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The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.

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  1. biloute

    Miam Miam Dodo app

    Has anyone purchased and used electronic versions of the guide through the app? I think it’s new as of 2018. I’m wondering if it’s worth the price and works how it’s supposed to. I haven’t seen any reviews of it yet on the forums. When I did a search the only thing I found was either about the...
  2. biloute

    Pilgrim mass script

    Is there a particular script for a pilgrim mass? I’m thinking of including one or two in my Nanowrimo book this year, but I’m not sure if the priests have a standard script that they all use or if it’s just whatever they want to say.
  3. biloute

    Pagan Camino book?

    Does anyone know of a historical text/book on the Camino before it was the Way of St James? I found a little bit of information on the web but nothing very detailed, just that Celts were making the trip and going to Finisterre rather than Santiago. I’m looking for research sources for a story I...
  4. biloute

    Le Puy route fiction/nonfiction

    Does anyone know of a book, either fiction or nonfiction, about or that includes a journey on the Le Puy route? Or another French route? It would have to be in print and available in the US.
  5. biloute

    Camino cost

    I did some budgeting and based on a rate of 15€/person each night in France for a bed, about the same for a meal if we don't cook, and 10€ in Spain, it would cost us about $9,00-10,000 for a pilgrimage from Le Puy to Santiago for two people. This includes having to cover bills back home and...
  6. biloute

    Miam Miam Dodo

    I have both the Le Puy route and Camino Francés books from 2014. I'm planning another Camino, possibly for 2018, and was wondering if these books would still be sufficient for planning and budgeting purposes (which places my husband and I would like to stay and prices) or should I purchase the...
  7. biloute

    Gaining more time? (Non-Europeans)

    I'm planning a through hike of both the Le Puy route and the Camino Francés, possibly for next year. We're hiking and biking more to try and get in shape ahead of time, and I've planned out the route (would take approximately 76 days, including rest days) but it doesn't leave a whole lot of...
  8. biloute

    Plenary indulgence

    I was doing some reading on Britain's Confraternity of St. James site and it said that the plenary indulgence, in addition to during the Holy Years, "is available on St James’s three feast days (23 May – the Apparition; 25 July – his martyrdom; and 30 December – the translation of the relics)."...
  9. biloute

    Biking part...which part?

    My husband and I would like to do the Camino together, possibly as early as summer 2018. I'd like to hike the entire thing but he prefers biking, so I thought we could compromise and bike a part of the Camino. We'd go from Le Puy to Santiago in one trip. I can't really imagine biking any part in...
  10. biloute

    Translating Miam Miam Dodo...

    Since the Miam Miam Dodo books are only available in French, and a lot of people love them, I thought I'd try my hand at translating. I've never done this kind of thing before, so I'm no professional, but assuming I finish the translations we'd have another resource for the Camino available to...
  11. biloute

    Camino or AT?

    I've walked the Camino before, starting in Le Puy. I've recently gotten married and we'd like to do a long distance hike/walk. We don't have much money and we'd like to do both the Camino and the Appalachian Trail at some point. Which would be the more "practical" choice, taking into...
  12. biloute

    Small, lightweight sleeping bag

    When I did the Camino a couple of years ago, some Europeans had very small, very lightweight sleeping bags. I've never seen these in the US. Do we have them anywhere, and not expensive? I'd like to do the Camino again, this time with my new husband, and I'm all for saving space, weight, and money.
  13. biloute

    Create your own route

    Has anyone here ever created your own route? I've thought about doing the Camino starting in Strasbourg, down through the Franche-Comté on the GR 59 and joining up with the route in Geneva rather than from Strasbourg to Vézelay. Would I be able to get stamps to make it official? Plus, I know...
  14. biloute

    Camino architecture

    I've started back at school this year for an architecture related degree. A couple of the professors are hosting a trip to Italy if they can get enough people to go, but it's very expensive. $2100 for 9 days, not including airfare or most meals. Since we're all broke students (tuition is about...
  15. biloute

    Santiago de Compostela "cult" article

    Thought some people might be interested in this.
  16. biloute

    Guides / descriptions

    I have a somewhat odd request. I teach French, and our level two language students have the Camino as their theme for the course because it ties together very nicely all the topics we study. I haven't been able to find much information on the different routes in terms of cheap or free guides...
  17. biloute

    What's a pilgrim?

    According to a pilgrim is a person who travels to a sacred place for religious purposes (especially if a long distance), a traveler or wanderer (esp. in a foreign land), an original settler in a region, or a newcomer to a region or place (esp. western U.S.). I'm not satisfied...
  18. biloute

    Complete Camino history

    Does anyone know of a history book about the Camino that discusses more than just Spain? For example, that would talk about routes and culture, maybe even language influences, in France, Germany, Switzerland, etc.
  19. biloute

    Burgos to Sarria by bus

    What company or companies operate between Burgos and Sarria?
  20. biloute

    Roncesvalles to Burgos

    I'm trying to find information on bus/train tickets between Roncesvalles and Burgos. The bus schedule from Roncesvalles is listed on the Autocares Artieda site, but they have no price info. Anyone know how much it would be from Roncesvalles to Pamplona? Would I need to change buses somewhere...