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  1. rlr9200

    March 2019 Camino Coastal - weather/accomodations

    Anyone who has done a coastal Camino in March, please let me know about weather/accommodations and the like... is this an ok time for a walk???
  2. rlr9200

    Another Backpack recommendation request

    < * Stratos(male) & Sirrus(womens) > The only thing I would add to this is that, depending on height and fit, I don't think the male/female versions are set in stone. When we fitted, since my wife is considered tall (5'9") the REI fitter found the Stratos was the better fit for her. And that...
  3. rlr9200

    Another Backpack recommendation request

    I love my Stratos 50L. And I agree, it is "small" for a 50L, but holds all I ever need. Only once have I ever been told that I had to check it - flying KLM from Amsterdam to Hamburg. The gate agent was in a bad mood and wouldn't take "yes" for an answer no matter how many times I told him...
  4. rlr9200

    What's the deal with Vigo?

    Thank you Albertinho. Your insightful posts provided us with so much information when we were planning our Camino Ingles, and I truly appreciate reading your words of advice. I'm sure with all the help from this group of fellow pilgrims we will have an amazing experience on the Portugues just...
  5. rlr9200

    What's the deal with Vigo?

    I have seen a couple of different threads with comments like, "I didn't enjoy the walk entering Vigo," or "be careful entering and leaving Vigo." Is this a safety issue (traffic, or otherwise) or a waymarking issue (difficult to find), or what? Is there something that needs to be explained...
  6. rlr9200

    Help with Portuguese Coastal Way

    Where can I find information on market days? That sounds like a great piece of the experience!
  7. rlr9200

    ‘Senda da Orla Litoral’ or ‘Caminho da Costa’ along the Portuguese coast

    You have asked the very question I have been researching! Thank you. My wife and I are planning this for next summer and I will look forward to watching the responses here on this thread.
  8. rlr9200

    Route with most nature and least asphalt

    Thank you. It looks beautiful. But, yes, we are doing this as a pilgrimage to SDC, but the beauty of the walk is a benefit!
  9. rlr9200

    17 June 2016

    I wore my Lowa Renegades (low, not boot) on the Ingles last summer and they were great. But I was wondering if the Portugues (we are planning for the Coastal next summer) wouldn't be more suited to walkers/trail shoes...and yes, it is a personal choice, but like the OP, I am just looking for...
  10. rlr9200

    What percentage of the Coastal Route is roadway vs boardwalk/along the water walking?

    I've read varying reports, some older, some more recent. I suspect this route has been evolving, as do they all. Can anyone give me a current description of the walking surfaces, conditions, or just general advice before undertaking this route? I suspect we will embark on a 10-11 day...
  11. rlr9200

    Route with most nature and least asphalt

    Did you take the Coastal Route from Porto? We are planning for that route next year and I was hoping it was more of a walk along the waterfront. And for those above in this thread, yes, I know it is a Camino...but I don't think there is anything wrong with looking for a pleasing route for a...
  12. rlr9200

    Ferrol to Pontedeume

    We did the Ingles last June and walked to Neda for the first stage. Then Neda to Pontedeume. I thought at the time, walking it in one stage would certainly have been doable. A few small slopes, that are longer than steep, but mostly level. We stopped at the beach just before entering...
  13. rlr9200

    Beginning to plan for next summer...

    I am in the early stages of planning to walk the Coastal Route from Porto with my wife next summer. We did our first Camino this past June - the Ingles. I am searching through various posts and am starting to put together an itinerary (either 10 or 11 days, with maybe some flexibility to...
  14. rlr9200

    Coastal Route in 10 days?

    @Jeff Crawley, What was the issue with Vigo?
  15. rlr9200

    Too Quiet

    My wife and I also like walking in solitude...while we certainly enjoy talking with pilgrims at cafes and having a cup of coffee, walking is very meditative and we relish the chance to soak in the beauty of the surroundings. We hope to do the Coastal Route from Porto next June! Buen Camino...
  16. rlr9200

    Help with Portuguese Coastal Way

    I hate to be one of the "me too" crowd, but PLEASE, ME TOO! If I can get a copy of maps, accommodations that would be a great jump start to planning our 2nd Camino. Last year the Ingles, and in June 2017, Portugues from O'Porto! Email: Thanks!
  17. rlr9200

    Sello in Ferrol?

    Just to add, we got our first sello at the Parador before embarking. Very convenient. Buen Camino!
  18. rlr9200

    Men's Underwear Thread, anti-chafe/pro-support (NSFL 'not safe for ladies')

    Exoficio. Period. End of sentence.
  19. rlr9200

    Our Camino Ingles - June 15-21

    What Albertino said... ;)