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  1. Abigail Kelly

    Advice and input for coastal

    Hi everyone, leaving in a few days to start Camino Del Norte starting in Santander and following Daves alternative along the coast. Before I wrap up my some what route plan and put it away any tips/advise would be appreciated. I have booked the first 6 nights and after that I will go with the...
  2. Abigail Kelly

    Does anyone know of this holiday home after La Robla?

    Hi everyone! I have been looking for cheap private accommodation in La Robla for when I am doing the Salvador/Primitivo next month. I can't find anything online and have had mixed reactions when I called a few places because of my lack of Spanish 😱 So I came across this holiday home "Villamt...
  3. Abigail Kelly

    One hour to catch bus Madrid airport to Leon?

    Hi guy's, quick question. My flight with Ryanair lands (if not delayed) at Madrid airport at 1010 am. Bus from there to Leon is 1115. Is it realistic to think that I may make this bus? I was going to book it online but thought I better throw this out there first. The next bus is 130 or something...
  4. Abigail Kelly

    Del Salvador/Primitivo and open water possibilities?

    Hi all if you can help at all that would be great :-) I have 18 days starting end of March early April to do my walk. I am a keen open water swimmer and swim throughout the winter. If at all possible I would love to go for a swim at the end of my walking day or every 2nd or 3rd day. For some...
  5. Abigail Kelly

    Isolation to Armenteira!

    Ok I have to ask this...While doing the Variante Espiritual last week from Combarro I found the 4km walk past the view point to Armenteira quiet strange. It was just a strange feeling on that journey that I really can't put into words but more like a deep lonely feeling a bit strange that I was...
  6. Abigail Kelly

    Who lives in the tent?

    Hiyea, 2 years ago when I did this route from Santiago I noticed a Blue tent just 15 minutes on the way out of Santiago. I went back again yesterday just to see if it was still there. It was still there, the tent looked a bit worn but the same. Does anyone know who lives there or the story...
  7. Abigail Kelly

    Vilanova de Arousa

    Hi guys decided to stay here an extra day. Does anyone have any suggestions on things to do here. I can't seem to find any information. Thanks guys and brilliant walk on coasts.
  8. Abigail Kelly

    If you had to skip some of the coastal route.. which part :-(

    Hi, I really want to do the Coastal /Senda Lit and Spiritual Way route but looking at the stages (some are long) I am a good walker but still recovering from a fractured knee a few months back. I am worried in case my knee might gives me problems along the way and time go's against me. I have 13...
  9. Abigail Kelly

    Walking stages on costal/senda litoral a bit confusing

    Hi all, I have not posted on here for a long time but have been checking in :-) I have been doing my calculations or trying to on the stages from Porto to Santiago. Here is what I have come on with and wondering if this is doable? I am fit and do a lot of walking. I started again in the last...
  10. Abigail Kelly

    Name of small town

    Hi guy's for the last few days I have been rattling my brain to remember the small town which is roughly about 12 km before Sigueiro.... help! I took a bus from A Coruna to there and then walked to Sigueiro. I actually didn't meet one person on that route and got lost a few times.. but it was...
  11. Abigail Kelly

    I was one of the noisy bag rustlers in the am

    I hate saying this about myself but I was one of the bag rustlers in the early mornings staying in z Alburgues:-( Even though I had carefully organised my stuff the night before I was still not content in the wee hours of the morning in case I left something behind. Sorrrryyyy any body else ??
  12. Abigail Kelly

    Christmas suggestions for Camino

    Hi guy's YES I have got the bug. I am planning to walk on the Camino around the 23rd of December for a week. I know it is short but it is all the time I will have. Any suggestions on where to go? I know Aer Lingus don't fly into Santiago for a few months leading up to December which is strange...
  13. Abigail Kelly

    Arrive in Santiago late.. walk or bus to Negreira

    Hi guy's, I made a blunder on a hotel booking in Negreira. Meant to book for the 18th August and not the 17th. Plan was to walk from Santiago to Negreira on route to Finisterre/Muxia. There is no refund and my flight does not arrive into the airport until close to 5pm. I really wanted to walk...
  14. Abigail Kelly

    Walking from Pontedeume to Tabeaio

    Hi guy's I am finally leaving in just over ten days for my Camino. I have a question I booked Pension Angelita in Tabeaio by mistake to realize there is a cancellation fee. Can anyone please tell me if it is doable to walk from Pontedeume to Tabeaio and will I walk pass Betanzos and how far from...
  15. Abigail Kelly

    Santiago to.....

    Hi guy's I posted here over a year ago and due to circumstances I never got to the Camino last year. I was planning on going again in March this year but broke my toes. So here I am and ticket booked. I will arrive in Santiago on the 6th of July until the 20th July. I have been reading through...
  16. Abigail Kelly

    Need some help thanks

    Hi guy's I am new to this site. In the last couple of years I have lost a lot of people including my mother. My aim always is to walk the Camino. I don't have a lot of time on this my first time (ten days); So far my options that I see to walk over the 100k is, Sarria-Santiago or Ferrol-...