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  1. Debora

    Arriving in St. Jean before April 1.

    Beilari - place to stay 1st night in St. Jean Pied de Port
  2. Debora


    "the Albergue didn't give a damn, the local police shrugged their shoulders" This is very disappointing. The Albergue should care and the police should try to do something because Spain and many of their citizens rely on the money/income that comes from the pilgrims. If it became too dangerous...
  3. Debora

    Hazard Emergency rescue QR code before Zubiri descent

    May 19, 2019 I walked from St. Jean Pied de Port to Orisson in a very strong rain storm, completely soaked and so glad we had a room in Orisson. I was just wondering if that was the same time you were walking to Zubiri? Walking with the water....good advice.
  4. Debora

    Non-EU immigration - Madrid airport.

    The reason I stayed in Ireland 1 night was to help with jet lag and because the timing for the Ryanair flight out and my United flight in was 1 day difference. Ryan air only flies to Biarritz certain days (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays). I'm waiting to see when the restrictions are lifted. I...
  5. Debora

    Non-EU immigration - Madrid airport.

    No problem. The name of the hotel I stayed at in Dublin was Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport. It was clean and inexpensive with restaurant and a bus stops nearby to take you to downtown. When are you thinking of going? Buen Camino!
  6. Debora

    Non-EU immigration - Madrid airport.

    The Ryanair flight had mostly pilgrams (you could tell because of how they were dressed and the backpacks) and most of them carried on their packs. I made friends with a few pilgrams in the airport and saw them many times throughout the walk.
  7. Debora

    Non-EU immigration - Madrid airport.

    I did have a one way ticket back from SDC to Dublin used Iberia air and it went through Madrid airport with a quick layover...again cost was about $100. Yep...I had a round trip ticket to Dublin from Pitts. On my way back I also stayed one night in Dublin in a hotel by airport which had free...
  8. Debora

    Non-EU immigration - Madrid airport.

    I flew from Pitts to Newark and then straight to Dublin. I stayed one day and explored Dublin and the next day I flew from Dublin on Ryanair straight to Biarritz FR (flight was about 1 hour). I used taxi service Express Bourricot that took me from airport straight to SJPP (taxi ride was about 40...
  9. Debora

    Le Puy to Santiago: a few random thoughts

    Richmond - Is the Le Puy to SJPP a safe walk for a woman on her own?
  10. Debora

    Non-EU immigration - Madrid airport.

    Eve: Where are you flying from? The states?
  11. Debora

    Non-EU immigration - Madrid airport.

    Agree with this. Dublin was always a great experience for me. The person checking your passport was always in a good mood...even funny.
  12. Debora

    Discouraged in Florida

    Walking 8 miles at home is like walking 16 miles on the Camino because you just do it. Once I was standing at the bottom of a hill and looking up and almost about to cry because I was worn out and this dear German pilgrim noticed me and said very sweetly to me, "You have to keep going because...
  13. Debora

    I should have lived the moment

    I have felt the same way in the past and eventually I learned to say this to myself... "It doesn't matter...get better." We are always getting better. We may never master it...but we will always be getting better.
  14. Debora

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    What was the name of the place in Santiago that you loved so much?
  15. Debora

    who knew it would cost so much!

    Try this: NZ to Dublin. I just looked up flights in Nov and one example: Emirates $1184 in 27.5 hours R/T. Then take RyanAir to Biarritz Airport (about $75). Then use taxi service (about $20 each) which will drive you to St. Jean Pied de Port about 45 min. away...
  16. Debora

    Walking the CF for the Second Time?

    I walked CF in May 2016 and will again this May. When I got home from my first camino I realized I didn't pay close enough attention. I was looking to get to the destination more than enjoying the journey of getting there. This time I know I will have a much more "stay in the moment" approach...
  17. Debora

    Albergue passport

    Welcome brother. I hope you decide to walk the Le Puy. It will be beautiful.
  18. Debora

    What do you do with your bag once you're at your destination?

    I was traveling with 2 other people. so, that helped. If I showered they stayed in the room with my backpack. However, keep in mind that all pilgrims help each other out and watch for people doing something suspicious. If even one pilgrim is in the room your stuff is probably safe because no one...
  19. Debora

    "Ghosted" by a pilgrim friend

    Sometimes I read a book and it's so good that I'm sad when I'm finished. I slip it up on a shelf and every once in a while I walk by the shelf and smile. And if anyone ever asks me about the book...I say, "It was so good. I loved it!" Forever I will have a fondness in my heart for it...because...