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    Comparing Caminos by Challenge

    PS - on a side note, received your wonderful book the other day. I had planned to read it on the plane from Canada to London, then Asturias and start the Primitivo. Well we all know that will wait for another day, but have started reading it now and am enjoying it immensely. Thank you and...
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    Seize the day and Happy New Year

    Have always enjoyed your words of wisdom. Thank you.
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    Extra sheet for bed bug prevention

    Yes, I have one and have used it on three caminos. Apparently permeated with Permethrin or something similar. After my first walk, I sprayed it again before leaving just in case the "stuff" had worn off. Never been bitten, but maybe just luck. Anyway, it is very light weight if you are...
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    women if your hair tangles easily...

    J.R. Liggett original shampoo bar for me. I liked it so much on the Camino, that this is all we use at home now. You can buy it in its own travel container that drains any water. No conditioner needed. Granted, my hair is not long, but it leaves my hair silky soft. I think that if you try...
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    Long hair, short hair - the very best IMHO is JR Liggett shampoo bar. Absolutely no conditioner needed. It leaves my hair soft and shiny. Try it for a week before you leave to take out all the other stuff that is coating your hair.
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    The truth about bed bugs?

    Hello, Ahhs, I did my Camino Frances Sept. 6th from St. Jean to Santiago, arriving October 8th/14. I was very concerned about bed bug bites and purchased a bed bug sheet (hardly any weight at all) and a treated lightweight down sleeping bag from Ellis Brigham in England ( a friend who lives...
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    Allergic to Mold - Can you tell me which Albergues to specifically avoid?

    Thank you to everyone who replied. I have travelled in Europe several times and have come across mold in old churches etc. As Mark said, I just have to put my nose in the door and I know not to go in. I realize that some of the places will be better than others and will probably have to...
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    Allergic to Mold - Can you tell me which Albergues to specifically avoid?

    I am extremely allergic to mold and as I prepare for the Camino in September, it occured to me that there are probably some very old, moldy places and if possible, I would like to avoid them. Thank you to all you wonderful people you are so helpful on this forum. Linda
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    Hiking Poles hand luggage in Planes ?

    Hi, I am planning to start the Camino in Sept/14 and after speaking to another prospective walker who plans to leave about the same time, she indicated that her poles collapsed and went into a case that she would put in her pack. Upon checking with CATSA - the Canadian Airport Security - they...