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    Starting September 21st!

    My husband Nathan and I and our friend Maureen are all starting in SJPdP on September 21st, to stop at Orisson (yes, we have a reservation) and continue on from there to SdC for...awhile. Going to try to take it slow and take between 6 and 8 weeks. After all the waiting and drama, the day is...
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    What's going on with rail europe? Paper tickets?

    Hi there~! 2 weeks ago, my husband booked a ticket on rail europe from Frankfurt, Germany to Bayonne. We received an e-ticket. Had to cancel. Now we are trying to rebook that same voyage, but RailEurope will only give us the option of paper tickets, not e-tickets! They would never get to us...
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    Spain is not the boonies!

    Hi, I've just been reflecting on a few threads and something that my soon-to-be-companion-pilgrims and I have been marvelling over: Spain is not the boonies! I live in the Yukon, in Canada. When we hike here, we MUST plan for every contingency, or risk having to be flown out of the wilderness...
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    LIVE from the Camino how's the weather this year?

    Hello pilgrims! My husband and I will be starting our journey in early September, and planning on walking slowly, to arrive from SJPP to Santiago de Compostela in anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks. I am wondering how the weather is this year. Are locals saying that it is cold or warm? Rainy or dry...
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    How are the beds in the albergues?

    Thanks everyone for your replies!
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    What is the best card for withdrawing € on the Camino?

    I have travelled fairly extensively throughout the world. My husband and I have often "overpayed" our Visa credit card and have been able to get a cash advance. With each transaction (usually at about 2 week intervals - we try to pay by credit card when we can), we withdraw the maximum amount...
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    How are the beds in the albergues?

    Thanks everyone! We are not strangers to putting mattresses on the floor for support. We will just hope to not get stepped on!
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    TSA news !!!!!

    I just checked the CATSA (Canada) website. Both poles and knives are still NOT permitted in carry on luggage.
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    How are the beds in the albergues?

    I've done a bit of travelling around the world and have discovered that all beds are not created equal. Some days you wake up and have slept like a baby, other days you wake up feeling like you've just spent 8 hours on a rack. My husband is 6' tall and often has trouble finding a bed that is...
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    My Macabi Hiking Skirt

    The skirts are definitely at their best in warmer climates, but you could easily wear tights or longjohns underneath. For me, keeping the pockets accessible was important. The skirt is a good wind blocker and even if it's being blown against your legs in a gale, it's long enough that it won't...
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    My Macabi Hiking Skirt

    I've worn a Macabi skirt everywhere in the world for years now. Last time I went travelling, I went without pants, just 2 skirts. THey are light, wash great, cover everything you need to cover even in very modest places, and the pockets! Can't say enough about them. If you're bringing a skirt...
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    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    I have trekked and walked and hiked in travel skirts from Can't say enough about them. BIG pockets, can turn into shorts (kind of) and have a secret pocket for passport/money. I use them more than pants when I'm travelling. 3 lengths. Lots of colours.
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    Walking on the RAIN in May. Trail shoes?

    I can recommend Chaco sandals as well. I had Tevas at one point and I must say they STANK after getting wet a few times. Chacos don't seem to smell as much and have great arch support. My husband and I brought them as our only pair of shoes travelling through India and Sout-East Asia for 18...
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    Barefoot Camino?

    My husband and I have done a fair bit of walking, mostly in very warm countries like India and Thailand and areas around there. We are thinking of walking the Camino this year in Sept-October and are also considering wearing Chaco sandals for the duration. So we would be sockless in our...