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  1. AlanB

    Doing the Camino by bus and taxi

    I managed to get a bus from Navarette to Najera when I did my ribs. Monday morning I think. About 10amish. Bus stop is just of the camino on the way out of town on the main drag.Tourist office next to the church was very helpful
  2. AlanB

    New Eroski guide for the Salvador

    Can't wait to walk this camino. Should be in Leon in 3 weeks time (start on Monday from St Jean. My only worry/conceren is getting lost but that said, it's all part of the fun!
  3. AlanB

    Incident after Baamonde

    It's on the Camino del Norte
  4. AlanB

    6 Words

    One foot in front of another
  5. AlanB

    Six days from SJPP?

    Logrono is very do-able for a half-decent walker. So many variables though.
  6. AlanB

    Which Camino?

    I walked in July 2015.It was great. Yes it's hot and I'm northern European but it's beautiful. Really, there were only a couple of days where water was an issue. Again, the solitude was wonderful and the locals were very welcoming of the foreign fool. Most of the villages in Andalucia/...
  7. AlanB

    Which Camino?

    Don't be put off the VDLP because of he heat. Spain in August is hot everywhere and the solitude of the route is very spiritual
  8. AlanB

    LIVE from the Camino Buy earplugs if the snoring annoys you...

    It's a foregone conclusion. Sleep in albergues...people snore. Simple...unavoidable. What is absolutely avoidable is packing your pack in the morning and thinking you are quiet. You're not! It is impossible to put plastic bags into a backpack silently..IMPOSSIBLE.Take the bag out of the dorm...
  9. AlanB

    How much training do we really need?

    It's very difficult to train for walking 30km days repetitively without walking 30km days repetitively. If your lifestyle allows then a few good hilly walks with a backpack is great. I've walked several caminos (including del Norte) and I always find the first few days fairly hard. However I am...
  10. AlanB

    Best Routes on Norte

    Agree with Jan. I loved the stretch from Irun to Gernika and through to Bilbao
  11. AlanB

    Can you send bags to or have bags picked up from Municipals?

    It's not a god question .No pun intended
  12. AlanB

    Can you send bags to or have bags picked up from Municipals?

    It's a god question. I've never seen bags delivered to municipals but often to privados. I think this is because having a bag delivered my be construed as making a reservation and that is verboten in municipals.
  13. AlanB

    Santiago to Finisterre and Muxia end of May

    I got lost between Finisterre and Muxia. I should qualify this by saying that I have walked many days on various caminos and regularly get lost.It is fairly well marked. I have come to accept this experience. Lires to Muxia was no problem. I tried to walk from Muxia back to Oliveria but after 4...
  14. AlanB

    Leon to Santiago in 2 Weeks?

    Just checked y old guide book for this info. I felt quite a bit stronger when I got to Leon Leon Hospital De Obrigo Rabanal Ponferrada Vega Del Valcarce Fonfria Barbadelo Airexe Arzua Santiago The long stretches weren't planned as such. This was in July and after Sarria we hit the crowds...
  15. AlanB

    Surviving in the Heat

    I agree with the above.I walked the VDLP in July and had a few scary moments. Never speed up near the end. Sometimes the anticipation makes you speed up at 2.30pm-ish. Don't .Just about did me in. Make yourself drink water. Force yourself if need be. And really, if it is too hot, then set off in...
  16. AlanB

    Warm welcome?

    21-23 days is very do-able on foot. I walked 40km days 2 years ago and thought that I would lose sight of pilgrims that I had met before. Not at all. There are a number of people who don't fancy finishing by lunchtime.
  17. AlanB

    Thinking of doing Frances - Salvador - Primitvo

    I thought about Orisson but I wouldn't mind avoiding Pamplona on the 6th.Lets meet in St Jean
  18. AlanB

    Thinking of doing Frances - Salvador - Primitvo

    I'm also planning to do this. I'll leave ST Jean on 4th July. Had planned to do it last year but took another variation. I think I just wanted an excuse to go back this year.
  19. AlanB

    ATM Machines Between Burgos and León

    Most of the café/bars will help you out with a cashback scenario.Buy a coffee and charge it to the card. Ask for cash. Never had a problem with that.
  20. AlanB

    ATM Machines Between Burgos and León

    I never found the ATM in Molinesca, although when I asked a kind gentleman gave me some mixed nuts. Very generous. After Burgos, Fromista, Carrion Sahagun. Ami missing one?