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  1. JacquelineRowe

    2016 for Vezelay....

    Hi all - I've done the French Way in 2010 - successful and amazing!! I'm looking at doing the Vezelay Camino in 2016 and wonder if anyone else has done it in it's entirety in the one journey? I know it's about 60km longer than the French Way - that doesn't scare me - just interested in those...
  2. JacquelineRowe

    AND again....walking this wonderful Camino!! Please join my support page on facebook if the above link doesn't work - search on facebook for "Camino Heartbeat" I'm really excited about walking this again 2 years later almost to the date except this time I'm taking 2 ofm y best friends with me...
  3. JacquelineRowe

    Camino Heartbeat's Pilgrimage Sept/Oct 2010

    Link to my album below - it's not in order of days as some were added along the way and others added after the journey and facebook albums only allow 200pics per album - so this is a selection! ... 4c54451851 My Blog -...
  4. JacquelineRowe

    Who else is starting their Camino journey late September??

    Hey all Just curious as to who else is commencing their Camino journey from St Jean around 25-26th September this year?? Obviously I am - so just wanted to know who & if anyone on these forums is also starting around then :P Cheers Jacqui
  5. JacquelineRowe

    Camino Heartbeat Blogspot Hello everyone - have decided to add a blogspot to my campaign - is an open public blog and happy for you all to send around. Less then 8 weeks to go until I start off in St Jean...YAY!! :lol: Cheers Jacqui
  6. JacquelineRowe

    Walking the Via de la Plata

    Hello everyone I'm contemplating walking the VDLP in September/October 2012 (yes a long way off I know) and wanted to hear from anyone who has walked it in it's entirety during Sept/Oct in the last 2 years?! Cheers Jacqui :D
  7. JacquelineRowe

    September / October 2009

    Hello everyone Given I'm walking end of September / October this year - I wanted to hear from anyone who walked the Camino at the same time LAST year - to compare weather & track conditions for a bit of a heads up. I know seasons change from year to year but a bit of insight is always handy...
  8. JacquelineRowe

    Camino Heartbeat....

    Hi all Thought I would share on a separate thread my journey & it's main purpose - won't be the only purpose, as The Way has it's own purpose for us all as we find out along The Way... :) For those on facebook, please search for CAMINO HEARTBEAT and you will find my Campaign page - love...
  9. JacquelineRowe

    Camino Calendar....!!

    Hello fellow Pilgrims....past, present & impending :D Please don't forget to lodge your Camino adventure in the Camino Calendar - it's a wonderful tool and a great way to see who else will be on "The Way" with you. You will find the link at the bottom of these pages on left "Camino Calendar"...
  10. JacquelineRowe

    October 2010 Pilgrimage!!

    Hi all Many of you know me (chatted to me on here I should say) and knew I was about to embark on my fabulous Camino adventure.....unfortunately I've had to delay my escapade and will now be departing St Jean on Sunday 26th September and walking through October - aim to finish at Halloween...
  11. JacquelineRowe

    On the Frances Camino NOW....

    Hi there Is anyone currently walking along the Frances Camino now?? Are you experiencing snow?? Love to hear about the current weather conditions on any section.... :) Stay well Jacqui
  12. JacquelineRowe

    Orisson Accommodation

    Hi there all Can anyone direct me to where I can access the Orisson refugio? I would like to book 1night accomm & not sure what it is called and if its got a website etc - appreciate any help. Cheers Jacqui
  13. JacquelineRowe

    Anyone commenced from St Jean in early April??

    Hey everyone Has anyone commenced in St Jean starting in early to mid April?? Be interested in the weather crossing the Pyrenees in mid April? Anyone stay at Orisson? How wet was it through the Meseta around early May?? Was there any sunny days early to mid May? even late April? I'm...
  14. JacquelineRowe

    How bad....

    Hey all How bad/crowded will it be along the St Francis Camino if I'm aiming to finish in Santiago at the end of May 2010?? The last Sunday in May to be exact! ;-) Will I miss the majority of the "mass pack"?? Cheers Jacqui