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  1. geraldkelly

    COVID Official Government Information Sources for Travel Restrictions

    Hi Can someone send me some links to official government websites for the US, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand with information about travel restrictions to and from each country? Please note, I am only interested in official sources of information. I'm looking for the sites prospective...
  2. geraldkelly

    Pilgrim Menus - what are your favourite items?

    Hi I'd like to ask people's opinions. What are your favourtie items from a Pilgrim Menus? Personally I usually go for sopa or ensalada verde for starter and then lomo or pollo for main course. For dessert I usually go for yogurt which I keep for breakfast. Gerald
  3. geraldkelly

    COVID Pilgrims Office in Santiago, queuing system

    Hi I've been searching for an up-to-date description of how the queuing system for the Pilgrims Office in Santiago works. I haven't been able to find it, although I'm sure someone posted it on here. Can someone please point me at it? Thanks in advance! Gerald
  4. geraldkelly

    A question about walking sticks...

    Hi This is a question for people who've already walked the Camino Francés. From your observations what percentage of pilgrims use walking sticks on the Camino Francés? And by walking sticks I mean the metal sticks with are specifically designed for walking and which are used in pairs...
  5. geraldkelly

    LIVE from the Camino (almost live) from the Camino Francés starting in Pamplona

    This isn’t quite live from the Camino. I arrived in Santiago on Sunday 12 September. So it’s “liveish”. I’ve walked the Camino Frances in July / August several times in the last six years. Of course due to the pandemic this year was different. The main difference from a practical point-of-view...
  6. geraldkelly

    COVID Open Albergues on the Camino Francés August 2021

    Over the last couple of weeks I've attempted to contact every albergue on the Camino Francés to ask them if they're open. I've compiled the result into a list, the results of which you can see here: The good news is that most of them are open...
  7. geraldkelly

    Request for help with legal issue

    Hi I am trying to find information about a court case which occurred as a result of an incident on a Camino a couple of years ago. I understand that the outcomes of court cases are published on an official website ( but I have been unable to find any information about this...
  8. geraldkelly

    COVID Albergues reopening on the Vía de la Plata

    Hi I'm currently contacting all the albergues on the Vía to find out when they'll be reopening and how many beds they'll have under the new regulations. I'm posting my results here: This will be continuously updated as new information comes in...
  9. geraldkelly

    Castilblanco to Almaden (that stage from hell again)

    I often get asked about water on the Via de la Plata and the advice I always give people is carry enough water for the whole day, you cannot trust water sources outside of villages. Well, this morning Sevilla Actualidad is reporting that the pilgrim tap between Castilblanco and Almaden - the...
  10. geraldkelly

    Castilblanco de los Arroyos to Almadén de la Plata. aka. the stage from hell.

    There's a report in El Diario newspaper saying that a number of walkers' rights organisations, ecological organisations and the Amigos del Camino are taking a court case to gain access to a historical right of way which would cut the number of kilometres of road walking on the stage between...
  11. geraldkelly

    Has anyone started in Ourense and gotten a Compostela

    Somebody asked me if they would qualify for a Compostela if they started in Ourense. By my calculation it's about 106km if you walk through Oseira, the other way would be slightly shorter. So you should qualify for a Compostela. I'm just wondering if anybody has actually done it and can...
  12. geraldkelly

    David's refreshment stand before Astorga

    Hi A correspondent has told me that David is back in his place before Astorga. Can anybody confirm this? Gerald
  13. geraldkelly

    Via De La Plata, Confusing Signpost Before Alcuéscar

    I got some information from a recent pilgrim about misleading signposting on the Via shortly before Alcuéscar. 16km from Aljucén you come to a point at the top of a rise where the Via veers right. Here there is a prominent sign which points left (see photo) for Albergue Turístico Los Olivos. As...
  14. geraldkelly

    The Via by bike (cycling)

    I've been asked a few times about cycling the Via de la Plata, and since I've only ever walked it I don't feel qualified to reply. So I'm starting a thread here to invite people who have cycled it to tell us about their experiences, especially how easy / difficult it was, where did they have to...
  15. geraldkelly

    We Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago [Paid]

    geraldkelly submitted a new resource: We Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago - The story of the first time I walked the Camino Read more about this resource...
  16. geraldkelly

    Camino del Baztán

    geraldkelly submitted a new resource: Camino del Baztán - Guide to the Camino del Baztán Read more about this resource...
  17. geraldkelly

    Free guide to the Camino Francés

    geraldkelly submitted a new resource: Free guide to the Camino Francés - Camino Frances Free Guide Read more about this resource...