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  1. J

    Called to the Camino

    I know I had an inexplicable call to walk a Camino. It came seemingly out of nowhere and was so compelling that I felt I had no choice not to do it. It was a struggle to find the money at that time to fly from Australia, but fortunately my husband tuned into my insistence and we travelled to...
  2. J

    John Grisham book

    I very much enjoyed Sinning Across Spain by Australian author Ailsa Piper. She walks the Camino Mozarabe from Granada, carrying the written burdens of people's 'sins' that they wished to repent, much in the medieval tradition. She also references an earlier Camino Francés. A well written account.
  3. J

    Mozarabe at Easter

    I can only speak for Santa Semana in Córdoba but the procession through the streets and into the Mosque-Cathedral was an awe-inspiring experience. We had a good position close to the Cathedral doors but anywhere along the route would be spectacular. Even if you can't find accommodation in the...
  4. J

    Spanish Camino Music - Selection No: 1

    My Camino music moment was not from another pilgrim (which would drive me nuts - why do people feel they need to share their music?) But then I'm one of those introverts!). No, it was a spiritual experience not far out of Padrón. As we walked we could hear magnificent choral music ahead. Not too...
  5. J

    Taking water on the coastal Portuguese Camino

    Can only agree although a few places were still closed in May off-season, no problems finding food, drink, and places to pee.
  6. J

    I Need starting advice from Porto

    We spent several days in Porto before we started on the coastal / Senda Littoral route. After getting the Cathedral stamp we took advantage of the glorious May weather and walked along the river to Matosinhos, then caught the metro back for a last night in beautiful Porto. First thing next...
  7. J

    Why No Public WCs along the Caminos?!?

    We also walked the Portuguese Senda Litoral in a May and I have a very low bladder threshold. Availability of facilties were a major concern from the very beginning. It was still low season and the few public toilets near a beach were locked. But somehow I managed by seizing opportunities. The...
  8. J

    Free medical treatment for pilgrims?

    I needed hospital treatment of about 6 hours in Vigo on the way to Santiago. I gave Ausyralian travel insurance details on admission and was not required to pay anything on discharge. The treatment was excellent. I advised the insurance company of the treatment and hospital details the same day...
  9. J

    Not what I expected but...

    I am glad that things have improved for you Matt since saying that you thought your Camino purpose might be revealed later. I just wanted to say that minne was; seven months later when I became critically ill and only my fitness, according to the doctors, saved my life. Why was I so much fitter...
  10. J

    How accessible and frequent are bathrooms on the Camino?

    There has been a lot of discussion on Facebook groups (and probably here too) about a litter problem on the various routes as many people just discard the tp. I have a weak bladder so knew I'd be needing to go frequently but in early May the Portuguese coastal was very light on with few open...
  11. J

    What did you bring on the Camino that you wound up not using?

    Wish I'd brought a broad spectrum antibiotic as 7 days of rain on the Portuguese coastal led to bronchtis. With a high temp I knew I needed to nip the infection as soon as possible. I was unable to purchase any over the counter in Vigo and was directed to a teaching hospital quite some distance...
  12. J

    Camino Portugues after "my hardest Camino"

    Your wonderful attitude after such trials is inspiring and I am sure you will have a wonderful Camino. We did the coastal in 2016 (advanced ages, both) and it will never be forgotten. I do wonder about the salt tabs though. In my childhood (as I said a long time ago), they were standard fare to...
  13. J

    ‘Senda da Orla Litoral’ or ‘Caminho da Costa’ along the Portuguese coast

    We walked this route in May 2016. It is very beaitiful. I have photos and information on my blog which might be of interest, especially my reflection on what we found useful to take. Or not! That post is titled Practicalities. Bom Caminho!
  14. J

    To blog, or not to blog

    On reflection, I blogged our Camino for three main reasons. Initially, it was to keep friends and family informed of our journey, But as the Caminho da Costa was not well documented at the time, I also hoped it might be useful for others contemplating this route. Finally as older peregrino there...
  15. J

    Would you recommend taking a bathing suit?

    Took ours in May 2016 on the coastal route (green arrow diversion). Excess baggage as it was too cold and wet despite many opportunities. The umbrellas, on the other hand, were indispensible. All that trudging, head down into the oncoming torrents are now just a fond memory. I do recommend the...
  16. J

    Our experience as a couple

    We walked the coastal Camino Portugues to Santiago in May 2016 at ages 73 and 78. As the non-walker of the couple I wondered in the March how we would fare and posted some awful 'failed couple' stories in my blog as amber lights...
  17. J

    considering canceling my trip :(

    Dear Mrs Bath I have not yet read the other encouraging posts as I wanted to speak to you directly as another woman who felt exactly like this. I didn't know why the call came either and I didn't find out until months later. I puzzled all the way. I puzzled when I returned. But the call came...
  18. J

    Ladies only, please!

    Damp Chux cloth in a ziplock bag for me, also washed every night or rinsed well at the time if practicable. The sheewee solution was too cumbersome for me. It assumes you have a zippered fly for trousers and no tights if wearing a skirt.
  19. J

    Rest days

    We walked the coastal in May 2016 and everywhere was beautiful. Vigo is too large a city for a rest day, I feel. A bit overwhelming after the quiet of the previous days. If, no *when*, we do it again we would spend more time in Pontevedra. Padron is interesting too but too close to the end for a...
  20. J

    Coastal Route Porto - Santiago

    If it helps a bit, we did this route in May. I believe the latest edition of Brierly now covers this route but we only had the earlier edition which was not useful. Between Baiona and Vigo the route splits - the yellow arrows head more inland, while the green ones hug the coast. I don't know if...