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    Yes it is this one.Thanks
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    I think it is that one.
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    The one i was looking for had a nativity theme?
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    There are a small number of songs in spanish with music that keep on turning up in you tube camino videos. I am trying to find these . Any help appreciated.
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    My passport number is judged as being invalid

    I forgot to mention that my passport has 2 letters and 8 digits and worked ok using the above information.
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    My passport number is judged as being invalid

    We booked alsa tickets today and had to contact them as we had difficulty booking online. 1. Make sure that the word passport is highlighted in the appropriate box . 2. It is best to pay by paypal if you have a non spanish card. Doing the above we were successful.
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    Google maps route

    I found it in the Coastal Camino from Lisbon forum under Map of the Portuguese Coastal Route
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    Google maps route

    Thanks for that. The one i was looking for went through Vigo.
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    Google maps route

    I am trying to find a recent post that gave a google map with the coastal route marked on it. I did not bookmark it and can not now find it on the forum. Can anyone help?
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    Mud and more mud

    There is a large section of very muddy paths between Gernika and Bilbao. As a result this section requires great care and you may consider avoiding it.
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    LIVE from the Camino Kanga hopping

    We have enjoyed your blog and photos. We are walking from Irun on Wednesday 20th May going as far as Bilbao. Looking forward to it especially now having seen how lovely it is.
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    Biarritz Airport to Hendaye/Irun

    We are going to walk over into Irun and then walking on to Bilbao as we only have one week.
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    Biarritz Airport to Hendaye/Irun

    Is there a bus or train from Biarritz airport to Hendaye/Irun ?
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    Bilbao Airport to Irun/Hendaye

    Is there a bus or train from Bilbao Airport to Hendaye/Irun ?
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    Getting a bag carried on Irun to Bilbao

    I want to get a bag carried on for some of the earlier stages between Irun and Bilbao. I have e mailed le ptit bag but have had no reply. Has anyone used them or any other company or havr any contact details ?
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    Wind then snow at Roncesvalles

    Have a look at the O Cebreiro webcam. Looks like a lot of snow.
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    Snow at O Cebreiro ----- Winter Photos

    Noticed some snow on webcam last Saturday. Any winter photos from the Camino ?
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    crazy september

    Ifyou want peace and quiet on the Camino break away from the Brierley stops. Last September when the Camino was very busy we either walked on or stopped short of the Brierley stops and as a result met very few pilgrims---only 3 others one day. If there are villages you wish to stay in then be...
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    4 pm Bus from Santiago Airport to Lugo

    We have got the 4.10 bus from the airport to Lugo twice. Once it was full and the driver phoned for a second bus which arrived 15 mts. later.
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    Santiago Airport to Leon

    We are flying to Santiago Airport in October and getting a bus to Lugo. We plan to stay in Lugo and then bus it to Leon. Looking at the Alsa website it shows a bus leaving Lugo at 07.10 but when i input our date Friday 17 October only a 10.30 bus is showing. Are the earlier buses booked ...