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    all in one hair/body/face/clothing cleansing bar

    Hey all! It's been a while since I've been here (and five years since I walked the Camino, bah!) but I figure this would be the place to ask. I'm starting up a small natural soap & cosmetics business here in Italy, and I was recently asked to formulate an "all in one" bar for someone going on a...
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    Need to find pilgrims Helen and Marina from May 2007 Camino!

    Hey all! I haven't been here in a while, but I thought that maybe someone could help me. I walked the Camino Frances from April 23-May 28 2007, and I very much would like to find two pilgrims (who I met separately) that I met, and I've since lost their contact information. Any ideas as to how...
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    Love on the Camino

    Wow, I haven't posted on this forum in ages... But just wanted to announce that I am getting married to a fellow pilgrim I met while walking the the Camino de Santiago (the Camino Frances) in 2007! :D I'm American, and he is Italian; we met about 2 weeks in, walked the rest of the way to...
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    hello from the road!

    Hi! Just droppin a note to say hi from 2 weeks into the camino, it is an amazing experience. Thanks for all of the advice beforehand; to let you know, I listened and left from St.Jean instead of Roncesvalles (you were right! it was amazing and perhaps the most incredible day of walking so...
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    rail or bus?

    Anyone know of the best way to get from Toulouse to St. Jean? Is there a train or bus that goes there? I can't get St.Jean to show up on any of the rail websites so it has me wondering how I am actually to get there... Thanks!
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    last minute questions about Roncevalles!

    Hi! I am starting the camino in less than 6 days (ack!) and am starting to get a bit anxious. I have some questions.... people have touched on the answers before but I am still unclear as to exactly what the answer is to them, so any help is appreciated! I've decided to change my start from...
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    distance per day question

    So, it seems like people walk different amounts each day, and take differnt amounts of time to walk the camino, which makes sense as people have different paces and different levels of fitness. However, it seems like the distance you walk is perhaps based on where the albergues are? If someone...
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    musicial instruments?

    Hi! I will be hiking the CF starting the last week of April, and I am wondering what other dedicated musicians have done while hiking the trail. I am mainly a fiddle player but play just about every other stringed instrument, and have a hard time imagining 5 weeks without playing music (it is...
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    Luggage Storage & Musical Instruments

    I am planning on hiking the camino starting the last week of April in St. Jean. However, I am traveling around Europe before and after and will have a suitcase and a fiddle that I need to store somewhere while I am on the trail for 5 or so weeks. Is there a safe and inexpensive way of storing...