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  1. susiemcc

    Couldn't do it

    Dear Ewy I admire you greatly. To be able to stand up and say that you don't know if you can do this takes a strong and brave person. Try not to be sad or upset with yourself. I believe what ever you decide to do will be the right thing for you. Stand tall, breathe deeply and allow your...
  2. susiemcc

    The last priests left Herbon -- but they are back!

    Stayed there in June 2015 and was certainly worth the detour.
  3. susiemcc

    Do I pack it, or don’t I?

    I take swimming costume that can double as underwear rather than other way around and then wear the T-shirt of the day as it will need washing anyway. After leaving half my pack contents in SdeC to walk to Finisterre last year I vowed to only ever walk with a 5kg weight in future (must remember...
  4. susiemcc

    Ferry Carminha to Spain

    Hot off the (Friday) we crossed the water! Ferry timetable said Saturday and Sunday only. As we looked at the ferry in dismay a young man (local) arrived who had walked the coastal route recently. He gave us the phone number of Captain Mario who will ferry people across the...
  5. susiemcc

    Trekking Poles

    Love my poles......tried not using them one day and felt the weight of my pack.....with them my body has a more fluid movement and for me they also reduce my body stress at the end of the day......I tend to use rubber stoppers most of the time....hate the click clack sound when people walk up...
  6. susiemcc

    Hi Ric I am heading to Europe next Thursday and wonder if you are around this coming week for a...

    Hi Ric I am heading to Europe next Thursday and wonder if you are around this coming week for a coffee? Susie
  7. susiemcc

    Who's Walking the Coastal Route in 2015?

    Hi Annie I am thinking of leaving from Lisbon around that date...when do you plan to arrive in Porto?
  8. susiemcc

    The EPW in 2015 !

    Thinking I will add this to my walking itinerary....looks wonderful......I will be walking alone on this adventure so has anyone registered and would like a walking companion as it would be great to share the journey.
  9. susiemcc

    Tasmanian pilgrims

    Hi Rick. Sounds great. I am currently in PNG and will return next week so will give you a call. Look forward to chatting.
  10. susiemcc

    Tasmanian pilgrims

    Now living in Hobart I am off to walk my 3rd Camino in June. Would love to chat (have a coffee) with anyone who has walked from Porto as my plans are formulating and all info and advice s relevant. Thanks
  11. susiemcc

    2015 - what month

    Hi Peregrina2000....sorry but couldn't find the way to PM...... My email is Thankyou Susie
  12. susiemcc

    2015 - what month

    Hi I am planning to walk from Lisbon to Santiago with a friend in 2015 and would love some feedback on what months are best to walk, any books, guides, stories I should read and any information you can offer. Thanks Susie
  13. susiemcc

    March or April?

    Hi Need some advice please as I am in the throws of decision making. Having walked fron SJPP to Santiago in 2010 and Le Puy-Velay to SJPP last year I am planning next years walk. My choices are Camino Portuguese or Camino del Norte. I therefore would love some feedback on walking from Lisbon in...
  14. susiemcc

    Address for sending parcel to SJPP

    Hi I am commencing walking from Le Puy on 15 September and expect to reach SJPP around 18 October. I want to send parcel (clothes) from Le Puy to SJPP to be available on my arrival. Can anyone advise details of where I can send it to? Many thanks Susie
  15. susiemcc

    Le Puy accommodation

    Hi I am flying from Australia in September and will need 2 nights in Le Puy before starting my walk. I want pilgrim accom, near the Cathedral. Can you recommend accom that will allow a 2 night stay? Also, is it the same in France as in Spain - 1 night and then move on? Thanks Susie
  16. susiemcc

    Le Puy Accommodation - Hope this is of use

    Hi Guy This is absolutely amazing. I am planning to walk Le Puy to SJPP in September this year and there is so little comprehensive information in English. I will study it in great depth. Thank you for sharing. Susie
  17. susiemcc

    Walking in May 2010

    I will be leaving SJPP 30 April - Preparation and gear nearly complete so one last (?) question from me - do you recommend thermal top and leggings and waterproof pants?
  18. susiemcc


    Thanks girls (and one guy I think) Great conversation, good practical advice and certainly one of the practicalities that I have been thinking about.
  19. susiemcc

    Walking in May 2010

    Hi Val Excellent, another Aussie on the Camino, a shame we won't connect. I am from Sydney (originate from Tassie - we moved here 11 years ago). I would also like to take this moment to say a huge thanks for all the wonderful advice so freely given. I have been able to get hold of the books...
  20. susiemcc

    Walking in May 2010

    Hi again My plan is to leave SJPP on Friday 30 April so would it be advisable to delay my departure for a few days because of the huge number of people who leave over the May day weekend?? - thoughts please as I don't want to have problems with finding pilgrim accommodation. Susie