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  1. Nan

    No going back now!!!

    I walked with my daughter in 2017. Me at 75 she at 53. She was always way ahead of me. Out of sight most days. But oh how good to turn up and see her sitting outside a bar with beer or wine waiting for me! I said how do you know I haven’t fallen over, got lost or whatever? She said she...
  2. Nan

    Which Camino for my 80th year?

    Am so pleased to read all these posts. I was looking forward to walking the Portuguese at 80 next year but was reconsidering due to illness. In fact had really decided I shouldn’t go. (It’s a long flight from Australia also). I now have renewed hope and determination thanks to all your...
  3. Nan

    Charming Camino Vinto Tinto Logo

    The label is worth the cost of the bottle! Don’t drink it, put it in the cellar with all the other collectables. 🍷
  4. Nan

    I am leaving. Not Forum just yet, but Camino.

    I cannot write anything better than what has already said David. But I do hope that in 2022 when I’m 80 and walking the Camino again I meet you on the path and we have a wine together. And you will say....well, I changed my mind and here I am! I did not know of your eBay store. I hope I can...
  5. Nan

    Shopping (some regret)

    Not sure if these pics will turn out I’m not good at this. But the cook book is excellent (I don’t cook but it looks good on the table!) and the other is also. Author has drawn pics throughout.
  6. Nan

    Shopping (some regret)

    I also bought bracelets etc and gave them away on arriving home. Wish I had kept them!
  7. Nan

    Shopping (some regret)

    I did the same thing. I have purchased from Ivar, etsy and while I haven’t bought from them, Pinterest also has goodies.
  8. Nan

    Can’t get over it.

    Did you not recognise Australian humour? 😁
  9. Nan

    A collection of Camino videos

    Thank you David for the time and effort you have put into this great resource for the benefit of others.
  10. Nan

    The wild-west days of the camino

    Thank you for the link. Have downloaded Road of Stars etc. Looking forward to a good read.
  11. Nan

    The wild-west days of the camino

    I agree, don’t bother with shirleys book. The first book I read n almost turned me off going.
  12. Nan

    Babbel's guide to Porto

    Thanks for this info. I’ve noted it all down. Hopefully Porto next year.
  13. Nan

    On the Camino, on this date in May...

    In Burgos on the 11th 2017. Is that where the chocolate factory was/is? I couldn’t find it. 😟.
  14. Nan

    Denise Thiem - Five Years "In Memoriam"

    So thankful Denise is not forgotten. Thank you to all who keep her memory alive. I missed seeing Denise’s memorial when on the Camino but she was in my prayers as are her family now.
  15. Nan

    Historic photos of Camino Francés

    Wonderful photos. Thank you.
  16. Nan

    It Started by a Dutch radiostation and is spreading around Europe

    Thank you for the reminder of a great song. Made me quite emotional listening to it.
  17. Nan

    My walking tour of Lisbon

    Thank you all so much once again for great info. The walking ‘tour’ sounds great Laurie. Will definitely do that.