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  1. Hobbes

    Boots for wide feet

    I have worn Teva Temple Peak the last 2 caminos with my custom orthotics which take up space in the shoes. On 4 prior trips I had a different brand each time with consistent foot/blister problems each time. The Teva's have enough depth and width for orthotics and allowing your foot to widen as...
  2. Hobbes

    Achilles Tendon

    Additional suggestions to consider for your Achille's Tendonitis... Take a home made or prefabricated 1/4"-3/8" heel lift to slightly elevate your heel and reduce tension stress on the tendon which will be worse up hills. As some one mentioned, scarring is the result of inflammation and it is...
  3. Hobbes

    Long lasting Bar Soap?

    A gentle plug for the soap I make and carry on the Camino. I use it for shower, shave, shampoo, and occasionally for clothes washing. ... d-carrying
  4. Hobbes


    The exchange rate for Euros/US dollars is the most favorable it has been for quite some time. May be a good idea to get some at your bank for your upcoming trip. Wells Fargo has the lowest fee in our area.
  5. Hobbes


    Cool, Glad you liked them Carlo. Buen Camino!
  6. Hobbes


    Any decent bar of soap should last if it is kept dry which is one of the reasons for the little bag the soap is kept in. (Other reasons are it keeps it off the less than clean shower floor because it can go around your wrist; and it is good for scrubbing). One bar has lasted me the whole Camino...
  7. Hobbes

    Trekking Pole Use

    Use the poles in the fashion they feel most comfortable to you at that time, on that day, on that surface. On a good day when nothings hurts, put them on your backpack. When you anticipate a difficult day of hills or rough ground, use them for every other step. When something is not feeling the...
  8. Hobbes


    My wife and I have made 7 Camino trips since 2003 and were able to create a perfect soap that works for everything. We even were able to figure out a way to keep it off the shower floor and how to get it to dry quickly. We've made it for others and if you're interested, it can be found on Etsy...
  9. Hobbes

    Supination, anyone with experience of it.

    I am not a podiatrist but as a physical therapist I see many foot problems. With a supinated (stiff) foot your legs aren't able to absorb the repetitive shock of each foot hitting the ground as well as a supple foot can. That means your shoe needs to do a better job of absorbing the shock that...
  10. Hobbes

    Long lasting Bar Soap?

    Most commercial soap does turn to mush. look for handmade soap. I make a bar of soap out of oils that when combined make the soap hard (coconut oil); good for your skin (olive oil); hair conditioning (olive,rice bran oils and raw silk fibers); I also add clay to use it for shaving. Each hand...
  11. Hobbes

    Towels and Shirts

    My wife bought raw silk fabric at a fabric store (it can also be ordered online). She cut it to the size we thought would work. She is quite an accomplished seamstress and used her serger machine to finish the edges which can also be done with a regular sewing machine. She also attached a loop...
  12. Hobbes

    Towels and Shirts

    On Towels... No one mentioned raw silk. It can be bought as fabric and finished by someone with a sewing machine or bought as a finished towel. It is lightweight, doesn't hold odor, and dries quickly (30 minutes). We have used it on our last 4 Camino trips and it works best of anything we tried.
  13. Hobbes

    Any last tips?

    Drink Cola Coa when you're cold or tired
  14. Hobbes

    Just between us girls

    Two things to consider.. One is hair and nails grow less while on the camino because your food intake may not be as high and your calories expended are higher. So your body decides where to focus it's repair and growth just as it decides what fuel to burn (sugar vs. fat) based on the intensity...
  15. Hobbes

    Starting when not totally fit?

    Shin Pain Pain in the shins is generally related to poor foot mechanics rather than a knee or shin problem Things to ask your physio: 1. would orthotics(arch supports) address a portion of the problem that would be related to your foot alignment 2. Ask them to check your hip abductor...