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  1. simoneva

    Transport between SdC and Porto

    I travelled in October by train. There is one train a day but with a rather hurried connection in Vigo; or a bus I recall every hour or so. Probably they don't yet have timetables for May on the website.
  2. simoneva

    Which Camino to choose?

    primitivo is my favourite. you can add another few days by doing salvador/primitivo; or primitivo/ portuguese which I have recently done.
  3. simoneva

    Finding places to stay along the ways

    probably hostels in cities. otherwise yha,, airbnb? may be challenging to find places on a specific route outside cities. if you can find others to join you for part of it then that would halve the cost.
  4. simoneva

    Camino Frances East to West

    Definitely don't overstay. They may not let you out. I had to wait several minutes at passport control whilst they manually checked all my entry/exit stamps. As a frequent traveller this is going to get painful.
  5. simoneva

    2022 Spring trip- San Salvador + Primitivo

    I walked the Primitivo in June and it got quite hot so need to start early; wear a hat; and carry at least 2.5 litres of water on the more remote days as there is nowhere to top up. When I walked the Salvador in May there was snow on the ground but after an hour walking up hill with a pack you...
  6. simoneva

    transport from Santiago to Lisbon

    You can get a train all the way. One train a day to vigo then 30 minute connection time to Porto; then hourly trains to Lisbon. It is a bit rushed as you have to walk/run 1.4km between the two stations in Vigo. The first station is huge so up 3 escalators to exit using maybe 10 minutes; and...
  7. simoneva

    Two stamps from Sarria to Santiago????

    I never got more than one stamp a day. In practice one per day is enough if you also have lots of other stamps.
  8. simoneva

    Details on the Central Portuguese walk

    Try rome2rio. There is one train a day and 5 or so buses. There are also direct flights to Porto from many airports
  9. simoneva

    LIVE from the Camino Reservations

    Day 3 samblissimo closed or full. Borres one albergue closed and the other full. Got bed in campiello Day 4 arrived 1530 berducedo and got bed in municipal. Seems full now. So my conclusion is not critical to book. There will probably be beds somewhere in two adjacent towns. However check...
  10. simoneva

    LIVE from the Camino Reservations

    My experience starting 16th sep in oviedo. Day1 booked 8km after grado but left oviedo late so cancelled and decided to try my luck in grado. arrived 1830. Main albergue full. Quintana almost full but got a bed. Day 2 el espina. Contacted bodenya full; el texu closed today only; buen Camino no...
  11. simoneva

    Liner or sleeping bag

    I carry both so can use either or both. I am never too cold or too hot in any weather. 400g is 8% of my 5kg pack but it is also <.5% of my body weight.
  12. simoneva

    LIVE from the Camino Primitivo 7 Sept Start

    I am starting on 16th from Oviedo. I checked quinta website for today and they seemed almost empty. also checked some others which also had places for today and next few days. Would prefer to just walk and decide where to stop later. Are you finding albergues seem to be all completely full or...
  13. simoneva

    COVID is a covid test required at each albergue in Portugal?

    BTW I emailed visitportugal and they have updated their website to reflect the government rules. Still only accept EU certificate at the airport but hotels should accept the UK one. My guess is that US CDC certificates will also be accepted at albergues/hotels. I doubt they will turn you away...
  14. simoneva

    No Booking?

    I suggest contact some albergues now and see if they have beds available tonight. If they do then unlikely you need to book next week.
  15. simoneva

    COVID is a covid test required at each albergue in Portugal?

    I am hoping to do the primitivo and portuguese routes starting on 15th September. Spain accepts my UK vaccine but Portugal apparently requires a pre-flight test. If I do the Primitivo first then get the bus to Porto will I avoid the covid test or is it required to book a bus from Spain to...
  16. simoneva

    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (ROUND 8)

    This website shows 22K on Friday; 8K+ for each of the previous 4 days; and historically the weekend has zero cases. I prefer this one that shows 3-4K for the last week and a clear downward trend in the 7 day average...