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Rent a house in Santiago (1 month minimum)
300m from the cathedral and around the corner from the fresh food market in Santiago. Perfect place to tele commute from (1GB symmetrical connection).
Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.

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    Pilgrim credentials in Barcelona?

    Don't know where to post this question, and few days before heading out to España. Is there a place to pick up Pilggrim Credentials in Barcelona?
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    Credentials in Barcelona?

    Where can I get pilgrim credentials in Barcelona? Arriving there next Monday? Thanks!
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    Where to stay in Ponferrada?

    Hi, Please advise where to stay in Ponferrada? Arriving next Tuesday. Thanks
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    Bus/transport from Ponferrada to O Cebreiro or Samos?

    Hola, Got train schedule from Barcelona to Ponferrada. Does anyone knows bus/local train from Ponferrada to O'Cebereiro and or Samos? Tried the monbus website, but it doesn't appear to be the one. Thanks!
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    Camino Frances 8-10 days- where suggest start?

    Bus/transport from Ponferrada to Samos or Sarria Hola, Got train schedule from Barcelona to Ponferrada. Does anyone knows bus/local train from Ponferrada to O'Cebereiro and or Samos? Tried monbus website, but it doesn't appear to be the one. Thanks!
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    Camino Frances 8-10 days- where suggest start?

    Hola Pilgrims, Have opportunity to sneak a few days on the Camino. :D Only have two days to get logistics together. :? Where do you suggest to start with about 8-10 days to walk? This is my 3rd Camino, but have not trained like in previous two. Definitely do not want to climb O'Cebereiro...
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    Ivar and Xacobeo 2010

    Congratulations, Ivar! Looks like a win, win, win: a great asset for Jacobeo, great opportunity for you, and somehow a gift for all pilgrims. un abrazo, Cecilia :)
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    backpack safety while leaving for dinner/shopping?

    Hi, I agree with everyone's good advice. I also carry my valuables (credit card, passport, cash) with me in one of those "neck" or little "cloth" purses that goes under your garments - at ALL times. But first, I put each item in an individual zip-log plastic bag (sandwich size) and then into...
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    hola from Castilblanco

    Hola .. Great day for the Camino pilgrims. Sunny and not too hot. Many pilgrims, mostly French and German, men. And some couples, too. Few women ; 4 of us women are walking together. Albergue is full. Buen Camino. Cecilia
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    On my way to VdlP

    The day is here and awaiting to board my connection to Espana. Jessie is joining me in Sevilla, so now these two women won't be walking alone. Lots of butterflies in my tummy. Thanks for all your kind love and support. Buen Camino.
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    Google Earth files for PDAs

    Hi, Do you know if I can download Google Earth to my PDA (Blackberry)? :arrow: Please advise. Thanks. Buen Camino, Cecilia
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    Hair dryers???

    I'm with Deidre on this one. Pony tail! :wink:
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    Currency ($ to E)

    Hi Jeff, Excellent! :idea: Thanks, now I have more clarity and will stop cussing my WF bank. I'll bring some cash and use more of my WF card at the ATMs. Buen Camino, Cecilia
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    Woman alone of Via de la Plata

    Hey Kelly- there're more Caminos. If not VdlP, maybe Camino Ingles or Camino del Norte. :D Buen Camino, Cecilia
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    Woman alone of Via de la Plata

    Thanks Br. David for the lovely Irish blessings. They brought me that energy that we pilgrims feel when on the Camino. It's like I'm already walking. :arrow: Buen Camino, Cecilia
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    Currency ($ to E)

    Thanks to everyone! I rather arrive with euros on hand. Had bad experience at the airport in Rome. And we had euros, but no small bills or coins to use the phone. Everyone was so rude to us, and it delayed us unecessarily. I know it won't be the same in Barajas, but rather be prepared...
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    Currency ($ to E)

    Hi, I searched but couldn't find much on this subject. Any advice for currency exchange in the US (dollars to euros) before arriving to Spain? I bring my bank/credit card with me, but one must have currency upon arrival to Spain. My bank always tells me that exchange is free, but they...
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    Woman alone of Via de la Plata

    Hi Kelly, In less than a month 4/23, I'll be a pilgrim woman that will be we walking by herself on Via de la Plata from Sevilla. I would be a BIG lier :wink: , if I wouldn't admit to myself of being a bit aprehensive in these last few days. After reading various forums - English & Spanish, I...
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    Inside line on flights from USA to Europe

    Hi, I just read an email today from American Airlines about opening a new route with direct flights to Madrid from Dallas Fort Worth. They have an advertized special of: $219/each way (based on rournd trip) if you fly by 5/25. From Miami they list $246/each way. The fares have restrictions...
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    Equipment Weight - question

    I forgot how heavy was my backpack (+ water + camera) during Camino Frances. But whatever it was -- it was too heavy! :( I've been reading old posts here, but still a bit confused. :roll: Forgive me for asking again, but how much is suggested? I'm 5' 5" and on the "light" side...