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    Let's talk waist packs!

    Always a good idea to be wary in crowds whether you use pockets, a purse, or back pack (not a good idea in crowded cities). In cities, I usually use a cross body purse that has built in slash proof security wires, has RFID protection, and each of the three zippered pockets have clasps that lock...
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    Let's talk waist packs!

    No-pack/pockets-only works for you. But, alas, not all pants are created equal nor all individual needs. Women's pants notoriously have few deep, usable pockets. You can find them but I generally select pants for fit, not pockets. Bonus if you can find both. Also, I identified the items I...
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    New high speed train from Galicia to Madrid as of December 21st.

    I wish I could understand train schedules. Sigh. I get by but....
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    My Situation on booking the flight

    It is, sadly, useful to keep in mind when buying insurance that the primary goal of insurance companies is to make money so there is a indeed a tendency to refuse benefits or make it very difficult to approve claims. Others have advised taking a magnifying glass to the fine print on policies -...
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    Poncho quandry — Altus, Frogg Toggs, Vaude, or something else?

    I use Frogg Toggs AND, if needed, a light weight rain jacket. My pack also has a built in rain cover. There is no perfect poncho for the Camino. The pack ponchos cover the pack without being short in back but without a pack, around town, they are just weird. I am short so even if the poncho...
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    Ditch Pigs Camino Cleanup 2021: No stopping a pig!

    My sincere appreciation for the work of the pigs.
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    COVID 10 Oct TRAVEL UPDATE Return from France to USA

    Excellent information. I feel a little challenged about getting the needed negative test. I will be returning to Spain in 2022 but have not built in extra time to get a test. I certainly don't have 3 days and will be moving around each day prior to departure. My last three days in Europe...
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    THAT enduring tissue (etc) issue on the CF in particular……

    I don't have a suggestion for the excrement part of the problem (bring a bag, carry it out), but many long distance backpackers (think on the trail in wilderness for days), carry a "pee rag". Yep, they carry it attached to their backpack (always, always remember which side in case you also...
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    If you are staying in a private room are you tipping the help?

    Thanks for sharing. Was unaware of these conditions. Las Kellys is an interesting approach to try to remedy poor working conditions. Good to know.
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    Clothes dryer etiquette

    In Atapuerca there was only one washer (no dryer-just line dry) and the line for the washer was long. It was getting late, there wouldn't be much time for drying clothes on the line. I could see the next-in-line pile of clothes was quite small so I approached the owner, a nice gentleman from...
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    LIVE from the Camino Albergue Lama

    Am I correct that there are 3 routes out of Villafranca? It looks like the Dragonte route is the steepest, the Pereje route the least attractive, and the Pradela route somewhere in between. I like mountain walks but not looking for a "suffer fest" so likely to chose the Pradela. Any thoughts...
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    Looking for a documentary/tv episode...

    If it was part of the "Rich and Famous" series, you might try a search using the names of famous people associated with the Camino. Shirley Maclain, Emilos Estevez, Martin sure there are others.
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    Has anyone tried Silverlight hiking socks?

    I have not tried Silverlight, but if you are looking for a lightweight compression sock, try Swiftwick. Their hiking sock is the Pursuit. I wore them on the Camino and for all my hiking (I hike several times a week) in the Smokey Mountains. Light, breathable, and only one small blister on the...
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    Necessary Sundries

    Other than sunscreen, I did not bring any kind of lotion. It was warm and dry and I ended up purchasing some hand lotion when my fingers began to crack. But if you need such things, buy them there so that you are not carrying anything you don't need.
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    Love that you want to raise money for charity! Could you find another way besides balloons? Twice in the last couple of weeks I have found balloons stuck in brush on trails in the Appalachian Mountains. One I could get to, the other was impossible to reach. It is unsightly trash. Both were...
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    Ass Pads - A Serious Topic!

    I use a piece of mylar cut to twice the size I need for sitting so that I can fold it in on itself it gets wet. Easy to wipe off. Weights almost nothing. Does not provide any padding.
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    The Best Clothing ? And the winner is....

    If you are sharing chocolate, I want to walk with you!