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  1. James X

    Camino portuguese this week - Sept 13, 2021

    The route is presently just perfect Please feel free to follow pics on my Instagram Caminho_with_a_h
  2. James X

    LIVE from the Camino The Glorious Coastal Path

    Just looked at the photos on the blog - Your Photos Are Amazing And Illustrate The Beauty of Porto so Well Nice song by Bill - Lovely Day Indeed !
  3. James X

    Camino portuguese this week - Sept 13, 2021

    Good suggestion by Dilbin; Groze is a really good site ( just use the translate function in your browser ) it will show both the Central and Coastal Caminos and suggested stages but adapt as you see fit. I also recently came across Godesalco which is...
  4. James X

    Camino portuguese this week - Sept 13, 2021

    Also Starting on Monday This will be my fourth in Portugal 2 Centrals and 1 Partial Coastal (Varied between traditional route and Senda Litoral Back to do a 4th on Monday and plan to do the Central again Coastal is beautiful but I just prefer the Central - it's like meeting an old friend...
  5. James X

    Send luggage straight from Vigo to Santiago

    Have found Tuitrans brilliant before You'll need to find a drop off point in Vigo
  6. James X

    The Listening Walk - 6000 Miles (9656 Km’s) To Raise Awareness That There's Always Someone There / Samaritans

    I think we all know the benefit of a listening ear, be it here or life in general and whatever you are going through in life you should never be afraid to reach out This is David Matthews who is walking 6000 Miles (9656 Km’s) between all the 200 branches of Samaritans in the UK and Ireland. I...
  7. James X

    25 Habits of Successful and Happy People

    Great Post Robert 26 Grazas
  8. James X

    Braga to Santiago via an alternative way.

    I have just signed up to do my 4th Portuguese - this looks fabulous Hopefully I can do it in the future
  9. James X

    Redondela Train Stations

    I can’t stress this enough - for anybody taking a train out of Redondela for whatever reason there are 3 different stations there !! All with different connections/ services so make sure you get to the right one ! I'm not saying I went to the wrong one.... I have made a map of their names /...
  10. James X

    Camino portuguese this week - Sept 13, 2021

    Hi Dilbin, not travelling until October (hopefully) but happy to proffer any advice or help you need along the way (have done the Central twice and a portion of the Coastal once) Which do you intend to do after Porto ?
  11. James X

    Del Norte ? Frances ? Or Portuguese ?...Oh no it’s Ok I think I’ve made up my mind

    Del Norte ? Frances ? Or Portuguese ?... Oh no it’s Ok I think I’ve made up my mind Well I’m sitting here this evening and for the last week or two and this magnetic pull has been drawing me to the Camino (Caminho) and to catch some of the last Iberian sun of 2021 and fulfil and invigorate...
  12. James X


    What great advice
  13. James X

    How to feel like you are on the camino without leaving home

    And I thought I was the only one that ever posted clothes back home to myself ( insert embarrassed emoji )
  14. James X

    Tui - Redondela - Looking to break south of Redondela

    Hi - I walked the as part of my Caminho 2 years ago from Tui to Redondela - I ended up walking about 34KM's that day and it was a killer of a day. I am planning to retrace my steps next week (Early October) but not sure if I want to repeat another arduous day. Can anybody advise if there is...
  15. James X

    Just a little advice needed on the Coastal Option (Litoral / Coastal)

    Thanks Everybody I have mapped out my stages as below based on daily distances and I've seen lots of people get very in depth about whether to go the Coastal or Litoral routes and I have come to the conclusion that as they both appear to frequently converge at key stopover Towns / Villages...
  16. James X

    Not getting it

    Be kind to your self Mary - there were a couple of time I said to myself this is a load of bollocks but I seen something or met some people that changed my mind and had the odd laugh or seen the kindness or friendliness of a stranger. It sounds like the pressure of doing all the organising is...
  17. James X

    Coastal or Central, for best scenery?

    Also a host of blogs and photos in this section:
  18. James X

    Coastal or Central, for best scenery?

    I'm a novice so loathe to give advice..I did the Central Caminho from Ponte De Lima last year to SDC , there were some lovely stages on it - experiencing the Labruja and Coura valley between PDL and Rubiaes was lovely and also the Caldas and Padron stage. With not a scintilla of disrespect to...
  19. James X

    Sunrise Start at Ponte De Lima

    Looking back to catch this photo as the sun rises over the bridge in Ponte de Lima (8.15 am 12th October 2017) A beautiful omen as the sun endorses my journey at the very start of 8 great days - posting today as I plan my second and already getting the buzz from this great forum Thanks Everybody
  20. James X

    15 days on the Camino Portugues

    Sarit, I think the advice from Jcruzz is spot on - you should easily be able to walk from Porto to SDC in your time frame - I did the Central last year starting from the beautiful town of Ponte de Lima and 7 days and 152Km's later I was in SDC and took in some great spots along the way (Valenca...