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  1. Walkalong

    Compeed vs hikers wool or both?

    If using tape, particularly Leukotape, which has more adhesive than most tape, you should test it before your Camino to see if it leaves your skin pink, creates a rash, or blisters. For me the Leukotape left skin pink, rashes and multiple light blisters. Snug fitting quality socks, like Darn...
  2. Walkalong

    Experiences of ghosts, premonitions or presences?

    Wilderness, log cabin ghost and "presence" stories would be a very long thread, an entire forum. Ferry Gulch in Gros Morne was named long before the national park and long before I first hiked through there over 50 years ago. I returned about 12 years ago, with my kids, who were doing their...
  3. Walkalong

    Experiences of ghosts, premonitions or presences?

    Well, there was that one night, alone in a cavernous albergue. I’ve had the experience of the clanging sound pipes can make in an old monastery, so it does not bother me. But in this case I had no light and the sensor the hall light was at the far end of the corridor which required walking...
  4. Walkalong

    Experiences of ghosts, premonitions or presences?

    While I’ve not experienced that “presence” on the Camino (have a couple of ghost stories), I have had that distinct “other presence” experience on numerous occasions. I think most people experience this. When I re-learned to think of others first, and accept what is offered with gratitude, the...
  5. Walkalong

    Refuge Orisson most unresponsive!

    Glad you mentioned the Express Bourricot Shuttle - a practical solution if concerned about changing reservations. Does it operate with Covid restrictions? btw, After months of planning for our first camino, other than the flight to Madrid, we made no plans, no schedule and no reservations and...
  6. Walkalong

    COVID Folks that were on the Camino when lockdown hit: what happened next?

    My experience on March 13 – 15th was one of progressive revelation. And a deep appreciation for the kindness of others under especially trying uncertainty. • The local guy who suggested, then accompanied me to the health center, offering to translate. • The conductor who refused to...
  7. Walkalong

    Vasque boots

    If determined to wear boots, Vasque is a great option. After numerous pair of Keen and Merrills, which barely lasted 6 months (1000 km), I wore Vasque shoe for 5-6 years, with new insoles each year. After a multi-year, truly exhaustive search I got a pair of Vasque boots. They are great for...
  8. Walkalong

    Video: How to Avoid Blisters - It Can be Done

    Doing your own Camino is important. I got that single blister on a day I did a double. It's usually better to take the time and arrive late to the surprise of the students on March break who were encouraged that the 'old man' eventually made it. The rehydration reminded me of a friend who, in...
  9. Walkalong

    Video: How to Avoid Blisters - It Can be Done

    Great video and good comments. With more blisters on my first Camino than my previous 60 years, I finished the Portuguese Senda Litoral from Porto with no blisters, I walked the Frances to Hontanas before getting a friction blister in my lateral arch area, just a few days before the lockdown...
  10. Walkalong

    AlertCops registration issue

    It might also be wise to check Canadian travel advisories here.
  11. Walkalong

    Canadian Alternative for 2020

    Just back from a spectacular week on the East Coast Trail. Perfect weather - great sea breeze. Ferryland's cobblestone road (circa 1621) at the archeological site, then to the lighthouse to watched a dozen Humpback whales feeding on Caplin was the highlight. Saw full tail waves and could hear...
  12. Walkalong

    Carrion de los Condes

    Thanks. The detail is very helpful. Sounds much safer than my trip to the grocery store. Social distance and/or wearing a mask is such a simple courtesy. Look forward to updates - to help to plan an escape.
  13. Walkalong

    Plan B and Beyond.

    East Coast Trail and Newfoundland is an adventure anytime but when the icebergs melt in June, Caplin roll in on the beaches followed by whales through July and August. Having walked from Topsail to La Manche via St. John’s and Witless Bay, I hope to...
  14. Walkalong

    One day at a time, one photo at a time...

    March 04, 2020, early morning mist on the hill from Mougas to Baiona. Turned into a perfect day for walking. Can anyone enlighten us on the age of these cart tracks? I assume they are pre-roman.
  15. Walkalong

    Curious TAP Carry On Policy

    Anyone have experience with carry-on trekking poles when starting from Boston? Neither my spouse nor I have had any problems with trekking poles in our carry-on packs in Canada (Fredericton or Toronto) or Madrid but this time I depart from Boston.
  16. Walkalong

    Quick word in praise...

    Is there an app that overlays the routes/paths on a map so the user can zoom in on each option? Being able to zoom in on each option off-line, or see your location on-line would have prevented us being lost several times. Being able to scale the elevation or slope more accurately that paper...
  17. Walkalong

    Rain, rain, rain in the forecast! Should I brave it?

    Strongly agree. Understanding the POP is a good start but an hourly prediction of the precip and wind for the day ahead is very helpful, and appreciated.
  18. Walkalong

    Rain, rain, rain in the forecast! Should I brave it?

    Thanks to all. Dodging moose and walking in Newfoundland last week reminded me that in wet, damp conditions a little wind makes a big difference to comfort. Given additional weight of an extra or thicker layer can be hard on arthritic knees, will wait till March or April. Thanks again!
  19. Walkalong

    Rain, rain, rain in the forecast! Should I brave it?

    Can you please provide a link to the weather forecast that includes the percentage POP (probability of precipitation)?