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  1. Peronel

    Help with trains

    I'm really starting to panic a bit. I'm flying into Lyon in mid-June to start from Le Puy. Keep looking at the SNCF website for trains. Nothing shown. Help??
  2. Peronel

    Walking from Moissac to Toulouse

    What the title says, really. Does anyone know if its possible?
  3. Peronel

    How to get to Le Puy

    Title says it all. I'll be travelling from the UK. Also important, how do I get back? I have three weeks to walk so will be heading home from, ummm, somewhere west of Le Puy and east of SJPDP. How does that work, exactly? Thank you!
  4. Peronel

    Camping on the Le Puy route

    Hi all, Can anyone give me any information on the practicalities of camping between Le Puy and SJPP? I'm reluctant to book ahead (part of the magic of the Frances for me was the freedom of simply walking til stopping felt right) but am aware that I'll be walking in Sept/Oct which is likely to...
  5. Peronel

    Three weeks - where for a second camino?

    Hello, Lying awake last night, feeling wistful, missing the Camino, I was struck by a sudden thought. "If my boss would let me, I could take three (maybe even four) weeks off, in the autumn, and go again." And then I thought, "If I walked really really fast, I could get from SJPP to SDC in...
  6. Peronel

    Sellos away from established routes

    The tentative plan is Bury St Edmunds Cathedral to Santiago, autumn 2014. (On foot except for the wet bits - devotion to the trail doesn't extend to sea beds!) All though England and in Northern France I will, of course, be away from pilgrim routes and - I suspect - most of the time having to...
  7. Peronel

    Bordeaux to St Jean?

    Can anyone give me a rough idea of days to walk from Bordeaux to St Jean? I'm a historic reenactor and I want to be able to claim in role to have done the pilgrimage. This seems like a legitimate historic route to get from England to the start of the Frances in the days before Ryanair! Thank you.
  8. Peronel

    Olveiroa to Muxia

    Hello, If anyone has the Brierley Finisterre guide I would be most grateful if you could let me know the accrued elevation on the Olveiroa to Muxia leg. I did this last week and found it very much tougher than the distance would suggest - I'd like to know if I can blame the climb, or if I was...
  9. Peronel

    Vegetarian in Roncesvalles

    A quick query... can the restaurants in Roncsevalles cope with a vegetarian? If I have to, I can carry dinner over the Pyrenees, but I'd rather not! Thank you Peronel (Bag is packed - it's all become real - hence the flurry of posts!)
  10. Peronel

    April 21st Biarritz to St Jean

    Hi all, I've booked from Biarritz to St Jean on April 21st. Only me so far - come join me and we both save money! Cheers, Peronel