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    COVID Flight Cabin

    Would greatly appreciate folks' experience / observations in a 8~10 hour flight in terms of fellow passengers wearing masks or double-masks, seating tightly in their seats, going to washroom for a 8 ~ 10 hour flight. Did passengers wear mask, social distancing or ignore the requirements? Thanks,
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    Training walk in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    For folks look for trails for practice walks for CF and CP in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), I would recommend the Seaton Trail in Pickering and several trails within the Rouge National Urban Park, Scarborough. Please send me a personal message if information for these trails is needed.
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    Where is the steep and lengthen rocky (pebbles) descent?

    There was a long and steep down hill which path was covered with pebbles, may be around Pamplona, but not sure. Is this steep rocky (pebbles) descent near Alto del Perdon? Thanks for any pointers.
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    Model itineraries by Kumano Travel

    In search of information for planning Kumano Kodo pilgrim, a few model itineraries come up, which are rather comprehensive, thought it would be useful for some. The following one is the 6-days and 5-nights model...
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    Holy Year: 2021

    As there would be a surge of pilgrims in 2021, the holy year, the trail, hotels, etc. could be crowded. When planning a pilgrimage in the Holy Year, mid-May in 2021, what things one needs to be mindful of? Any pointers will be appreciated. Thanks, DF
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    Camino Portugues - Selection of Footwear, some thought

    Just completed the Camino Portugues in 11 days started at Porto. The weather was great between May 16 and 26, 2019. In these 11 days, 380,016 steps were recorded. These steps included steps going to bathroom, grocery stores, etc. There were three occasions I almost tweaked my left ankle on...
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    Ivar’s Office and restaurants

    Ivar’s Office is very close to a “farmers’ market “. There’s a “food court” of many seafood stands next to the farmers’ market. After paying a visit to Ivar, you may want to explore these markets for fresh food.
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    LIVE from the Camino Accessing the Cathedral’s dome

    I am currently in the SdC Cathedral and trying to access its Dome. Can someone advise me how to get up to the Dome? I have asked the Cathedral’s security guards, sales clerks in the gift shop, etc. No body can tell me. Thanks
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    Camino Portugues - Tui to O Porriño

    Yesterday we walked from Tui to O Porriño. There were two routes, the “original” and “Complementario” (sp). Although the Complementario (sp) is a bit longer (1.5 km?), it runs along a creek and in a forest-like environment. We walked on “dirt” trail. On the other hand, the “original” trail...
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    Foot wear - a thought or two to share

    Today is our 5th day on Caminho Português from Porto. The first day, we walked along the coast. The “trail” was mainly on boardwalk. My daily road running shoes. Once I reached the Central route, I had to wear trail running shoes. 90% of the trail covered were asphalt roads and uneven rock...
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    Breakfast in Barcelos

    I’m staying in Residencial Kuarenta&Um and having breakfast in the cafe right opposite to it. A breakfast with a large ok and toast with ham and cheese, good quality, is just 2 euro.
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    Medical care along Coastal and Central routes

    I will be walking the Coastal and Central routes starting mid-May. There are much information on medical care on Camino Francis (CF). #1 - Is the medical care on CP as (easily) accessible as on CF? #2 - How costly is it? Many thanks,
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    An Exhibition on Kumano Kodo in SdC

    Just come across this Exhibition, Exhibition Kumano Kodo: A pilgrimage through the ages, held in SdC. It might be of interests to some fellow pilgrims. Place: Museo das Peregrinacións en Santiago Address: Praza das Praterías. Santiago de Compostela Date: from January 24th until April 30th...
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    A day trip to Finisterre and Muxia

    The following thread dated around 7/2017. It provided much good information, but would like to know Our group has only 1 day for Finisterre and Muxia. We envy the folks who can sit on a rock by the...
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    Fountains for drinkable water on CP?

    There are some fountains providing drinkable water free of charge on Camino Francis (CF). Are there also such fountains in Camino Portugues (CP)? Your advice will be appreciated.
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    Albergue Seminario Menor and Hospederia San Martin Pinario

    I have been trying to reserve a room/bed in Hospederia San Martin Pinario and Alberque Seminario Menor on May 28, 2019 for one night since last May and today. Both places did/do not have room/bed available. I have no problem to reserve a room/bed on or before May 28, 2019. Could someone...
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    Companies for Luggage Transfer along CP

    Other than TuiTrans provides luggage transfer service on CP, would there be other companies too? If so, kindly provide their names too? There are many luggage transfer services companies on CF.
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    Location Indicator (?) for Smartphones

    Hello; I am looking for an app for IOS and Android smartphones indicating whereabout of my fellow group members while on the trail. Any advise will be much appreciated. A number of friends will walk on Camino Portugues next May. Among us, some are speed walkers, some are "snails", some are...
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    Hotels from Porto to SdC

    A group of 10 is planning to walk CP next May. Many of us can be awaken easily, they need private rooms and bath. We greatly appreciate your comment on the following hotels and suggestions for alternatives: Porto - Porta 33 Apartment Vila do Conde - Santana Hotel and Spa Barcelos -...
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    No room on May 28, 2019

    There is no room available in both Minor Seminary Hostel and Hospedería San Martín Pinario for May 28, 2019! (Tried to book the room through and also direct with the hostels.) #1 - Is there special event in SDC on that day or in the week? #2 - I am looking for private double-room...