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    LIVE from the Camino This morning on the Camino ingles

    STEEP ... that's an understatement !
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    1 Hr time between flights doable in Madrid?

    I've been thru the Madrid airport 3 times and don't think one hour between connecting flights is really doable. Large airport, varied terminals, immigration ... you'd be really lucky to make that connection.
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    Rates albergue?

    And they can't always be there ... they may be out shopping for the next meal, outside (or on the roof) hanging laundry or on their hands and knees cleaning the shower floor and don't hear the door. It's not they don't want to, but they can't always be there to receive the backpacks. Yep ...
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    Trekking Poles Tips

    quick wrap with tape around the pole tip and good to go !
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    Rates albergue?

    Wise pilgrim is a very good app
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    SIM card advice

    We may be booking rooms more that we ever did before ...
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    SIM card advice

    I walk into the Orange store at the airport...hand the nice clerk my phone, he installs a new SIM card, gives me back my one from Canada, and I pay him. Never had a problem. Then I immediately text my husband the new phone number. Done .... Spain & Portugal
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    Travel/medical insurance for Canadians

    However, they do often limit the length of each trip. Sometimes to 30 days only. Small print is so important CAUTION: The posts prior to this post are from 2019 and earlier. Take care to check all information as the earlier posts may no longer be valid.
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    COVID Medical Insurance while traveling in Spain

    Does this include when your country of origin has issued a travel advisory against travel ?
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    How do people 60-and-over plan their Camino?

    65 on my first Camino...this year would have been my 4th if not for Covid. Slow but steady, listen to your body and. Travel light. If you really need it, you can most likely find it on the camino
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    Comment by 'C.C.' in media 'The Descend to Acebo'

    My legs were like jelly by the time I got to town. Stopped at the first place that offered a bed and slept for hours !!!
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    COVID Medical Insurance while traveling in Spain

    The term my insurance is using is “known condition” for Covid-19 and as such ... does not cover it.
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    Comment by 'C.C.' in media 'Logroño to Ventosa'

    The first time I see the BULL on a hillside, I know I'm back in Spain and heading for the Camino ! Thanks for this memory
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    What do you have to take every Camino?

    an S hook - hang my backpack, my dry cloths on the shower door (there is never more than one) and a muslin baby receiving blanket (best lightweight towel, dries in a flash) - borrowed it from my grandson - he's not getting it back after three Caminos
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    25 km in England ...suggestions

    I do ... have walked the French twice and the Portuguese from Porto, but like the Ingles. An it fits my time well. Even having walked the French twice, both were so different...the people, the weather, the albergues
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    25 km in England ...suggestions

    I'm coming from Canada and wondering where is a good place to start - What walk in England would be good. This will be my 4th Camino, and have already walked from Ferrol ... though a different start would be interesting
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    25 km in England ...suggestions

    Suggestions for starting in England please. Want to start in Coruña in Spain as I’ve already walked from Ferrol
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    Comment by 'C.C.' in media 'The Descend to Acebo'

    I remember this well ... my legs were jelly by the time I got to the town. So tired I walked into the first place that offered a bed and once booked in, slept for 4 hours. Then a shower and dinner. If I'd walked another 500m - there is that lovely albergue. But I didn't care !
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    What to pack for women walking the Camino walk starting at SJPP to Santiago May-June

    Nightdress doesn’t always work when climbing into a top bunk 🙃
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    The truth about Camino fashion

    I did the entire Camino doing "Hair by Hat"...left my brush in the first albergue. So, washed my hair and put on my hat !