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  1. DyanTX

    In search of the best 'Flan' on the Camino?

    Not sure how you would get a whole wheat flan as there is no wheat component to any recipe I've seen? I probably ate flan at least a dozen times across the CF. I've made it at home as well - 😋
  2. DyanTX

    COVID Flight Cabin

    Exactly! Those exchanges of filtered air every 3-5 minutes makes airline flights safer to me than eating in a closed restaurant where air circulation is questionable and folks are not masked. :)
  3. DyanTX

    Somos perditos ! (We are lost!)

    Love this! Glad you got the help you need. Shortcuts and alternative paths are great - except when they are not! Perhaps your title should have been "Estamos perdido" as you were temporarily lost rather than the permanent situation implied by "somos perdido" unless of course you were...
  4. DyanTX

    Backpack Capacity (DaveBugg Bait!)

    25 or so years ago when I got interested in wilderness backpacking and reading forums - it was espoused that 100 cubic inches could hold 1 pound of gear. That made a 4500 cubic inch pack able to contain 45 pounds. Then they started using liters (or maybe both liters and cubic inches). The...
  5. DyanTX

    Walking and cycling after skin cancer

    I have had 5 basal cell surgeries, including 2 Mohs procedures on forehead and ankle and one SCC on my calf. As you said, the SCC grew quite rapidly and was actually the only painful skin cancer I have had. It came up after a backpacking trip so I initially thought it was a thorn or splinter...
  6. DyanTX

    Trying to find a thread with advice about cell phones

    Yes. Exactly what I did - keep phone on airplane mode the entire trip. Note: once you reach Spain, turn it off airplane mode just long enough to update the time to current time. Then turn it back to airplane mode. Works perfectly for GPS use. I kept my Kindle version guidebook open all day...
  7. DyanTX

    Sharing my visit to a podiatrist (orthotics)

    I agree that insoles that are sold in trail runners are lousy. I pull them out and put in SuperFeet insoles (berry or the newer trail type women specific). I have used SuperFeet for 20+ years in all my hiking shoes - first in the heavy backpacking boots I started with and now in trail runners...
  8. DyanTX

    Trekking Poles Tips

    My Black Diamond poles have L and R on each pole strap. I will confess that I didn't know that for a very long time! Likely it really didn't make any difference, at least to me. :)
  9. DyanTX

    Trekking Poles Tips

    I would guess that it was quality but I don't know for sure.
  10. DyanTX

    Trekking Poles Tips

    I took my Black Diamond poles and left the rubber tips on for all of the CF. The terrain didn't really require removal. My friend bought poles in SJPdP and burned through the tips quickly and had to buy more.
  11. DyanTX

    New Balance 574

    I walked in the New Balance 990 version. It had good padding and stability. I replaced the insole with SuperFeet insole. I'd suggest discussing shoes with an outfitter like REI. Although they didn't have shoes wide enough for me and actually sent me to the New Balance store.
  12. DyanTX

    When did you first break-free from your guidebook?

    We used the guidebook (Kindle app on phone; not hard copy) only for a bit of context and descriptions of special spots worth visiting. We never kept to any stages. Stopped when/where we wanted to.
  13. DyanTX

    What's Your Go-To CF Shoe?

    I have very wide but short feet to begin with which makes shoe choice difficult. Many shoes have the arch support in the wrong place for my feet (Keens and Chacos for example). I used to do all my hiking in Asolo hiking boots. They were heavy but worked for wilderness backpacking and I never...
  14. DyanTX

    Waist Packs!

    I used an old one I already had but now have one by Eagle Creek. I carried phone, camera, credential, copy of passport and small $$ in it. Carried in front. Worked well with backpack. Note: passport, credit cards and major $$ was carried in a moneybelt under my hiking pants. Might not work with...
  15. DyanTX

    Bedbugs - What is your blood type?

    A negative; no bites OR just don't react to them. I am also not bothered by mosquitoes - I don't feel them bite even when I see them doing it and don't have any reaction either. Personally don't think it has anything to do with blood type. I did not vote.
  16. DyanTX

    I never thought I would say this...

    Slow and steady. That's how I climb hills. It was chilly and windy the October day we climbed that hill. It was also memorable for the doe and her fawn that ran up the hillside just to the left of the trail. Almost the only wild animal we saw in all of Spain
  17. DyanTX

    The Beauty of Ruins

    I'd like to share a photo or two but seems my files are too big. What is the limit in size? OR is there another way to share them here?
  18. DyanTX

    Back pack for Male or Female

    If you can find someone who will help you measure your exact torso length, then you can order accordingly. I carry an Osprey Sirius 36liter in a women's XS/S. I first tried a small/medium but found it too long and no amount of adjustment made it work. The XS/S was perfect without further...
  19. DyanTX

    Socks (Part Deux)

    I wear the injini toe sock liners and Darn Tough coolmax as outers. I bought 3 pair of the Darn Tough for my 2016 CF journey. I never pay attention to which foot a sock goes on. Been wearing those same socks since on all my hiking and walking and backpacking trips. No stretching or wearing...
  20. DyanTX

    Vision and eyeglasses while walking

    Yes - my retinal specialist mentioned the peel but said my case wasn't bad enough to take that risk. He also said that almost everyone who had the surgery developed cataracts within a year. I chose NOT! Development of cataracts with age is a given but would rather wait a few years until...