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    On the walk at lograño and shocked at the no. of people!

    we are at the beginning of the camino (logrono) and are amazed at the # of pilgrims. People are taking buses i think in order to get a room. People waiting at noon to get a room. We are wondering if it's going to be like this forthe rest of the month. If it is we might go on a different...
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    Albergue or pilgrim friendly lodging near Pamplona bus stati

    Thanks. Do you think they need to make a reservation...they arrive middle of next week.
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    St. Jean pied de port lodging

    Looking for a cool lodging for 4 in st. Jean....anyone rec one? Merci!
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    Albergue or pilgrim friendly lodging near Pamplona bus stati

    My daughter and friend are staying over in Pamplona one night before they continue on the bus the next day to st jean. Does anyone know of a nice alburgue or reasonably priced pilgrim friendly hotel near the bus station and how do they get to it. Their first time in Europe and although one...
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    how to get from pamplona to st.jean

    how to get from pamplona bus station to st. jean. end of aug 2012. thanks. coming in from madrid airport. hear there are many buses to pamplona from airport? then what?
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    best french cell phone company for le puy route

    i am getting ready to go on le puy camino and would like to know which cell phone company works best on this route. I am wanting to buy their sim card.....would also love to buy it online before i go if possible.....less work to do when i get there.....finding a store in a strange land can be...
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    Language Translation Apps and Technology

    Does anyone know of a great language translation app? one for a cell phone? other info on other devices would be fine too. I am doing France and Spain walk, then visiting Morocco.
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    European electric socket

    do i need a different adaptor for my kindle, camera, and smartphone so i can recharge them? or do i have to go to the company that makes the item and get one for each of them? This really makes me want to downsize if I have to get a different one for each.
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    NEW! Revised Techno Geek’s Guide to the Camino

    Re: Techno Geek’s Guide to the Camino thank you for help. what i don't understand is yes, now if i have found a used smartphone how do i get it working? (i would like to have a translation app and i want to use it for reservations in france because you really need to call ahead.) first...
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    NEW! Revised Techno Geek’s Guide to the Camino

    Re: Techno Geek’s Guide to the Camino I am looking for a translation app. that speaks out the translation. I have heard they exist. Also, I do not have a smartphone so any suggestions would be appreciated. I am walking the le puy and the frances starting in july and i am having a hard time...
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    thanks for all your help. found a cheap one on will have to do! what i am wondering now is do i need to make a reservation on the le puy train? there is only one direct one each day and if i do need to make a reservation where do i go to make it and if i miss it do i get...
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    does anyone know of cheap lodging near the lyon train station that is going to le puy?
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    portugal camino more wild?

    hi, i'm on the camino frances as we speak and after it would like to do a road more this one more in the woods?
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    post office address on camino

    help leaving for camino manana and then to didn't come...wondering where i could have it sent...address down the road
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    Directions:Madrid to Roncevalles

    The bus to Pamplona does not work out with my schedule, but i heard that you can take the Continental Autobus to San Sebastian...stay the nite and then in morn take a bus to Bayonne and then to St. Jean. seems easier than going thru Pamplona. Does anyone know about this way and where do i get...
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    Directions:Madrid to Roncevalles

    i am arriving into madrid about 11 am on a i have time to get to roncevalles that day or do i stay the night at Pamplona , then next day to Roncevalles? also do i take a subway (is that the metro?) from Midrid airport to ? and then get what bus? would like a fast but inexpensive...
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    last min guide needed

    help. only 2 weeks left and don't think i can get 09 guide in time and bookstore on-line not working well...can i get this guide in madrid? or ... I live in America and guides here seem too old.
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    Getting back to Toulouse

    How does one,cheaply, get back to Toulouse and fly home. found a great cheap ticket to Toulouse from U.S. but wonder if it is cheaper to get around in spain, than france....also if i fly to Madrid it is in the middle of road so going back is not as many miles and maybe cheaper.....? the cheap...