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  1. rector

    You Tube Vlogs

    Hands up all those who are addicted to You Tube Vlogs Hands up if you find yourself shouting at them
  2. rector


    I have given my Neolithic rucksack to my grandson and it will help him to develop a fine physique like what his grandfather has and I bought a brand new Osprey 38l that has no holes, all its straps, and is half the weight of my old one and best of all had £40 knocked off the price! It also...
  3. rector

    Camino Phrases and Titles

    It may be my age, it may be the damage that I have absorbed during my time on this earth, but I sometimes get annoyed! Some of the random titles applied and phrases used about the Camino really annoy me. I here include a few for your honest appraisal. My Camino Family!!!!!!! The Camino will...
  4. rector

    Urban Myths

    Having nothing useful to do and after reading someone else saying that the purpose of the botafumeiro was to kill the smell of the pilgrims (which of course it must have by the way) can we have some of the other now accepted urban myths about out there.
  5. rector

    A Hard Question?

    As someone who considered himself a Pilgrim when I flew into Rome and considered himself a Pilgrim when I got the bus into Jerusalem, am I more or less of a Pilgrim when I walk into Santiago than someone who arrived by train, bus or aircraft. Or do I just have superiority problems?
  6. rector

    And The Wife Went SPLAT!

    It was Mid-May and in the office in St Jean we were told it is no go for the Napoleon, so it had to be Valcarlos. Now we have walked it before and I have said several times before on this forum, having walked both routes, the Napoleon is so much easier, especially in fine weather. So there we...
  7. rector

    aaargh! I have done it again HELP

    I don't know what came over me there I was watching the television with my lap top where it should be on my lap when suddenly I realised I had booked flights and accommodation and My wife, God help her, and I are off over those blasted Pyrenees once again, we will need a pair of knees if this...
  8. rector

    Now I know why so many travel from the USA to do the camino

    I have just booked three nights in New York and I have met City Tax ARG!
  9. rector

    Have you ever been humbled?

    Last year I started a thread about Cleanagrenos, those who start in Sarria. My reason was simple, after walking from St Jean we felt grubby and weather-beaten and seeing all those neatly clad pilgrims making their shorter journey filled us with angst. The only satisfaction we achieved was...
  10. rector

    LIVE from the Camino Cleanagrenos

    Last night sitting in Sarria beside the river my wife andI watched as clean people with lovely suitcases walked by. They had pilgrim staffs and clean, new clothes,, putting us to shame, we felt like tramps. Tonight in Portomarrin they are walking about as if it was the Costa del Sol and our 5...
  11. rector

    LIVE from the Camino Mamils

    Are some Mamils (Middle aged men in Lycra) dangerous to pilgrims? To day while walking between Fromista and Carrion on that long straight path that runs along the road, which has a cycle lane we were almost run over by 4 or 5 groups of cyclists on the pilgrim path on one occasion, on he only...
  12. rector

    LIVE from the Camino In Punta La Reina Second Time Round

    Several months ago Rebekah intimated that a second camino experience is different from the first and so it is. Here are some of the things that we have already noticed. 1 Route de Napoleon is no harder than Valcarlos we did one hour quicker and the views were wonderful. 2 We are not pilgrims as...
  13. rector

    Almost there!

    Dublin Sunday, SJ Monday, Over the top Wenesday. Two weeks ago my wife popped her knee and we have held our breath since, lots of rest and a hard test yesterday up a very steep escarpment outside Belfast and we are good to go, and the weather forcast is good although it looks like it is going to...
  14. rector

    Have we started our camino?

    Yesterday we drove from Belfast to Dublin and walked to St James Church and the Guinness Storehouse. We had our credentials stamped with three different stamps for our camino next month. My question, is aimed at the experts, those with learned and informed opinions. We had to drive the one...
  15. rector

    Keen Sandals

    We set out from St Jean in exactly 8 weeks time. Last time on the Frances our boots got soaked outside Estella and took 5 days to dry out and so we decided that this time we would have a pair of multi purpose sandles and thought that Keens would be a good choice, but now we are not so sure. Does...
  16. rector

    Have you had a sense of the Holy on your camino

    As this is a fairly sensitive bunch I ask the question where was the place which gave you the sense of the Holy? what ever that may mean to you
  17. rector


    She who must be obeyed and is going on her second Frances with me in May wants to know where she can get Camino type tattoo, before she gets her pension in September.