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  1. Becky 59

    COVID Covid vs the "Camino Crud"?

    I walked the Camino Frances this fall (Sept 15-Nov 2), and was pleased to find very responsible perigrinos along the route when it came to Covid prevention behaviors. Especially early on before the weather got too cold overnight, I found lots of fellow pilgrims were willing to keep windows open...
  2. Becky 59

    LIVE from the Camino Pamplona experience + the next few stages...

    I left Pamplona yesterday after two nights stay. I was surprised to see that some pilgrims were arriving at 5 pm and found beds, and some pilgrims were turned away and walked on to Puente de Reina. Many people are booking one or two nights ahead, but there are a significant number that are...
  3. Becky 59

    LIVE from the Camino Almost to Pamplona, river walk question

    I left Roncesvalles 2 days ago after a soggy crossing of the Pyrenees. Good sunny warm weather yesterday as I walked through Burguette and Biskaret (where the only bar open is Bar Juan; the bar at the beginning of town had chairs out but no patrons and no one answered when we called Ola at the...
  4. Becky 59

    LIVE from the Camino Started SJPP to Roncesvalles so far!

    I thought I was going to have to cancel my Camino when Air France cancelled my Sept 11 flight, but it was rescheduled and rerouted at the last minute and I flew into France (Vaccination card photo on my phone and a fresh Covid test in hand), got another Covid test the following day (Sunday...
  5. Becky 59

    COVID Where to find Covid PCR testing in Paris?

    I'm hoping someone on the ground can help: I fly into CDG airport this weekend, armed with my Covid PCR test done today and my vaccination card etc etc. But I'm staying in Paris overnight before taking the train to Bayonne the following day, by which time my first Covid test from today will be...
  6. Becky 59

    Merino wool gloves question

    Hello wise pilgrims, does anyone have any experience with Smartwool brand merino wool gloves? They carry a lighter-weight (150) that is 13% nylon, and a heavier (250) weight that is 100% merino wool, ostensibly with touch-pad fingertips for smart phones. Has anyone used either one recently? I'm...
  7. Becky 59

    Cooking on the Frances currently?

    Hi wise people! I am starting in SJPP on Sept 14, (solo 60-ish female), and wondering if any albergues have open kitchens for pilgrims to prepare their own meals. It would be lovely to do some of my own cooking, but is that happening currently? A second question for those on the Camino right...
  8. Becky 59

    “Jack from Ireland”

    Here it is, St. Patrick’s Day, and all the local bars in Washington state are closed. We looked for a good Irish movie to watch at home, and came up with “The Way”, because of “Jack from Ireland.” I guess that’s as good a reason as any to watch it...
  9. Becky 59

    Trip report from Ingles August 2019

    Three of us walked the Ingles this summer: 2 parents in the 55-60 year old age range, and college student daughter on summer break who hadn't trained. We arranged our days for 10-15 km of walking on average, and this is where we stayed: Day 1: flew to Santiago and took the train to A Caruna...
  10. Becky 59

    New sello and food stop between Pontedeume and Miño!

    We left from Pension Meson Paz outside Pontedeume, thinking there were no facilities until Miño (where we were planning to spend the night), but were delighted to find a little place at the bottom of a hill! (Just a few km before Miño) She had a sign for coffee and tea 400m ahead, and has one...
  11. Becky 59

    It’s Crazy Busy out here!

    We are in Pontedueme tonight, after starting from Ferrol yesterday on Sunday am August Aug 4. We stayed in Neda last night at the municipal albergue (28 bunks, all full, with 2 overflow in a tent outside and 2 more on couches). After our albergue mates left us in the dust (did I mention we are...
  12. Becky 59

    Macabi skirt sale on July 24th

    The popular Macabi skirts are on sale on July 24th for 20% off, with an extra 5% off if you use the code "ONEDAY5" at checkout. Original and slim skirts are $67.95 and knee length are $47.95. The webside is MacabiSkirt.com The website is very user-friendly, and has pictures of short, medium...
  13. Becky 59

    Starting the Ingles Aug 1st!

    After surviving my first Camino last year, I'm heading back for more! (Big surprise to all you veterans, lol.) Although I'm not thrilled to be out there in August, I AM thrilled to bring my 20-year-old daughter with me, who has only the month of August between summer term and fall term at...
  14. Becky 59

    Camino Ingles in August 2019?

    I'm planning my next Camino for next summer, to bring my 20-year-old daughter while she is on college break. Can anyone give me comments about weather and crowds on the Ingles in early August? We're hoping to walk ~15 km day because of my orthopedic limitations. If weather in Galicia is similar...
  15. Becky 59

    The last 100 km traffic report!

    I am now 60 km from Santiago on a Sat evening, enjoying a marvelous week of 23 degree afternoons with no rain in sight. I am finding that weekends are much busier, especially Fri and Sat, and would recommend either arriving before early pm to get a bed or call ahead the night before. I also find...
  16. Becky 59

    Parking near Sarria?

    Is anyone aware of any place to park a car near Sarria, or anywhere between Sarria and Santiago? We have a rental car that we will use after the Camino for additional travel, and used before to travel from a wedding... Any suggestions are appreciated. (I feel guilty for asking this, but check...
  17. Becky 59

    LIVE from the Camino My Camino with the shattered foot

    I am excited to be leaving Seattle tomorrow, and after a week at a family wedding near London will head down to SJPdP to start my Camino! I have been dreaming of this for 2 years, following a devastating car crash (tree fell on car) that shattered my right foot talus bone and crushed my right...
  18. Becky 59

    Ascension Day lodging- any problems? (May 10)

    I have heard that lodging in Spain in general can be tight on religious holidays, and I noticed that Ascension Day is May 10th, right about when I will be in SJPdP, Valcarlos, or Roncevalle, depending on when we arrive. Should I expect any problems getting into the Alberges?
  19. Becky 59

    Zip lock bags vs dry bags vs stuff sacks

    I have seen several questions about organizing stuff in your pack, but haven't seen anyone talk about using zip lock bags. Any input? My Camino starts in May :-)
  20. Becky 59

    Reservations for SJPdP?

    I am starting my camino in May, but unsure of exactly what day I will arrive in SJPdP. How hard is it to find lodging with just 1 day's notice? I see lots of posts about people making reservations for their first night.