We tested different models in the shops and finally decided to choose the LOWA Renegade GTX. ( ... 36513.html)...
  15. J

    From SJPDP to Roncesvalles by bus/taxi/ ... ?

    In your place I'd try to walk from St.Jean, even if you need 8-9 hours, just walk at your rythm, have a rest regularly and enjoy the time. I know many people who'd like to walk the Camino, but can't do it for different reasons (health, age, physical problems...) You are in good condition and...
  16. J


    What about using a thin insulated survival cover under the sleeping-bag? It is large and long enough (1.40x2.20m) and very light, 55gr. Furthermore, it could be useful in extreme weather conditions (cold or hot) The only problem is the noise when lying on, fellow pelgrims without earplugs won't...