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    Accomodations from Carcassonne to Lourdes

    Felipe, do you actually have such a list that you could share? My husband and I (plus 2 of my sisters) are planning this trip for September this year, and having the same issues. Would love to hear your experience with lodging, and if you could share your accommodation list! Thanks, Tina
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    COVID Need for daily Covid tests in Portugal?

    We have been in Portugal about 18 days now, staying at a different hotel just about that many times as we are walking the Camino from Lisbon. Most of the hotel or Albergue hosts have asked to see our CDC vaccination certificate, no one has asked us to take a test.
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    Camino portuguese this week - Sept 13, 2021

    Sounds good, we’re heading out of town about 6:30 in the morning but we’re slow and take breaks 😉
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    Camino portuguese this week - Sept 13, 2021

    I hope we get to meet up along the way. In fact, tonight we could meet for coffee if you’d like, near the Santiago church, but we’ve already had an early dinner.
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    Camino portuguese this week - Sept 13, 2021

    Hello Daniel. My husband and I, plus one more American couple, are departing Coimbra tomorrow morning also. We will be heading up to Mealhada to spend the night and the next night our plan is to be staying in Agueda. Our lodging in Mealhada is Residencial Pinho Verde, and it’s Agueda Hostel &...
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    Money exchange - current rates

    I got the Wise app but didn’t know there was actually a card that goes with it.
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    Money exchange - current rates

    This one confuses me because when I was asked whether to accept the conversion or to charge in euros, I said no to accepting conversion and the ATM said no to giving me money. So I was only able to do it by accepting the conversion. So it sounds like the ATMs should also give you money when you...
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    Backpack courier service along Camino Portugues?

    Thank you Tincatinker - it looks like the service is only available from Porto onwards with Tuitrans, or only as part of the complete package with Camino Ways. We plan to carry our backpacks ourselves, but would just like to have some idea if an alternative is available should we need it...
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    Backpack courier service along Camino Portugues?

    We are starting out next week from Lisbon to walk the Camino Portuguese! But I am starting to wonder if there might be some days where we will feel incapable of carrying our bags, what is the alternative in Portugal? I know in Spain the correo service will take the bags for a small fee and...
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    O Cebreiro albergue

    I hope you have written a book because I want to read it!!
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    COVID Camino Portugués during covid

    My husband and I will also be walking the Camino from Lisbon, starting on 30 August. We’re going to take it slow, so perhaps we will run into you! Bom Caminho
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    Detour to Braga

    MQB, I realize this has been awhile, but would you happen to remember if the trail from Braga to Ponte de Lima passed by any villages where accommodations could be found? We are preparing to walk this path, and can't find the route anywhere - we want to break it into two days, but we're not...
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    COVID COVID Notice for staying in hotels and restaurants in Portugal

    I've been asking pilgrims who are on the Camino Portugues now, and they're telling me that it's possible to message the lodging establishments in advance and find out if they'll accept the CDC vaccination card. In fact, they also say that most of the lodgings are accepting it.
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    COVID COVID Notice for staying in hotels and restaurants in Portugal

    I have also been watching this situation closely, as my husband and I are preparing to embark on 30 Aug, starting from Lisbon, on the Camino Portuguese. According to several posts I've seen from various pilgrims, the albergues/hostels where they've stayed have been accepting the U.S. paper CDC...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the CP from Lisbon

    This looks remarkably like the hat I ended up ordering!
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    Sept-Oct 2021: Camino Portugues & Muxia/Finnisterre

    Sept-Oct 2021: Camino Portugues & Muxia/Finnisterre
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the CP from Lisbon

    Yes, probably would make more sense to use a small umbrella, except my hands will be occupied with walking sticks (I will use them on the flat paths also to take some of the pressure off my artificial knee). But I'm leaning toward just the good sun hat, anyway, even though this umbrella hat...
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    Man arrested for triple homicide while walking Camino !!!

    Maybe he was using the Camino as penance, as they did back in the Middle Ages.
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the CP from Lisbon

    We are preparing to start the Camino from Lisbon on 30 August, and I'm also concerned about the heat. I've ordered a nice sunhat, but - don't laugh - I'm considering an umbrella hat, it seems like it would be better at deflecting the sun. Not sure I will, because it's more to carry, but can...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the CP from Lisbon

    On google maps, it actually shows a walking path that is only 7.5 km between Alpriate & Sleep in Bucelas - but that's still too long at the end of a day - I'm sure we'll be looking for that taxi!