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    Transferring photos from camera card to iphone 4

    Hi Ellen, Have had problems with iPhone/iPad on facetime and Skype, remedy was to install the free latest IOS upgrade. Maybe your problem could be solved by ensuring that you have the latest IOS. Have not used the Apple devices for mobile photo/video taking and photo transfers as Samsung is the...
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    To Book? (Hotels and Motels)

    Wifi is available at nearly all hotels but some hotel modems has a limited range and those on the upper floors or at the end of corridors will receive a very weak (if any) signal. It could be solved with them installing a Euro 50 router. The easiest solution is to go down to the reception or...
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    Camino Ingles in 11 Days

    I stayed there in August last year and although there were no cafeteria nearby I was served a wonderful menu del dia by the mother of the manager. One could jump on the bus which stops opposite the hotel to go back to the town for a meal and buy provisions then come back by bus. There is a...
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    Advise on going to Fatima Shrine from Santiago

    lettienets wrote: So carry your lunch for the ride There are regular rest and meal breaks on the long distance Spanish buses and I remember that eating, smoking, and drinking on board was discouraged, check first.
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    LIVE from the Camino August 2013 Compostelas

    indyinmaine wrote Does one stay away so as not to engulf those many people which indyinmaine says are searching for solitude? Johnny Walker's figures of over a thousand pilgrims a day are only for those who walks up his office to get a Compostela, it has been estimated that there are as many...
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    Physical maps of route

    The starting point from Ferrol given by Johnny Walker on his widely read guide with map he extracted for the Camino Ingles has changed because of the closure of a street. This route has been amended on the official Plano Ferrol issued by the Information Office of Ferrol. I had thought of...
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    Photo gallery - Camino Frances May 2013

    Thanks Bill for your very practical advises, and coming from a keen experienced professional photographer these comments carry great weight. I particularly like your separation of what a snap (all good to show families and friends) is from a photograph. I agree with you on the limitations of...
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    Photo gallery - Camino Frances May 2013

    Thanks Bill for sharing your technical expertise on this forum, I particularly appreciate your final paragraph which sums up admirably what a camera on the Camino is for: Joe
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    Blackberry from South Africa

    Re: Blackberry from South Africa Wonderful to have such a positive feedback, have a Buen Camino!
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    Filters on library computers

    Laurie I fully agree with kiwi-family and you are providing a most helpful, knowledgeable and balanced views on this forum. I can only compare you with sillydoll who was my guiding light during my first Camino, seems both you and her are on the Camino right now? Maybe a bit late on your...
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    Blackberry from South Africa

    Re: Blackberry from South Africa riatolken, You wrote I tried to answer your question by finding out what series of the BB Bold you are carrying as they range from the basic 7100 series to the latest 9700 series. Benefits for me would be, as for you, and to 99% of those who leave loved ones...
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    Blackberry from South Africa

    Re: Blackberry from South Africa piogaw has given a detailed explanation of how to start using an unlocked BB in Spain and the most cost effective method of messaging home. You did not specify which Blackberry model you are taking with you. The older model BB's were locked into their own...
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    Pre paid mobile phone SIM card?

    Annie wrote: IMHO if you are used to using a regular phone and use a laptop for internet connection you could find it more useful to change to an unlocked smartphone with a local prepaid SIM card to do the work of the regular phone and a laptop to keep in contact with your family. The other...
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    camino ingles or camino portuges?

    JMarshall wrote: There seem to be two ways to start the Camino Ingles from London to earn the Compostela. One is to fly to A Coruna and bus/walk to Ferrol. The other is to fly to Santiago and catch a bus to Ferrol. Then walk the 100+ KM from Ferrol to Santiago to "qualify" for the...
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    Free calls, text and picture sharing with anyone, anywhere!

    The technical and cost aspects of 3G for US phones is covered very well by everyday users on this forum: 3G/4G coverge Postby mustbjones on 11 Feb 2013, 22:18 Is the 3G/4G coverage very good on the Camino, or is France/Spain all gone LTE? The title of this thread is "Free calls", using 3G...
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    Wellington Camino photo exhibition

    Any plans for showing this in Christchurch?
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    Post-Santiago: Fatima or Madrid?

    Camino 2014, I having visited both places and agree with the two persons who have responded. There are regular, convenient, and cheap buses (coaches) from Santiago to Fatima with stops at many interesting places, and ends in Lisbon. As a Catholic you will find the experience of Fatima very...
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    My Camino 2013 Blog

    Hi Jennybelle, Thanks for your lovely descriptive blog, your forthcoming blogs will be read with interest as you have such a happy and informative way of projecting your experience. You will be able to blog easily on the Camino if you read and follow the plentiful technical advise from those...
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    Re: Clothing Socks as Gloves lettienets wrote: I was presented with Merino wool hiker socks, it is socks with three layers, the middle layer is of merino wool. It has no toe seam so it is very comfortable. This incidentally is designed in Spain, the website is I...
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    Ending in Santiago DC - want to travel to Fatima (bus/train/

    Hi TricieSue. We took the ALSA bus from Lisboa to Santiago DC,the first stop was Fatima. You will find they have a very comprehensive website in English. Be aware the taxis at the bus station in Santiago DC will try to rip you off, you can however walk to most places from the bus station but...