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  1. Caminofácil

    "The Way": shooting locations map

    Thanks. I'll definitely add the Burgos location in our next update to the map. Though I'm sure I'm not the first one to say this: the less is said about all the "gypsy" scenes, the better... :rolleyes:
  2. Caminofácil

    Camino Facil or Jacotrans

    Hello: You wrote us to our contact email too and my coworkers answered you, from what I've been told. However, for the benefit of other forum readers: if you haven't booked an albergue, you can still use our services and we'll carry your bag to the town and leave it in one of our own dropoff...
  3. Caminofácil

    "The Way": shooting locations map

    Thanks a lot to everyone for your warm words. I'm really glad to see that people liked it. I didn't know about the church in Zariquiegui. Thanks! As I said, if there's any spot I missed, feel free to tell me and I'll update the map as time permits.
  4. Caminofácil

    "The Way": shooting locations map

    Hi all: I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks, but as usual, real life gets in the way... Anyway: there have been in this forum a few threads listing the places where "The Way" was shot, and I thought that it would be a good idea to compile the information in them in a single place...
  5. Caminofácil

    Cell phone purchase

    Well, actually... nowadays you can buy a cheap chinese-made Android smartphone in Spain for about 70EUR, if you go to a big box store like Mediamarkt, Alcampo... (they would be the spanish equivalents of Walmart). Add that to a data plan and you are set. The phone won't be very good, or have...
  6. Caminofácil

    Incident after Baamonde

    Wow. I log in here after many days missing and this is the first thing I find. Peregrina, I'm so glad that you are okay. And I can't help but repeat that armed robberies with guns are definitely NOT the normal in Spain. We are sadly used to flashers, pickpockets and other types of minor crime...
  7. Caminofácil

    Santa María De Eunate (april 2017 Update)

    Aaah, yes, the professional letter-writer. I have known a couple of them in my time too ;). I wonder if they exist in other countries like the U.S.?
  8. Caminofácil

    Why Spaniards eat late

    Well, actually... That idea (the time zone change after the Civil War) has gained widespread popularity in the last few years, but there has been some pushback too. In particular, some claim that spanish schedules are neither as rare nor as late as it's made out to be, specially considering...
  9. Caminofácil

    LIVE from the Camino Notes from Logrońo

    I suppose you have seen this one in Logroño itself:
  10. Caminofácil

    Santa María De Eunate (april 2017 Update)

    Hello: It seems that people have started noticing the changes, and some aren't too happy about it: https://twitter.com/nosinmimochila/status/862997242227154944 Do you mind if I reply on Twitter pointing to this thread for the rationale behind the decision?
  11. Caminofácil

    Expohistorica this weekend in Belorado

    Hello: Just a heads up, if you are walking the Camino and happen to be in Belorado during these days. This weekend (5th to 7th), there will be the second edition of Expohistorica, an historical exhibition/reenactment event organized by the city council. This year there will be, among other...
  12. Caminofácil

    Novels Set In Spain, Any Recommendations?

    "Books set in Spain" is such a wide topic that it's hard to recommend anything specific, unless one knows more about what you are interested in. In any case, since there have been already lots of excellent recommendations, I'll add (on a personal level) two: -First, I'll join those who...
  13. Caminofácil

    In Madrid...with Master Mateo

    The exhibition has been extended to April 24th. We did a small writeup in our blog: Exhibition “Master Mateo” in the Museo del Prado I should mention, though, that I did visit it and it's a relatively small exhibition: only two rooms. It has several statues made in Master Mateo's workshop...
  14. Caminofácil

    Pamplona to Saint Jean Pied de Port

    Hello everyone. To go back to the original question, I just tried ALSA's website, and it looks like the Pamplona - Saint-Jean route will begin this year on March 1st. If you try to reserve a ticket for that date, it will let you, but if you try for earlier dates, it will tell you that no buses...
  15. Caminofácil

    "Miracle of the light" in San Juan de Ortega

    Great! Just make sure you arrive with plenty of time, since I've been told that there might be quite a crowd. 5PM solar time would be 19:00, but I have been advised to arrive as early as 16:00 (though I don't know if that might be too early).
  16. Caminofácil

    "Miracle of the light" in San Juan de Ortega

    Hi all: Just a heads up in case you are near San Juan de Ortega today or tomorrow (more on this later), since you might have the chance of watching live the "Miracle of the light". As described previously in this forum: The effect takes place on the spring and autumn equinocces. According to...
  17. Caminofácil

    Pórtico da Gloria in Technicolour

    La Voz de Galicia has just published an excellent video with details about the restoration work: http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/video/galicia/2016/08/23/portico-toco-gloria/0031_2016085095955564001.htm
  18. Caminofácil

    A Day In Madrid

    Well, there's also this little known painting called "Las Meninas" by Velazquez... ;) Or "The garden of delights", by El Bosco (Hyeronymous Bosch). Speaking of which, there is currently a big retrospective of El Bosco in el Prado, so if you are a big fan, it might be an interesting option...
  19. Caminofácil

    A Day In Madrid

    Hello: Don't know if I'm late for this and you've already passed through Madrid. Just a small warning: if you plan on taking the Metro, be aware that line 1 (the cyan-color one), which runs North-South through the city and is the busiest one, is closed for remodeling work during the entire...
  20. Caminofácil

    Online Luggage Transfer Booking?

    Hello: No, there isn't really a limit, within reason. For example, our maximum weight for each pack is 20 kg., but if your suitcase is 22 kg. there won't be a problem. Now, if your suitcase is 40kg... we might have to charge you the price of 2 packs. The same applies to size: generally...