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    Slovenian Mountain Trail

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated
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    Slovenian Mountain Trail

    Thank you, do you recommend it ? is it possible to do it without booking accommodation in July / August ? Is it a social affair ? what would be a reasonable daily budget ?
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    Slovenian Mountain Trail

    HI all, Has anyone walked the Slovenian Mountain Trail ?
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    Repeating Caminos ?

    Thanks for everyone's input. I want to walk but don't like walking the same route. I also did not like the Sanabres I walked last year so much. Are there any other Camino's anywhere in the world which are comparable to the CF ?
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    Repeating Caminos ?

    Anybody here repeated Caminos ? I have walked the French way, The Portuguese Way, The Primitivo, The Camino Sanabres, The Fisterrea / Muxia way. I did not enjoy the Sanabres so much to be honest. Has anyone repeated the French way, Sometimes I think memories are better left as they are, it's...
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    Only 14 days to walk on the Norte (sadly) - which section would you recommend?

    Is there much foot traffic on the Norte at this time of year? I'm considering it but don't really want to walk alone?
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    Early April Norte Weather Conditions

    Hey Collette, How is your Camino going ?
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    The way

    Well after 285km in 8 and a half days walking I have pulled the plug on my Camino Sanabres, if you have never heard of it , there is probably a good reason why, I hadn't either until a month ago, it was my fourth Camino not including my Finesterre/ muxia extension. I walked the French way in two...
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    staying @ Oseira Monastery

    Any recent information on this place ? I'm about 10km from CEA and very interested in staying there. Monastery that is !
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    Ourense to Santiago

    Thanks for your response, if it is interspersed with trails etc its manageable,I just don't fancy 20/ 30 k per day on the road ! I guess the last two days before Santiago will be pretty bland anyway...
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    Ourense to Santiago

    How is the way from Ourense to Santiago ? Is it much highway ? I have done the Frances,primitivo and Portuges, I have the wrong footwear this time, my feet are 7/8 out of ten pain all day. I'm considering going to the beach from ourense for my last five days or buy new trainers and continue if...
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    So glad I started at Granga, Salamanca to Zamora and Zamora to granga looked uninspiring. Granga onwards has been lovely walking with little road walking, its veryvquiet. Lots of old people, little bit too quiet to be honest. Hope it picks up after Ourense.
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    Sanbres Accommodation..

    Thanks guys, great info, very helpful
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    Sanbres Accommodation..

    Seems like the Alverges on the Sanbres are few and far between and 20-330k. Distance between them, am I correct in saying that ?
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    Starting The Sanbres Tomorrow But....

    Wise words young Jedi... The force is strong with this one..
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    Starting The Sanbres Tomorrow But....

    I might just do that ! Just don't want to miss good walking ! And something has got to give !
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    Starting The Sanbres Tomorrow But....

    HI All, I'm arriving in Salamanca tomorrow night. I will start walking on sunday the 9'th I have until the 22nd of April to walk. Should I start in Salamanca, Zamora or Granja de Moreruelo ? I have 13 days walking, I don't have to walk into Santiago, I just want to do the best 13 days walking...
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    Packed For The Rain ?

    Would you pack for wet weather in April on the Sanbres ?
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    Sanbres logistics

    Thanks for that, very helpful, I need to get from Madrid To Salamanca by train, next saturday at 8:30pm ,Should I book tickets in advance or just get them at the time?