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  1. Madrood

    Crossing the Sierra de Guadarrama; Madrid to Segovia vs Toledo to Ávila

    Hi all, Was glancing over the maps and thought about the possibility of extending the CdM to Toledo, but apparently this isn't a great idea due to having to navigate Madrid's (and Getafe etc) infrastructure. So the question then would be if you wanted to combine these two routes, which to cross...
  2. Madrood

    Can the Italian section of the VF be done on €35/day without camping?

    Hi all I was browsing across the threads for this route and I came across this guide, linked to by @Harington: Within the pdf, on the section about budgets, it contains the following: Italy: In Italy, you can walk nearly the entire route (with a...
  3. Madrood

    Can Geneva - Le Puy route be done on €35 per day without camping?

    Hi all I saw a post on the Le Puy forum where the posters daily cost was ~€33. Is this route more expensive than the Le Puy route? Thanks for any and all info.
  4. Madrood

    Do you care about continuity?

    Hi all I am guessing that most people here usually try to do a Camino from start to finish, either in one go or in stages. How do you feel about jumping around between different ones e.g. first half of the CF, second half of the Norte? Have you tried it? Did it 'feel' wrong, or completely...
  5. Madrood

    Comparing Ruta do Mar to the Primitivo from a cultural/historical point of view

    Hi all Currently planning on doing the VdlP + Salvador + Primitivo + Reverse Ingles, starting in March, and considered yesterday extending it southward on the Via Serrana to Gibraltar, then a little further to Tarifa which is the southernmost point in mainland Spain. So naturally I looked for...
  6. Madrood

    Ranking the Caminos for a first-timer

    Hi all, I started a thread in the Camino de Madrid sub-forum about whether to do that Camino or the CF, but after much helpful advice I've decided to restart the thread since I i) have a better idea of what I would like from a Camino now ii) think I didn't give other options enough...
  7. Madrood

    Finistere (FR) to Fisterra (ES)

    Hi everyone I am currently planning out my first camino, the CF. In trying to plan how I would get to SJP from Ireland, I considered the ferry to Roscoff, and from there started thinking about going from Finistere to Fisterra as a nice way to bookend things, first by public transport but then...
  8. Madrood

    Poll CdM vs CdF for a first timer in march.

    Hi everyone First of all, thanks for the body of knowledge you've build up over the years, it's been very helpful. I'm planning my first camino, and the default recommendation (taste in geography aside) for a long camino seems to be the Frances (from Zaragoza with Finisterre). But I notice...