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    I Need a Hiking Buddy

    Phdw 🏑Phew! Very Ambitious! Extremely determined! Dec is the start of serious adverse weather ... But only The Almighty knows .. you may just smooth across the Napoleon route if not Valcarlos.. You may be getting upset with so many pilgrims giving you constructive advice.. I met a young Ozzie...
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    Pros and Cons of Portuguese Caminos

    Thanks Nick I was not aware.. meaning there are really THREE ROUTES FROM LISBON to Santiago de Campostela?! Very Best Wishes
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    Pros and Cons of Portuguese Caminos

    Hello Nick Brilliant move! I just wish to know the two headings Caminho Portugues from Lisbon Caminho Portugues ( Interior) Each a different route ?? as I read the CP from Lisbon to Porto ( interior) is pretty flat, lower gradients but longer stretches as per Señor Brierley Very Best...
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    Lisbon: Skipping industrial area option.

    Well whoever I get the green signal as PORTUGAL is still not accepting my COVISHIELD Travel Pass ( also Norway and Italy are not) whereas Spain Germany France and another 15 countries are “ YES”.. ) I intend to walk the CP in its entirety .. even CF had some rust and oxide and asphalt.. but I...
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    Vaccinations from India for a EU citizen wishing to walk Camino Portuguese

    Mine is in English with a QR code along with my Swedish Passport number; and states COVISHIELD with the dose (AstraZeneca) batch number. The QR code can be verified by scanning your camera AFTER you open the Govt of India link .. and hit Verify Certificate...asking if it can access your camera...
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    Vaccinations from India for a EU citizen wishing to walk Camino Portuguese

    Wonderful News! well done. I was hoping to start from Lisbon on 26 Sep but this ain’t working... Very Best Wishes. Captain Vivek ( Bonnie)
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    Lisbon: Skipping industrial area option.

    And this is the somewhat familiar one from Camino Portuguese https://portugal.com/portugal-blogs/barcelos-rooster
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    Lisbon: Skipping industrial area option.

    I visited the Church Santo Domingo de la Calzada on my CF and the chickens were inside the church! Not sure who copied who etc or that’s what happened on both routes...check this out: https://www.google.com/amp/s/caminotimestwo.com/2017/03/17/the-chickens-of-santo-domingo-de-la-calzada/amp/
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    Lisbon: Skipping industrial area option.

    The intention is to walk the entire route; Portugal needs to offer more facilities and easy of walking to Pilgrims ( probably why the CF is pretty well organised ) I am told the Camino Portuguese also has a similar “ chicken story “ as the one on the CF?!
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    Vaccinations from India for a EU citizen wishing to walk Camino Portuguese

    Dear Airfix from Beautiful Wales! Thank you for your reply and glad to know you are walking (after a smooth entry into Portugal) from Porto to SdeC! Was your vaccine Covishield ( AstraZeneca)? I assume it was! Very Best... and May the Good Spirit of Peregrinoship be with you .. Siempre! Capt...
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    Vaccinations from India for a EU citizen wishing to walk Camino Portuguese

    Hello Peregrinos! Good Afternoon to all of you. I was just wanting some advice / possible facts from anyone who is experiencing the following: 1. I am a Swedish National (EU citizen) but was forced to take the Indian AstraZeneca ( COVISHIELD) 2 doses (7 weeks apart) when I was visiting Delhi...
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    Refuge Orisson most unresponsive!

    Similar experience in 2019; with the greatest of expectations we got there ( after confirming ) but the chap said he had not received my Credit Card ( was going back n forth communicating for months).. so had to walk on to Roncevalles... when you have planned a half and things go balloon shaped...
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    COVID COVID Notice for staying in hotels and restaurants in Portugal

    Hi Rick Indeed a pity with so many obstacles.. I mean sticking the cotton bud stick through your nostril everyday / very couple of hours in Portugal is going to give an infection in the ENT area. We all wish to walk so much .. First the hardships in the Camino and to add to this so many many...
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    Solo travel - Lisbon to Porto

    Hi Jane I am looking for another pilgrim to walk the first days from Lisbon in early Oct 2021.As read certain sections it's best to have company!Best wishes and Good Luck Safe Camino in 2022.Capt Bonnie ( Vivek)
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    Rates albergue?

    Hi Colette Good day! Would you know anyone walking from Lisbon in early Oct 2021 to Porto as I would be walking alone and hoping to connect with someone/anyone just to cover the first days as being tough and to feel secure on certain sections. Every Best Wish Captain Bonnie ( Vivek) Sweden
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    Not as exciting!

    Hi Faye! Good Day!! Please am trying to understand you calling Mealhada your first stop (?) means you started around 20-25 km south that morning ? Possibly Coimbra as the start of your CP? Had you walked the section Lisbon to ( assuming ) Coimbra stretch on a previous camino and were back the...
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    Can I still get my compostela if I take a train(or anything else) from León to Sarria?

    Guess it is but there are many Peregrinos who still seek clarification. Sometimes a revival of an important question is good There is no harm in reinstating facts for other Peregrinos who may have doubts. Thanks for reading the five year old link.
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    Can I still get my compostela if I take a train(or anything else) from León to Sarria?

    Hi Angela! Trust you are healing with the power of the Camino. I completed my camino in stages ( taking into account my time & weather).. unfortunately you need to arrive into Santiago de Compostela (SdeC)with at least 100 km on foot behind you ie. Sarria to SdeC with a minimum of 2 stamps (...
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    Alternative coastal route into Porto in three stages (Aug 2020)

    Thanks for sharing 👌this year was a complete mess up! Next year I look forward to the Camino Portuguese from Lisboa and will definitely walk your path. Warmest Wishes & Vaya con Dios! Capt Vivek Bhasin
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    My Silent Camino - Ask me anything

    Great! I am an ex. sea captain.. Navigated every ocean and finally the Camino Frances.... This year the world went into a tail spin and my Camino Portuguese from Lisbon to SdeC did not happen.. Am based in Simla Himalayas and Karlstad Sweden. Good to connect with you!