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  1. gaulsdog

    Leaving Porto by the coast, then...???

    Bit late with my reply now, was actually walking in Portugal when you posted it, My walk is recorded in KM not miles and accurate for the distance that i walked, I did not follow any markers but stayed on as as close to the beach as possible, I have never found these guides to be that accurate...
  2. gaulsdog

    Accommodation from Vilalba to Santiago

    I stayed in the accommodation below on that section of the norte , I don't think their is a train station in Vilalba http://www.hostalrestauranteterracha.com/seccion.1.php in Vilalba In Baamonde --------------- Ruta Esmeralda Hostal Miraz ------------------Albergue de peregrinos de Miraz...
  3. gaulsdog

    How much road walking is involved walking the coastal way?

    When I walked from Esposende to Viana do Castelo I practially walked the beach the whole way except for one small section where I moved away but I soon changed and went back to the beach again and the run into Viana is a wonderful beach of solid sand several kilometers long, Didn't see a car...
  4. gaulsdog

    Late Day on the Portugues

    Beuna Tarde Albertinho, Can I ask you if the ferry was running and what the hours are. Thanks
  5. gaulsdog

    Places to stay in Vila do Conde

    On the 15 June last year I stayed in Residencial a Princesa do Ave, Rua Doutor António Jose Sousa Pereira 261 Vila do Conde. No breakfast, just bed,reasonably clean and probaly would stay again stay again...
  6. gaulsdog

    Accommodation in redondela

    Its only 10 to 15 minutes to either Vigo or Ponteverda and a very short walk to both from Redondela, and everything I read about the place says nothing in it and i don't want to spend the best part of a day hanging around an empty town. Both Vigo and Ponteverda both look intresting with plenty...
  7. gaulsdog

    Accommodation in redondela

    I don't want to stay in the albergues in Redondela , has any one got the train back to Vigo for the night and then back to Redondela to start again the next day
  8. gaulsdog

    Nice article in Irish times today about Camino

  9. gaulsdog

    Pilgrims told not to poo on Spain pilgrimage route

  10. gaulsdog

    train price?

    I have booked tickets to Irun on the 3 June returning around the end June and it cost me 51 euros first class for the trip down booking it with Voyages-sncf.com and the return journey I booked with idtgv.com and it cost me 37 euros for a first class seat
  11. gaulsdog

    Albergues Vs Pensions , Hotels etc

    unfortunately ear plugs don't deter the bed bugs
  12. gaulsdog

    Leaving Porto by the coast, then...???

    this is my route and details from porto to Matosinhos in June http://www.mapmyhike.com/workout/607215137 And from Matosinhos to Vila do Condo http://www.mapmyhike.com/workout/608363793
  13. gaulsdog

    Renfe train schedules

    you can only book only book that up to 7 Sep today so in a week or two you can book to the middle of september Long train Journey LD 99480 Con Transbordo 10.1820.169 h. 58 min. Turista - Turista 28.55 30.95 47.60
  14. gaulsdog

    Is it possible to walk from Bilbao airport to Portugalete?

    It is possible. I walked it in 2012, I walked back to Zamudio inside the crash barrier of the main road, it has a little worn pathway where a lot of the locals seem to walk. Then its just a matter of walking up Monte Avril and down into Bilbao. then I walked down the right bank of the Ria Del...
  15. gaulsdog

    Walking the Coast

    Below is a link to a map of the route I took walking out of Porto to Matinoshos on 14 June Starting at Residencial S.Jorge Rua Alexandre Herculano and finishing at Senhor de Matosinhos Pensão Residencial Rua do Godinho nº 634 4450-147 Matosinhos It is certainly the best walks out of any...
  16. gaulsdog

    Difficulty Level for Del Norte compared with CF

    Hi tominrm, I walked the Norte in 2 stages from Irun to Ribadesella in 2012 and Ribadesella to Santiago in 2013. I am the same age as you and not very fit either, it is tougher but not that bad and after Gijon theirs nothing at all, I don't stay in albergues after the CF theirs lots of...
  17. gaulsdog

    Attention: trains on strike in France

    I travelled from Gare Mountparnasse to Hendayaj on 12th and although I didn't get on the train I booked I managed to make the journey in a very overcrowded train, the SNCF people that were working were extremely helpful and that was suppose to be the worst day Sent from my iPhone using Camino...
  18. gaulsdog

    Walking the Coast

    Thank you MyDestinationGalicia, That is the best bit of news I have heard for a while, I should arrive in Caminha on the 18 June and would like to stay in A Guarda that evening do you know where I can find the boat running times if they have a set schedule .
  19. gaulsdog

    Caminha ferry

    Now that the ferry across the Mino is out, does any one know if their is a bus service connecting Caminha with A Guarda ,I need some way to cross on the 18 June.